Paleo Fitness Talk Today!

Saturday 110122

BLACK BOX WOD (skill: the deadlift):
deadlift 5-5-5-5-5
Post loads to comments.

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  • MC


  • Lisa

    Great tutelage from Jeff today. He took us through every stage of the lift in detail.
    123#, 133#, 143#, 153#, 173# (on the last 2 reps I was losing form so I think I gauged the weight correctly).
    I caught the tail end of the Paleo Fitness talk, which was very well attended so nice job, Josh and Allison.
    And last but not least, I thought I was seeing things when I saw Ari at the Box on Thursday. Good to see you back!

  • jim

    Good paleo talk today. Caught the majority of it.
    On an even more nerdy note… Does anyone have an old laptop that they would be willing to give/sell? I specifically need a PC with an RS232 (serial) port to run some automotive diagnostic tools. Think old college laptops! Let me know or shoot me an email.
    Also will buy any old Apple products as well, but the PC laptop is of high priority!

  • Simon P

    anyone read this?
    Fascinating, froma historical perspective, but also wondering about the program itself. It might be interesting to integrate it into a daily routine. Maybe do this in the morning, then go to CF in the evening…

  • Mike mishik

    5 rounds:
    5 power cleans 135#
    10 box jumps 24″
    Then yesterday’s sealfit
    100 double unders
    100 push ups
    100 toes to bar
    100 box jumps 20″
    100 kb swings 55#
    1000 m row

  • Mike Mishik

    3:16 first wod.

  • Jeff

    Thanks to Sam and Jeff B for joining me in the Air Force WOD.
    approximate rep breakdown by minute:
    1) 13 (13 thrusters)
    2) 13 (7 thrusters + 6 SDHP)
    3) 10 (10 SDHP)
    4) 9 (4 SDHP + 5 PJ)
    5) 8 (8 PJ)
    6) 7 (7 PJ)
    7) 8 (8 OHS)
    8) 8 (8 OHS)
    9) 9 (4 OHS + 5 FS)
    10) 15 (15 FS)

  • Jeff

    I took the remainder of the minute following the completion of PJs for extra rest so that I wouldn’t have to snatch an extra instance.

  • Sam G

    Did some stretching today, legs feeling like jello after this week of leg movements, loved the paleo talk, Allison and Josh were awesome, I hope they weren’t mad I didnt do the tambatas with them. Jeff asked if I wanted to do a workout, in order not to feel like less of a man I said yea sure, it ended being the air force work out, which was actually really awesome, since I listened to jeff and scaled it down to 75 lbs. Had a blast doing it with both jeffs, and I think it gave a good show for the new people at the paleo talk I hope they come back soon 🙂

  • Big thanks to all who attended the talk, both members and Paleo Meetup Group people. Lots of the paleo meetup people sounded like they were going to sign up for Elements, so our members can look forward to newbies who are already paleo as opposed to newbies who think that whole-wheat bread is an important part of a balanced diet. ; )
    I’m curious to hear from the members whether they found the talk informative or if it instead covered a lot of stuff you already knew.
    Obviously Josh and I were aiming the talk to the paleo meetup folks who we were assuming knew less about the fitness side of things…
    Any and all constructive feedback is most welcome, and can be posted here or emailed to allisonATcrossfitnycDOTcom & joshATcrossfitnycDOTcom.

  • Eric

    Thanks Josh and Allison for the paleo talk.
    As a member, I may have heard many of the topics before, but it never hurts to hear again and again.
    It was fun to do the tabatas, my squat, hip and leg strength have definitely improved.
    It seems like with all of the CF stuff, the basics are where it’s at, and we can never really lose sight of that.