Fried Day

Friday 110121

For time:

21 L-pull-ups
20 One legged squats, alternating legs
18 L-pull-ups
16 One legged squats, alternating legs
15 L-pull-ups
12 One legged squats, alternating legs
12 L-pull-ups
8 One legged squats, alternating legs

Post time to comments.

Compare to 040712.
Paleo Fitness talk: Jan 22nd, 2-4pm, FREE for members, $5 for non-members
Friday Night Faceoff: Jan 28th, 7:00pm, FREE!
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Mike K. muscle-up montage (photos via Steven):
And still we endeavor to inform you about our competitors for the “Friday Night Faceoff“–today, (Coach) Mike K., pictured above:
1. how long have you been a crossfitter? Regularly since Dec 08, but I messed around with it occasionally for about a year before that
2. have you ever been in a competition? Yes, 2009 Summer Hybrid Challenge, 2010 Crossfit Sectionals, 2010 CrossfitNYC Affiliate Team at Regionals, 2011 CAINgames
3. Why do you like to train? Its fun, and a good way to test yourself
4. what is your best/worst experience in a competition? Last year’s affiliate team was a lot of fun. Being bad at double unders during sectionals last year really sucked.
5. who poses the biggest threat in the face-off? Probably Jim – he’s added a lot of strength and is still fast
6. what type of movements do you want to see? I like deadlifts, cleans, KB swings, heavy front squats, box jumps. I don’t know – it all depends how they are put together.
7. what type of movements do you not want to see? running, especially in snow. And high rep OHS – they still bother my shoulder sometimes.
8. what is your best workout? Not sure, but I tend to favor the ones on the heavier side
9. what is your worst workout? Also not sure, I dislike long, high rep stuff with lot of bodyweight movements – ie Murph/Cindy/etc
10. do you do anything special to prepare for a competition?Nothing too special, maybe an extra rest day and a good meal beforehand. Mental focus.
11. what type of music do you like to hear while you work out?Hip hop or loud rock/metal stuff. Anything with good energy to get amped up – half the time I don’t hear it once I start anyway.
12. who will be the sweatiest competitor? Mishik. Was there ever any doubt?
13. who will be the best dressed? I think it will be very close between Craig’s shirts and Jim’s socks… they might need to settle it with a walk off
14. anything else? If its not paleo, just add bacon.


  • Scaling options courtesy of Brand X:
    Big Dawgs
    as Rx’d
    21 Tuck – pull-ups
    20 One legged squats, alternating legs (Use progressions if necessary)
    18 Tuck -pull-ups
    16 One legged squats, alternating legs (Use progressions if necessary)
    15 Tuck -pull-ups
    12 One legged squats, alternating legs (Use progressions if necessary)
    12 Tuck -pull-ups
    8 One legged squats, alternating legs (Use progressions if necessary)
    15 Assisted or beginner pull-ups
    10 One legged box step ups, alternating legs
    12 Assisted or beginner pull-ups
    8 One legged box step ups, alternating legs
    9 Assisted or beginner pull-ups
    6 One legged box step ups, alternating legs
    6 Assisted or beginner pull-ups
    4 One legged box step ups, alternating legs
    Pistol progressions –

  • Jeff

    mostly throat to bar (missed ~3?)
    heels may have dipped at the bottom of some pull ups, but that may have been due more to shoulder opening at the bottom rather than hip opening

  • Amarides Montgomery

    Scaled L Pullups by using two thin bands and scaled One Legged squats by standing in front of a box and doing half squats til butt touched box.

  • Jay

    wanted to post a few thoughts on diet. i’m eating paleo and also buy just about everything i eat from the union square greenmarket. i’ve found that if you stick to in season veggies/fruits and shop around a little, there are some good deals there. here are the staples i’m getting every week:
    grass fed ground beef – $5.50/lb (Central Valley farm, they are only there mondays)
    boneless turkey thighs – $3.39/lb (DiPaola Turkey Farm, only there wed and fri)
    boneless chicken breasts – $5/lb (Quattros farm store, only there sat)
    eggs – $3.50/dozen – (also at Quattros)
    apples – 75 cents/lb (this orchard is only there wed and sat)
    onions – 2 lb bag for $1.50 (this farm only there on sat)
    carrots – $1/lb or $1.75 for about a 2 lb bunch (these farms only there sat)
    jerusalem artichokes – $2.50/lb (this farm only there on sat)
    kale – $2/bunch (this farm is only there on sat)
    winter squash – as low as 59 cents/lb on some mondays, but $1/lb or less pretty much every day
    they have fish there sometimes but if anyone has advice on where to buy fresh wild fish please share

  • CAIN

    mike k=
    cash money

  • Jason L.

    Half flight simulator not timed
    Deadlift: 260×5 290×5 330×5
    Bench Press: 135×5 155×5 175×5
    14:25 Rx in Chuck Taylors, L-pullups really got me

  • Mike Mishik

    Clearly I did not count this rep… “Mikey Fresh” is no where near full extension at the top of the muscle up…very painful to judge indeed. 😛

  • Simon P

    Jay – awesome comment. Eating fresh, local, organic, sustainable, pastured and even sometimes, wild foods doesn’t have to be expensive and reserved only for the “elites.” That’s a horribly subversive and counter productive myth that needs to be dispelled. It does take more effort, but lack of effort is one of the contributing factors to the general state of morbid disease rotting away modern American culture, especially as far as food is concerned. /rant.
    Making good progress on my rotator cuff injury (teres major/minor) with my chiro doing ART therapy. Still far from healed, but I have less pain in my shoulder and he says I can start training again (not using my left arm though.) Getting an MRI to see how things are going in there, wish me luck! Also did an FMS assessment yesterday, and despite getting a zero in anything that involved the shoulder, the evaluator was impressed and I scored highly. My vo2 max was also very good despite not having worked out in a month now. That’s proof positive that CrossFit has a lasting, solid effect.
    The big takeaway was that I do indeed have left right imbalances in my legs, have some postural problems, and I need to work on thoracic, lower spine, hip and ankle mobility. Which i guess is pretty much everything, lol. Mobility, mobility, and some more mobility. And lots of foam rollering. She hasn’t prescribed any re-hab work yet, that will start next week. In the meantime, I’ll come back to the box and do some modified and scaled wods. Looking forward to it, I miss CF and the box.
    As far as paleo goes, I’m doing well, and actually losing body fat, eating as much as I want, and walking about 1 hour a day. This week I’ve been eating a grass fed organic eye round roast which I braised in some stock with a little wine. I made a massive ratatouille (eggplant, zucchini, peppers, onions, tomatoes, anchovies, garlic, olive oil.)
    Also have eaten some brussels sprouts sautéed in the rendered fat of a smoked duck breast, with lemon juice. Still eating lots of kimchi. Omega 3 eggs for breakfast with a little Kerry Gold butter (they make their butter from pastured cows, so it’s good stuff.)
    I have been eating some organic French lentils. I let them soak in cold water for a long time, enough so that they actually started to sprout (happened almsot immediately was kind of amazing actually.) I then rinsed them in cold water three times until the water was no longer cloudy. Then boiled them for a few minutes, drained and rinsed again, then simmered slowly in bacon fat, organic stock, and red wine with some veggies like carrot, celery, shallot and garlic. The soaking, sprouting, rinsing and boiling process is widely regarded as being effective in removing or degrading the substances which, still debatably, are alleged to make legumes “dangerous.” I’ve had no digestive issues, and am feeling quite unburdened, if you know what I mean….
    Anyway, I miss you all, look forward to getting back in there. Bummed I missed the CAIN Games, but will be there next friday to cheer for the FNFO.

  • Sam.gaberal

    Jeff, that is a dam impressive time, I think i am going to make you a I love L pull ups shirt…. In the back will be either this workout or the front squat L pull ups workout.

  • Alex B.

    Cain: Thanks for coaching the WOD at a strength pace. And double thanks for the cash out.
    (Oy vey.)

  • Jeff

    My time should really be a footnote relative to the fact that I started the WOD doing throat-to-bar L pull ups in subsets of 7. A month ago, when I was only doing chin over bar triples, I wouldn’t have thought I could be capable of this. That night I watched guys like Sean McArdle and Justin Kane do their Ls unbroken and was inspired to reach for that higher standard.

  • Jim
  • Jai

    Fitness models …
    I am especially entertained by the fact that while most of the models are expected to know enough about fitness to pose doing the exercise correctly, most of the women models have to be held up to demonstrate a pull up. And then the person that boosted them runs away quickly and she tries to hold it long enough for them to get the shot….

  • Mike Mishik

    Solid Jimbo…
    amrap 15mins via mastermind Josh N.
    500m row
    21 light wall balls (work on quick super fast)
    5 full rounds + 238m

  • drake

    Some strict Ls, some kipping Ls, some strict tucks.
    Pistols with arse touching a small box that was resting on a heightener.
    13:23. Will definitely work on pistols.

  • sam G

    Allison and Court were awesome today, made me laugh a lot, which I love to do before doing a super hard WOD. In respect to Jeff, and imagining him yelling at me, I aimed for 5 unbroken L ups each round, which I some how got, my pistols are in the making.
    17:25 L ups RX pistols, small box with two 25 bumper plates.
    On a side not, I haven’t posted my meals, so what the hey
    -Morocco lamp sausage mix, with artichokes and turkey bacon. The meal is pretty much lamp sausage with bacon bits and artichokes topped with two omega three eggs. Morocco spices include ginger,corriander, cinnamon, and allspice.
    -“organic” chicken thighs, I am a little light on money so i tend to result to low grade meat, thighs are cheap, so I grilled them after brushing them with olive oil
    – Broccoli in a bag, the steamed microwave ones
    Steamed chicken slices with mixed steamed vegetables, leftover chicken thighs

  • Eric

    Kipped L pullups (bad form) and small box on platform.
    Need to keep abs braced, somehow forgot LMAO
    Pistols, though scaled, flowed a lot more smoothly

  • Eric

    Kipped L pullups (bad form) and small box on platform.
    Need to keep abs braced, somehow forgot LMAO
    Pistols, though scaled, flowed a lot more smoothly

  • Jay

    tuck pullups, box assisted pistols with little black box on a heightener