Quick under the bar

Thursday 110120
Snatch 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps
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Christine competing at CAINgames:
We continue to bring you interviews of our “Friday Night Faceoff” competitors. Today is Christine (pictured above).
1. how long have you been a crossfitter? going on 4 years
2. have you ever been in a competition? Yes, multiple
3. why do you like to compete? Its only training until you test yourself. Competition is the ultimate test.
4. what is your best/worst expereince in a competition? worst – DNF [did not finish] chest-to-bar Fran in the 2008 Crossfit Games; best – finishing 2nd in chipper WOD at 2010 SE Sectionals of Crossfit Games. Bittersweet because I made it to Regionals, but ended up not going.
5. who poses the biggest threat in the face-off? Me and my own expectations.
6. what type of movements do you want to see? Manmakers, parallette burpees, tall box jumps, chipper/longer time
7. what type of movements do you not want to see? HSPU, MU, Ring dips, Chest-to-bar pullups,
8. what is your best workout? No clue
9. what is your worst workout? Anything with response #7 movements
10. do you do anything special to prepare for a competition? no
11. what type of music do you like to hear while you work out? songs with personal meaning and that I know the words to – eclectic mix otherwise
12. who will be the sweatiest competitor? Mishik or me
13. who will be the best dressed? ME!!! 🙂 If you want, I’ll bring 3 outfits.
14. anything else we should know? it’s the truth, its what drives me. I’m 38, I’m a cancer survivor and Crossfit is my physical expression for how I respond to most of life’s challenges. So being good at Crossfit is more than just being good at Crossfit to me.


  • Scaling options for today’s workout, courtesy of the CrossFit BrandX forums:
    Every one needs to snatch so today everyone is a Big Dawg. Lots of Vids on how to do this on the CrossFit Journal. http://journal.crossfit.com
    Look up “Olympic Lifting” or “Burgener”.
    I would add that if you don’t have a subscription to the CrossFit Journal (and really you should, it’s well worth it), you can also check out o-lifting videos on crossfit.com for free right here:
    Also, a word on terminology: when a WOD calls for a “snatch” with no other qualifiers, that implies a full squat snatch (not a power snatch), pulling the bar from the floor (not from the hang). So, the bar starts on the floor, you catch it overhead, you ride the overhead squat all the way down (i.e., below parallel/ass to ankles), then you stand up with the bar with control before putting it back down on the ground.
    No one should skip this workout because they’re uncomfortable with snatching. That’s all the more reason to come to class, get some instruction and feedback from your teacher, and work form to get more comfortable with the movement.

  • keller

    just in case anyone hasn’t looked on the russian gymnast warmp up – heres a video to help with muscle up progressions

  • CAIN


  • Sophie

    go Christine!

  • Court

    Christine! And Craig! And Brett! w00t!

  • jenn

    Christine is the Sh$t. Truly inspiring!

  • Lisa

    Great interview, Christine! You are a fighter, and a winner!

  • Adam R

    I’m putting all my money on Christine now!

  • Jason L.

    5# off pr @ 150
    CAINs Goats WOD in 7:51 HSPU and pistols unbroken, DUs not so much

  • Mike Mishik

    Yeah Christine!

  • Jay

    115, 125, 135, 140 (PR), 145, 150 (fail), 150

  • Avery

    Go Crusher Go!

  • Lisa

    Always glad to work on this skill. Also great working with Gwen. Kept is light, 48#, to work on the movements.

  • Eric

    95, 115, 125 (fail), 125, 135 (PR), 145 (fail),135 (fail)
    Should’ve gone lighter, but in stubbornness kept trying for 135.

  • Jeff

    worked up to 165#

  • keller

    5 rounds 5×135# power clean, 10×24″ box jump – 5:05 rx … have the fran cough from this one!
    awesome work christine!

  • Jeff

    Burg warm up @ PVC, 22#, 45#
    warm up complex
    muscle snatch
    drop snatch
    hang snatch
    @ 45#, 75#, 95#, 115#
    not counting failures
    135#, 145#, 150#, 155#, 160#, 165#

  • JamesA

    Today I learned that I don’t have an innate talent for Snatches. Kept it light and tried to get the motion/form down. Pulling up is ok, squatting down with the bar overhead is not. More work to come.