Let’s talk paleo FITNESS!

Not only are we in the midst of our 30-day Black Box Paleo Challenge (Day 18 to be exact), but CFNYC is hosting a Paleo Fitness talk (given by Josh Newman and me, Allison Bojarski) this Saturday, January 22nd, from 2-4pm. It is FREE for MEMBERS of CFNYC. (If you’re not a member, you may attend by RSVPing here and paying the $5 admission fee. If you ARE a member, please email me at allisonATcrossfitnycDOTcom so that I may get an accurate head count.)
A few details about the talk:

  • What is fitness? What is health?
  • Were hunter-gatherers physically fit? Were they healthy?
  • How can we be fit and healthy?

Josh & Allison will also demonstrate useful exercises, and attendees will be free to participate. The event will take place at CrossFit NYC. The talk will not be focused on CrossFit, per se — but on fitness and paleo specifically.

Tuesday 110118

BLACK BOX WOD (current skill: the jerk):

jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Post loads to comments.


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Sophie is not only organizing the Friday Night Faceoff, she’s now also interviewing its participants. Let’s start with Craig!
1. how long have you been a crossfitter? 4 years in April
2. have you ever been in a competition? Yes, the Hoboken Challenge & Hybrid Challenge.
3. why do you like to compete? It’s Crossfit. Kind of what it’s about. Against yourself or someone else.
4. what is your best/worst expereince in a competition? Coming in 3rd @ the Hybrid Challenge after being injured was pretty good.
5. who poses the biggest threat in the faceoff? Probably Jim. He’s always been really fast w/ good cardio, but he’s gotten a lot stronger. Showed that last week [at the CAINgames].
6. what type of movements do you want to see? Any movement. Maybe heavier OHS. Legit L-pull-ups would be interesting too
7. what type of movements do you not want to see? I could do w/o DUs or running, especially running
8. what is your best workout? Don’t know. I like things w/ deadlifts. My favorite WOD might be “Diane.”
9. what is your worst workout? Anything that involves running more than 400m increments or a lot of running in general.
10. do you do anything special to prepare for a competition? I hadn’t in the past, but have gotten more conscious about diet, mobility & rest
11. what type of music do you like to hear while you work out?
Generally nothing but Ramstein is good…nice & angry but you can’t understand the words
12. who will be the sweatiest competitor?
Might be a tie btwn Mishik & me. He’ll probably win
13. who will be the best dressed? [Me] Obviously. People love my shirts
14. anything else we should know? Not at this time


  • Sam.gaberal

    Cool I’ll be there. I’m glad Alex made it to the challenge, I think he will pose a good challenger for the competitors, I watch him day and day out crush a lot of workouts since we workout a lot together. And Alex thanks for recommending the Durham spot it was nice.
    I just came back from the o lifting seminar with coach b this past week, if anyone needs help with o lifts, I would love to watch you guys or gals and practice my new coaching skills

  • Thanks to all of you who have already emailed me requesting a spot at the Paleo Fitness talk that Josh and I are doing. Should be a blast.
    On another topic, I often have friends & gym members asking me how to find grass-fed beef, pastured pork, pastured chickens, pastured eggs, etc.–i.e., animals raised as nature intended. An organic label on meat/eggs doesn’t get you an animal raised on pasture, it just gets you an animal fed grains and/or soy that’s organic.
    So, if you’re wanting to start supporting farmers who are doing the right thing by their animals (and providing you meat that’s much healthier for you), I’d strongly suggest you join a meat CSA (“CSA” stands for community supported agriculture, read more here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Community-supported_agriculture .)
    I belong to High Point Farms’ meat CSA for this winter and just signed up for their new spring share here:
    It is likely to sell out quickly, so if you’re interested, I’d sign up now.
    I can tell you that the meats are delicious and come already frozen, so you don’t have to immediately cook what you received. (With grass-fed beef, you’ll want to read up on best practices for how to cook it, as it cooks up a bit differently than corn-fed beef does and you wouldn’t want to ruin the meat.) Hope this helps some folks!
    If you already belong (or have belonged) to a vegetable and/or meat CSA at any point, I’d love it if you could leave a comment as well to help our readers know what you think. Thanks.

  • Mike Mishik

    yeah Craig!!!…beast mode with a 3 rm CFT of 955 at the CainGAMES

  • MC

    Grazin’ Angus Acres for all your grass-fed needs… Union Square greenmarket on Fridays and Saturdays. There’s also Elk Trail Farms on Saturday (grass-fed bison and beef).

  • Mike K

    Any CFNYC ladies who are thinking of competing in something, CF Queens is having a women only competition next month.

  • Avery

    Shameless Brooklyn plug!!!
    Come get grassfed meats – all kinds and housemade charcuterie and sausages – at Marlow and Daughters butcher shop in Williamsburg. All animals are sourced locally and responsibly and broken down in house.
    I promise its not that far from NYC!

  • Jeff

    hands hurt
    Tabata pistols
    odd rounds all left, even rounds all right
    5, 5, 7, 7, 7, 7, 9, 9
    instantaneous soreness

  • Mike Mishik

    homemade madness:
    100 du’s
    6 rds:
    3 squat clean thrusters (135#)
    5 2 pood kettlebell swings
    7 deadlifts (same bar as thrusters)
    100 du’s
    Rob Orlando did a wod that was amrap 20 mins,
    315# bench press 2 reps
    405 # backsquats 2 reps
    500 # deadlifts 2 reps
    any takers?

  • reda

    24:06 (16k / 10 burpees / 4 rounds)

  • JamesA

    first time with the Jerk – 105 for 4 rounds, 115 for 3 rounds.