Happy MLK Day!

Despite today being a day off from work for many folks, we’re operating on a regular Monday schedule. Come on down to the gym and kick your own butt, whether you have the day off or not, and if you do have the day off, come try one of our new 10am or 3pm classes!

Monday 110117

Five rounds of:
15′ Rope climb, max reps in 3 minutes
Post reps for each round to comments.

Hari’s commentary on today’s workout: Obviously we won’t be doing 15-foot rope climbs with our 9-foot ceilings. We will be teaching the traditional substitution (towel pull-ups and/or one-ring pull-ups) as well as related skills. If you have a hand towel or a dish towel, please bring it.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ERIC! (plus belated wishes to H.L. & DAVID R.!)

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Hari’s commentary on last Friday’s CAINgames:
I had the pleasure of being completely uninvolved in running last Friday’s Cain Games. When Chris came to us with his proposal, we used an extremely advanced management technique: faced with a highly competent individual completely capable of making something happen, we told him go ahead and let us know if he needed anything. He didn’t. And so on Friday, I was completely free to watch. Here’s what I saw. (commentary continues in first comment, below)

Continuing coverage of Friday night’s CAINgames:

What made the CAINgames so much fun was YOU, the crowd! Here are two shots of the crowd, courtesy of member Steven W.:

And here’s a shot of Sophie, managing to look good while kicking ass at double-unders during the CAINgames. Sophie’s bringing us our next big event, the Friday Night Faceoff, on January 28th. Mark your calendars!


  • Hari

    I had the pleasure of being completely uninvolved in running last Friday’s Cain Games. When Chris came to us with his proposal, we used an extremely advanced management technique: faced with a highly competent individual completely capable of making something happen, we told him go ahead and let us know if he needed anything. He didn’t. And so on Friday, I was completely free to watch. Here’s what I saw:
    Coach (and competitor) Mike K. arrived about fifteen minutes late, warmed up by picking up 315 lbs a few times and then went on to lift some other ridiculously heavy triples during the remaining fifteen minutes. (If you’re not listening to Mike on Wednesday nights, you’re making a big mistake.)
    Coach (and competitor) Avery (who teaches on Monday nights) has been overachieving for some time now. During the second WOD, she and Mike started first. I was astonished to watch her beat Mike on the KB snatches. Astonished may not be the right word; frightened may be a better word. Later, I would watch Mike bang out thirty muscle-ups in less than six minutes. (See the video.)
    Later, Avery would run against Jim H. Cain told me had done the run before and figured out what would be possible. Jim’s 1:40 time was not possible. Avery came in just behind him.
    I have to admit that I didn’t even know Jason other than by his reputation until Friday night, but is clear there are multiple reasons he was recruited for this event. It’s also clear that he is fairly new to CF. Watching him bail on a failed back squat by rolling the bar over his neck was one of the two most frightening things I’ve ever seen at the Black Box. The other was seeing someone else do the exact same thing. (Note to CF coaching staff: We Need to Talk More about Spotting!)
    It took me a while to figure out what was different about Craig, but then it hit me: he was happy, enjoying himself. I know this will pass.
    For those of you who don’t know, Coach (and competitor) Sara placed fourth at last year’s Sectionals. She’s gotten better since then. Watch the video of Kettlebell “Fran.”
    Sophie also qualified for Regionals last year. In the only decision I would question, the men and women were given the same ROM on the handstand push-up (HSPU) WOD. There is room for debate here. A few years ago at the Games, men and women were given the same HSPU standards. Last year, at the Games, men did ring HSPUs and women did regular HSPUs. Sophie went up against Rickke on that WOD and was winning after the first round. (How many women do you know who can do 5 full ROM HSPU’s unbroken?) In her spare time, Sophie is organizing our next competition!
    For a while, I used to compete with Rickke, occasionally beating him at something. Those days officially ended last week with the row-pushup WOD. I came within three pushups, which I suspect is the last time I will even get close. Plus Rickke has ESP. (See the teaser video in which he admits to just happening to be practicing pistols.)
    During the final (“Grace”) WOD, done even though it was clear that it would not determine the outcome, I felt that asking Christine to go against Brett under those circumstances was like asking the losing team to still face Mariano Rivera. I was wrong. Brett turned in a sub 3:00 minute Grace. Christine finished less than 30 seconds later. Amazing!

  • Mike K

    For the record, I don’t condone lifting heavy things with no warm-up. I just happened to get stuck late at my office on Fri, so sometimes you do what you need to do.
    Please do not take that approach when coming into a WOD. If you are running a bit late, it is often better off to take the extra time to warm up, do some skill work, and wait for the next one. Especially in the colder months when things get a bit tighter and stiffer. Not every WOD needs to be a competition day.

  • Court

    Awesome job to all the competitors and organizers of the CAINGAMES. Official times for GRACE were; Brett 2:55, Christine 3:25.

  • keller

    backsquat: worked up to a 3×3 at 190#. should have been a 3×5 but no one was there to spot so i lowered the volume.
    6 rounds for time:
    3 Reps Anyway Overhead – 185 lbs
    6 Pull Ups (Chest to Bar)
    9 Push Ups (Clapping)
    12:10 with a 155# sub for the first two rounds and dropped to 135# for the last four. all pulls were from the ground to overhead. i totally smacked my face on the last clapping push up ;D

  • Justin Katz

    Sub #/1 Ring Pullups

  • Justin Katz

    Sub 3/1 Ring Pullups

  • Mike Mishik

    CFFB (see kellers post):
    155#, 10:43

  • Mike K

    See Mishik & Keller’s posts
    10:43 rx’d

  • Jeff

    today my post-workout recovery drink is going to be a tall glass of chocolate MLK

  • Ray Levitt

    Hey All,
    I’m going to do today’s WOD at Columbia Univ. gym since they have some 30 ft ropes hung up. But I’m not sure how the time for the WOD is supposed to work. Specifically, how much rest should there be between each 3 minute round?

  • Jay

    sub 3 single ring pullups = 1 rope climb
    15, 14, 12, 12, 14

  • Alex B

    Same: sub 3 single ring pullups = 1 climb
    16, 16, 17, 18, 20.

  • http://allisonbojarski.tumblr.com Allison Bojarski

    Ray, when the rest isn’t specified, it’s up to you for how long to rest. In class today, Kevin was enforcing a 2-min-only rest, but that was to keep the class moving since it’s kind of a long WOD…

  • Jeff

    7 straight across, with 3 minute rests
    alternating, starting and ending with left side

  • Eric

    Made up CF Total w/Carlos
    SP 115#
    DL 365# (PR by 70)
    BS 255# (10less than PR)
    thanks Court and Carlos for the advice

  • Jeff

    This was pretty tough. And apparently I suck at climbing rope.

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  • Jai

    Jumping ring pull ups:
    48, 48, 56, 56, 62
    3 min rest between each round.

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  • Amarides Montgomery

    Jumping ring pullups:
    64, 56, 64, 63, 64