Normal class schedule resumes today

Thursday 110113

Five rounds of:
20 GHD Sit-ups
5 Push jerk

Post load and time to comments.

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TOMORROW NIGHT, be there or be square:
cain games green.jpg

And if those mad-crazy graphics-design skillz aren’t enough to lure you in, check out this teaser:


  • Scaling options for today’s workout, courtesy of Brand X:
    Standard warning, if you are not used to GHD sit-ups, don’t do them in a WOD as they’re a major risk for rhabdomyolysis due to their very big eccentric range of motion.
    Big Dawgs
    as Rx’d
    Five rounds of:
    20 Sit-ups
    5 Push jerk
    Five rounds of:
    10 Sit-ups
    5 Push jerk

  • dan def
    Why we workout at Crossfitnyc and not Planet Fitness. (Note– video contains some f bombs)

  • Hari

    This WOD allows you to choose the weight for the push jerks. A reasonable weight is your shoulder press one-rep max or a bit less. If you don’t know your 1RM shoulder press because you’re fairly new to CF, a good estimate is 1/2 to ¾ of your bodyweight weight.

  • CAIN

    CAINgames teaser
    athletes prepping
    fans excited

  • jenn

    6:56 (75#)

  • MC

    I have not had any trouble cutting out flour since starting the Paleo challenge but am fond of the usefulness of bread in certain situations (and I’m not sure wrapping things in lettuce leaves really cuts it yet for me). I assume that I’m not alone on this topic, so here’s a recipe for spinach bread. This recipe is not 100% paleo as it calls for butter (~1tbsp for toasting pine nuts and ~tbsp for greasing the baking dish) but I’m sure it can be worked around.

  • Adam R

    The video is hilarious. Kev P looks really afraid of that puppet.

  • Cathy

    I feel your pain with craving some sort of a bread/ cracker product now and then. I forget where I found the recipe, but if you mix 2 cups almond flour, two eggs, some olive oil until moist, plus what ever goodies you want in it, such as onion and rosemary for savory, or apples,cinnamon and coconut oil in place of olive oil for sweet, flatten out and bake at 350 until golden….it’s pretty satisfying every now and then:)
    Love Mr.Monkey, looking forward to tomorrow night!

  • Georgine

    If I was on the fence about the Cain games, I’m not any more. Mr. Keller, can you please sign me up for the Rest Day dinner? (Sorry, I’m a non-facebooker.)

  • keller

    haha good stuff cain… looking forward to all the events tomorrow
    backsquat: worked up to 3×5 at 185#, not a pr but first time i felt comfortable doing this weight without spotters for 15 reps
    bench press: worked up to 3×5 at 190# pr
    Complete 5 rounds:
    1 Minute of Max Reps with Two Arm KB Push Press – 1.5 pood
    1 Minute of GHD Back Extension Isometric Hold
    total 75 push presses with 1 pood each, hit all the holds except for round four

  • Jay

    7:26. 115#, 15 GHD’s in rounds 3-5

  • Jai

    7:34, 50#, 15 GHDs all 5 rounds.
    I have designs on that monkey.

  • Jeff

    10:24 @ 160#