Push/pull plus push

Wednesday 110112

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
Row 250 meters
25 Push-ups
Post rounds completed to comments.

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The Master of Ceremonies of this Friday night’s CAINgames:


  • Click here for scaling options for today’s workout:

  • Sara

    Morning People:
    Due to the snow, there will be no 6:15am class tomorrow.

  • Hari

    We are leaniing towards a 7:00 AM opening tomorrow. Anyone have a big problem with our canceling the 6:15 WOD?

  • Hari

    Sara beat me to it. The 6:15 WOD is canceled. Continue to monitor for further updates.

  • Noel

    Did anyone find a set of brass keys with a crossfit nyc scan card as the only “key chain”? Thank in advance for the response!

  • Good luck in the morning people, and be safe.
    I’m skipping tomorrow in favor of the following WOD:
    4:00 AM – AMRAP Shoveling – 60 mins

  • Sara

    Morning People:
    I will NOT be opening the gym this morning. HopStop is telling me my train is shut down in a couple places. Allison was going to be covering the 10am and 12:30pm wods today so look for her comments as to whether she will be in today. Sorry for the inconvenience… do 100 burpees for time.

  • Sara

    I will NOT be opening the gym this morning… my train is shut down in a couple of places. Allison is supposed to be covering the 10am and 12:30pm WODs so check back to see if she is going to make it in if you are planning to attend one of those classes. Sorry for the inconvenience… do 100 burpees for time.


  • Alex Punger

    Is there going to be a 6:30pm WOD class on Friday?

  • Hari

    There will be 5:30 PM and 6:30 PM WOD classes on Friday. We will probably cancel the 7:30 PM WOD (or at least try to keep it small) for the Cain Games, but we haven’t made a final decision.
    How many people are counting on a 7:30 PM Friday WOD and cannot get here earlier?

  • Lisa

    Great encouragement and effort at the 12:30 class today.
    3 rounds plus 6 pushups.
    Pushups became difficult very quickly even though I thought I was pacing correctly.

  • ian

    10 of us are waiting in the lobby for 3pm class, anyone showing up to open the gym?

  • Jason L.

    Back Squat: 3×275 3×295 2×315
    Weighted Pullups 5×1 @ 75 lbs
    AMRAP 15: 8+30 meters

  • MC

    AMRAP: 5Rds +10 PUs

  • mike n.

    5 + 14PU

  • Cathy

    Hey, I left my Crossfit Invictus notebook somewhere at the gym. If someone picks it up, could you please put it behind the desk and I’ll get it on Friday?
    And thanks to Kevin for fitting us in the on rowers tonight!

  • Matt U.

    Took Sara’s suggestion and did 100 burpies instead of AM WOD. 8:33. Did it in 4 sets of 25 — each unbroken.

  • Hari

    6 Rounds + 12 PU’s

  • Jeff

    6 rounds + 16 push ups

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  • Jai

    Five rounds even (I’m counting my last push up even though I was only an inch off the ground when time was called and it took about three more seconds to finish lifting). The lsat two rounds, push ups were on my knees.