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Wednesday 110105


Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:
95 pound Thruster

Post time to comments.

Compare to 100909.

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If you didn’t already see in yesterday’s blog comments, CrossFit NYC was featured in the Wall Street Journal! Here’s one of the pictures from the interactive article. New member Kristen Silverman was the person featured in the article and appears in the photo below:


  • SCALING OPTIONS for “Fran”, courtesy of the CrossFit Brand X forums. Note what they have to say about how long “Fran” should take and the different ways in which this workout can be scaled to maintain intensity:
    Big Dawgs:
    As Rx’d
    Women use 65#’s
    “Fran” done well is a 3-5 minute workout. This time try choosing a weight that will let you do the workout with good form in that time. Be warned, the difference between sub 5 and sub 3 in metabolic cost is enormous. (usually intermediate weights are 65-75# for men, and 35-45# for women)
    We have been recommending trying one of these other variations:
    5 sets of 9 each exercise or
    9 sets of 5 each exercise

    Another very valid way of scaling this if you are able to lift 95/65#’s for a few reps but 21-15-9 seems daunting, would be to use the rx’d weight but scale the reps.
    Thrusters, 95/65#
    Pull ups
    If you can manage this in 3-5 minutes with good form, the next time this comes up you might try:
    thruster 95/65#
    Pull ups
    Use appropriate weight
    sub Beginner Pull ups, Jumping Pull ups or Ring Rows as necessary.

  • Chuck

    The new WoD class times are available now yes? The 3pm? I only ask because they don’t show up in mind/body.

  • Hari

    The new 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM WOD’s started on Monday.

  • Reda

    5 minutes and 36 seconds (95#)

  • Justin Katz

    75 Pounds

  • Matt D

    per this blog, the dates fran has come up on the mainsite in 2009-present. i admit that i hate this workout, but isn’t it a little overboard to come up 4 times in 12 months? how many times has grace come up?
    personally i will do it no more then 2x a year.

  • jenn

    7:17 Rx
    A full minute slower than my last Fran in Sept. Sucks!
    Paleo Day 4 menu:
    Breakfast: Banana, 2 eggs scrambled with jalapeno and red onion
    Lunch: Lettuce, tomato, cucumbers with sliced deli meat
    Snack: Nuts and raisins
    Dinner: Almond-crusted boneless, skinless chicken thighs with carrots and homemade guacamole
    Dessert: Grapefruit and banana
    Thanks for the link on sleep; I haven’t been sleeping very well lately, though I get a decent amount of hours per night. I tend to dream a lot so when I wake up I’m tired from all the dreaming! Should probably get back to bikram yoga once a week.

  • feeling like ass
    5:56 Rx
    yesterdays paleo
    breakfast: eggs with peppers
    lunch: salad with shrimp cakes
    dinner: more shrimp cakes with broccoli and homemade guac

  • MC

    Not sure if anyone is interested in attempting zone paleo but I just came across a handy mobile-friendly site to calculate zone blocks…

  • Jenn I know what you mean about sleep…from everything I’ve read it’s the most important part of recovery, but I’m happy to get 5 hours a night if I’m lucky. Granted I sneak some small naps in on the train, but if I didn’t get up at 4:00 every day I wouldn’t have time for Crossfit, so I guess it’s a compromise I’ll have to live with for a while.
    Amazing that you also mentioned Bikram Yoga…I was up to 6 days a week several years ago, and I was dreaming the other day about combining 3 days of Crossfit with 1-2 days of Bikram each week. There’s a studio at Penn Station…I think I’m going to look into pricing…could be tough to add it to the mix, but hugely beneficial. Most of the flexibility that helps me stick to form at Crossfit stems from my days doing Bikram…
    Fran Time: 8:08 (first time)
    (Scaled to 75 lbs thrusters, ring rows for pullups)

  • Jamie F.

    9:57 as RX’ed … My fasted was 9:47 as RX’ed on May 1, 2010 … I really need to get those kipping pull-ups down!

  • Mike S

    5:15 Rx’d (PR by about a minute).
    3 days back on the strict paleo train and am still getting over even the limited amount of sugar that I had let creep in over the last few months.
    On Fran, I am now fully 4 hours past completing the WOD, having eaten a decent sized breakfast (eggs with veggies, bacon, turkey sausage) and drank 2 cups of coffee and I am still completely fried.

  • Steve SLo

    Day 5 of Paleo Challenge:
    It’s going well… I’ve got it down to a crude science.
    Alternate between:
    1) 3 Eggs and Asparagus,
    2) 1 Avocado and 1/2 cup of Walnuts
    Leftover meat from the night before
    Dinner: Two Cuts of Meat (type of meat selected at random.) One gets saved for the next day’s lunch.
    Sliced Chicken Breast from Garden of Eden on 23rd Street
    If I feel like I’m close to caving…
    I plan to run to Chipotle for a burrito bowl, sans rice/beans/sour cream/corn/cheese.
    Unfortunately, somehow I completely wrecked my back on day 2 of this challenge, so I haven’t been back to The Box yet. I see a doctor today, but am not sure what to ask for besides painkillers. A referral to a chiropractor? But yes… I’m itching to get back… Hopefully I’ll see you all in the next couple of days.
    Also… It’s weird just how excited I am about buying a crock pot.

  • Jason W

    3:49 rx. PR by 14 seconds!
    Had a great time playing with y’all today! Really miss the box, but I should be there full time starting February.
    I’m with Mike S. Took a long time to put my lungs back in my chest. Jeff was trying to talk to me about thoracic mobility, and I swear it all sounded like greek cause my brain just wasn’t having it. But, yeah, now that i can think in full sentences again, thoracic mobility is the catch phrase for the next couple weeks.

  • Hari

    Sara reports that there were 8 people at the 10:00 AM WOD! We never guessed this time slot would be so popular so quickly.
    Remember that there is now also a 3:00 PM WOD from Mon thru Fri.

  • keller

    matt d maybe you should watch glee and you will hate things less… it will make you feel like floating on clouds!!!! YAY PILLOWS AND UNICORNS!

  • Lisa

    07:23 scaled to 15-12-09.
    I wanted to finally use a 65# bar so scaled the volume.
    Most pullups done with purple string.

  • jenn

    Keller – stop talking about Glee and post your Fran time.
    Reis – I’ve been to the Bikram by Penn Station – it’s pretty good. There’s also a studio on 23rd Street and Broadway, just a few blocks from the Black Box. I used to go there about once or twice a week but just haven’t found the time to go back. I definitely want to get back to at least once a week – I find it to be the perfect compliment to Crossfit. The costs for those studios are usually the same – I might just buy a 10-pack and drop-in whenever I can.
    Also, for you slow-cooker newbies, I have a super easy recipe for you: Applesauce.
    Peel, core and dice about 10 apples
    Mix with cinnamon and sugar (I used agave to make it paleo – it was super sweet so I think I might even omit agave the next time)
    Pour 1/4 cup water to the bottom of the pot.
    Dump apple-mix in.
    Cook on low for 5 hours.
    You’ll have delicious applesauce for days. Enjoy!

  • drake

    6:42, Rx.
    This was my third time doing Fran. Last time was also Rx, but my time was 9:03, a 2:21 improvement. Still, I need to work on my thruster technique. Those were far harder than the pull-ups.
    Matt, thanks for the encouragement and the count-downs.
    Eric, where are you?!

  • Eric

    Right here Drake! Great time bro.
    8:40 Rxed. First time doing Fran Rxed.
    Last time was 6:38 with 75# and blue band.
    Thanks to Mike K and Kevin for a great class.

  • Lenny

    FRAN (I hate You)
    6:26 RX’d
    2:27 slower than my PR.
    Injuries blow.

  • Matt D

    keller unicorn’s don’t exist. the last one was found strangled with a speed rope a couple weeks ago. the rope had tape on the handles to ensure a strong grip.
    6:46 rx’d.

  • keller

    jenn contrary to popular belief i dont actually work out, i just foam roll all night
    MATT WHO TAPES A JUMP ROPE… honestly. you need to work on your grip and stop killing beautiful creatures of myth and legend.

  • Jai

    Scaled it the same as last time: 33# and black string. Shaved almost two minutes off my time! So I can legitimately go heavier next time, huzzah. Old time: 7:21. New time: 5:41.
    After, my arms burned so much that even the fetal position (which I maintained for maybe ten minutes) wasn’t enough. I wished my arms had extra joints so that I could curl up even more.
    Foot still being obnoxious. Tomorrow marks a full week of obnoxiousness, but that’s what rest days are for.

  • Matt D

    it was struggling, i was losing my grip. i’ll sell you the horn tho.

  • Arian

    Just introducing myself – I’m kind of a transfer from Crossfit Seattle. I live in NYC now, but have been on an 8 month Xfit hiatus. Ready to start “forging elite fitness” again- haha!
    Fran: 7:24 with the bar and 2 blue bands.

  • Jonathan P

    7:18 Rx’d
    7th day of a gallon of milk a day. It started out really hard… now it’s not so bad. It’s definitely weird. Oddly my roommates haven’t noticed yet and seem to be much less bothered by it than they were by the ban on grains. I weigh almost 10 lbs more now. I feel pretty good to go every day, not too sore, but maybe that’s just coincidence.

  • Jordan

    8:31 @ 75#

  • MC

    Turns out you don’t need any added sweeteners for applesauce… With my last batch I used cinammon, nutmeg and allspice and it came out great. Note: you can also freeze your applesauce (I prefer to use the mini 0.5 cup Glad containers), which if allowed to defrost slightly makes it something like paleo sorbet.

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