Hump Day Rest Day

BLACK BOX WOD (current skill: back squat):

back squat 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Post loads to comments.

BLOG ANNOUNCEMENT! By popular request, we’re reviving the “Black Box 30-Day Paleo Challenge” starting January 1st. Last January we did a challenge in which members could choose to participate and use the blog as a resource for how to succeed with paleo eating and use the comments on each day’s blog post to ask questions, talk about what they’ve been eating, etc. Feel free to start asking questions in today’s comments!

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Some paleo resources to get ready for the January challenge: PaNu start guide, Robb Wolf’s quick-start guide & FAQ, Whole 30, v. 3


How do YOU picture paleo? We’ll be soliciting your yummy photos for the blog during the entire “Black Box 30-Day Paleo Challenge”! (Submit photos on our Facebook page or via email [allisonATcrossfitnycDOTcom] and if it’s a good enough photo, you’ll see it here, too.)


  • From the CrossFit BrandX forums:
    Today, everyone is a Big Dawg. Everyone can do this workout as Rx’d. If you are unfamiliar with the lift or have an absolutely horrible air squat, go light and work on form.
    How to dress for this workout:
    1) Weightlifting shoes, or at the very least Chuck Taylors (NOT typical sneakers with thick, squishy bottoms). If you don’t own either of those options, believe it or not dress shoes or combat boots will better mimic the right type of support than typical sneakers can. Final option: just wear your socks. But whatever you do, NO SQUISHY SNEAKERS!
    2) A cotton t-shirt works best for the low-bar back squat. Avoid slippery man-made materials. You can even put chalk on your t-shirt where the bar will rest to help keep it in place.
    3) Shorts or pants that allow you to squat below parallel with no restrictions.

  • Craig_Cinci

    I’ll reiterate what I said yesterday…let’s make this a real challenge with some skin in the game.
    How about a buy-in with before and after pictures? The entry fee can go towards prizes at the end as judged by the owners.
    A challenge like this should have some type of accountability & a competition would make it more fun for everyone.

  • keller

    are the afternoon classes from 12 – 2? work is super slow this week and i may try to pop in.

  • kevin p

    I like craig’s idea. Definitely more motivation that way.

  • Chris H.

    I agree with Craig re. the paleo challenge and highly recommend the “PaNu start guide” link posted above.

  • oleg

    in addition to pictures, can people pls post recipes as well?

  • @Oleg: sure thing, I will now ask that anyone who submits paleo photo(s) for the blog also submit recipe(s) as well. The photo you see above is from a meal that I ate at Bouchon restaurant, so I don’t have a recipe for it.
    @Craig_Cinci: I like the idea of a $20 buy-in. But let’s hear from more of the members in comments on this issue…thanks!

  • Marcos

    For fear of penalty burpees from Sara because I was running extra late for the noon WOD, I finagled my way into a globo gym and got it done.
    + Ran a 7:30 mile.

  • Mike K

    Did yesterdays WOD.
    6:41 with 225# front squats

  • NF

    There are many opinions on what Paleo is and what it is not. Many resources I have read including Wolf’s podcasts don’t seem to have a limit on fats from oils (olive, coconut), coconut milk, and avocado’s. Some also say that animals fats, from grass fed animals can also be beneficial. I guess my question/point is who’s opinion are you following for the challenge? Is it strict paleo, as in no dairy? I ask about the dairy mostly because of the different perspectives Wolf seems to provide on this. Ideally you would want no dairy, however, he does say that there goat’s milk and cow’s milk (both grass fed) could be beneficial. Just want opinions; this shouldn’t be interpreted as a challenge by anyone.

  • Jonathan P

    I guess this challenge is an experiment in nutrition, and I was thinking of trying something I haven’t tried before. I’ve been losing weight pretty steadily for about 16 months. Maybe I’ll test out a gallon of milk a day.

  • Sara

    My burpee penalty has a Marcos clause in it: because you’re my favorite member and the best team supporter I have ever met, I will not make you do burpees for being late.

  • Sara

    Yesterdays wod with Gillian, CAIN, and Mike K- 9:41 rx’d

  • Jai

    Got my 2010 resolution today: 150# deadlift PR. It’s not quite BW& 1/2, as I’ve gained a little since the beginning of the year, but I’m happy!

  • @NF: Avoiding dairy for 30 days straight (ANY dairy, whether grass-fed or not, whichever sort of animal it’s from) is worth doing. The point is to remove it for 30 days THEN reintroduce in order to determine if you have any reaction to it.
    There are plenty of people who do so-called lacto-paleo (a.k.a. paleo + dairy) and seem to do well on it health-wise and body-comp-wise; however, there are plenty of folks who have problems with either lactose and/or casein and can’t determine that until they remove it for a period of time and then reintroduce.
    All that being said, if you’re not ready yet to remove dairy for 30 days, then do a lacto-paleo 30-day challenge–you’ll still get plenty out of the experience!

  • Lenny

    @NF I do paleo+ice cream it works really great for me.