Now you’ll appreciate regular pull-ups

Tuesday 101228

Seven rounds for time of:
185 pound Front squat, 3 reps
7 L-pull-ups

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Compare to 100330.

BLOG ANNOUNCEMENT! By popular request, we’re reviving The Black Box 30-day Paleo Challenge starting January 1st. Last January we did a challenge in which members could choose to participate and use the blog as a resource for how to succeed with paleo eating and use the comments on each day’s blog post to ask questions, talk about what they’ve been eating, etc. Feel free to start asking questions in today’s comments!

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John A. shows us 2 of the ways one can hold a plate for squatting with a plate:


  • Scaling options for today’s workout, courtesy of the CrossFit BrandX forums:
    Big Dawgs:
    As rx’d
    Women – 135
    The Porch:
    5 rounds for time of:
    185 pound Front squat, 3 reps
    7 L-pull-ups
    Seven rounds for time of:
    155 pound Front squat, 3 reps
    7 L-pull-ups
    Seven rounds for time of:
    115-135 pound Front squat, 3 reps
    7 L-pull-ups (tuck pull ups are the common sub here)
    Five rounds for time of:
    PVC – 65 pound Front squat, 3 reps
    7 pull-ups (beginner or assisted okay)
    If you have pull ups and find you are unable to do the L pull up practice L sits over the next few weeks.

  • Here’s what I wrote for last year’s Paleo Challenge, which pretty much holds up the same for this year. If you’re new to the challenge, please read through it so you know what’s what. Thanks!
    Starting January 1st, any and all readers of this blog (whether members of the gym or not) are strongly encouraged to join us in the Black Box 30-Day Paleo Challenge.
    The idea is behind this challenge is to encourage everyone to go strict paleo for 30 days straight, no cheats (planned or unplanned). What a “strict paleo” diet does or does not include can be debated on its subtler points (and we’re happy to answer those questions), but the basics you need to know are the following:
    ENCOURAGED FOODS: meats (preferably grass-fed), poultry (preferably pastured), fresh fish & seafood (preferably wild), eggs (preferably pastured or at least omega-3 fortified), vegetables, fresh fruit (& limited dried fruit), nuts & seeds (preferably raw and unsalted). (The organic versions of these foods will allow you to avoid pesticide residue.)
    FOODS TO EAT IN MODERATION: minimally processed oils & animal fats (e.g., olive, avocado, walnut, coconut, lard, beef tallow–be aware that some of these are not meant for high-heat cooking but should be used raw) black coffee, tea, wine, beer, spirits, dried fruits (no more than 2 oz./day), nuts mixed with dried & fresh fruits (no more than 4 oz. nuts & 2 oz. dried fruit), starchy vegetables (e.g., starchy tubers, potatoes, sweet potatoes).
    FOODS TO AVOID: dairy (e.g., milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, whey protein powder), legumes (i.e., beans, lentils, chickpeas, soy & soy products, peanuts, green beans, peas), cereal grains & cereal grainlike seeds (e.g., corn, wheat, wheat germ, barley, oats, rye, rice, corn, buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth), salt-containing foods (e.g., commercial salad dressings & condiments), fatty meats, soft drinks & fruit juices, sweets (i.e., candy, honey, sugars [sucrose, molasses, high fructose corn syrup, fructose, agave nectar]), diet sodas, refined vegetable oils (especially corn, soy, & canola), foods containing artificial sweeteners, chemical food additives.
    For more info on what paleo-style eating is all about, check the following articles:
    Great intro to the paleo lifestyle
    Detailed shopping list of foods (includes do’s, don’ts, and in moderation) (tremendous number of web resources linked here)
    OK, so the next question is, what are the rules of this challenge? Well, that’s kind of up to you. While I think you’ll get the most benefit from going strict for 30 days (you need at least that much time to notice the changes in how you look, feel, and perform), we’re not trying to exclude anyone from partaking in the challenge. So if you want to do “moo-paleo” (i.e., paleo plus dairy), we still want to hear from you. If you’re just cutting out grains, we want to know how it’s going. If you’re giving up dairy but still eating dessert, don’t be afraid to chime in. Some people thrive on a black-or-white approach, others need to baby-step their way into better eating strategies.
    If you’re already paleo, what’s in this challenge for you? Plenty. When was the last time you tried a new type of meat or a new way of preparing a vegetable? Can you dial in your diet even further by shifting towards more grass-fed beef while cutting out the occasional lunch meat? Perhaps experiment with a low-carb or very-low-carb paleo approach to see if your energy levels change? Or play with your macronutrient ratios, a la the Zone and see what happens (whether weighing and measuring or simply eyeballing)? We want to hear from high-level paleo people such as yourself–you’ll serve as great inspiration to the paleo noobs, believe it or not.
    Wherever you are, if you find yourself making an unplanned cheat, do your best to shake off the mistake and get back on track. Don’t let black-or-white thinking let you jump completely off the rails. Use the support of our virtual (and real-life) communities to get you through the rough spots. However you proceed with this challenge, if you choose to accept it, just be honest with yourself and track what you eat.
    I highly encourage food journaling, where you either photograph or write down everything you eat. Do it on a blog. Do it in a composition notebook. Do it in a word doc on your computer. Private or public is up to you. But take the time to journal your food intake and reflect on how you feel physically, mentally, crossfit-performance-wise, and just generally.
    Not only that, try cooking (more often, or for the first time). Try new types of foods, herbs,and spices. Try new restaurants (although beware of hidden ingredients–ask your server when unsure). The more you share these discoveries on the blog with others partaking of the challenge, the more we can help one another find the joy in this endeavor, rather than focus on the deprivation.
    Check in with the blog every day. I’ll be posting paleo-related links Monday through Friday (don’t worry, I’ll still have exercise/fitness links, too) that you should consider required reading. I’ll try my best each day to have a range of links for newbie, intermediate, and advanced paleo people.
    Whether you’re looking for body composition changes or not, I’d strongly suggest a before-and-after photo session where you’re shirtless (guys) or in a sports bra (ladies). No one has to see these photos but you. The power of said photos is that you see yourself every day, and it’s near impossible for you to notice body comp changes because of that. So take some photos with back, side, and front views. Shoot both before and after shots in the same clothing and under the same lighting and in the same location so that you can best see the differences.
    So if you’re in, please declare your intentions in the comments on this post. Let us know if you’re going strict or partial, but decide what you’re going to do and stick to your guns!
    Lastly, I’d like to encourage some real-world group activities during the month (and perhaps at the end of the 30 days to celebrate). I’ll leave that up to you guys to discuss in comments here and throughout the month via blog comments since so much of this challenge has been reader-driven. Thanks for being such an intelligent, curious, thoughtful community of folks.

  • I am in ,I will do full thing ,now is summer down here and it would be easier ,i guess!!,plus Cert l1 is comeing the 15/16 ,so this will complet my tune up,
    thanks for motivation,much light and health,marco

  • Matt Fisher

    In. At least 85/15 or better.

  • sam.gaberal

    I am willing to do a full thirty day challenge, i/e Robb Wolf challenge 30 day meal plan. I have to say, I been about 90% strict, but sometimes I fall victim, to sweets, and soy milk. I think this challenge will help me tune up a little.

  • Lisa

    I am in for the Challenge too. Looking forward to the self-destruction described in the Tyler Durden article above 🙂
    I am looking to refine the healthy parts of my diet and eliminate potatoes completely, if possible. I will keep my daily double espresso, and will have wine in moderation on weekends (oeno-Paleo?)
    Right now I am stuck in Ireland until US airports free up but it is easy to eat the meat and veg and leave out the potatoes and bread. Nice, homemade, brown bread with walnuts……. Sigh

  • Eric

    For the foods in moderation, how many cups of coffee is too much? I tend to drink about 3 large coffees a day.

  • Hari

    Whether your “large” cup is 12 ounces or 24 ounces, moderation begins with drinking less. Fill the cup to 90%, then 80%, etc. Eventually, you’ll switch to a smaller cup.
    Try having your last cup of coffee an hour earlier in the day, then two hours, etc. If you end up drinking 1/3 less coffee, that will be significant progress.
    This should be like scaling the WOD. Pick something that makes sense and steadily improve. Don’t make zero coffee “RX,” and then try to get there in one step.

  • Mike K

    Personally I also find that when the rest of my diet is better, I have less of a desire for coffee as my overall energy is better. Though I do really like coffee, so sometimes that disappoints me…

  • mike r

    3 large cups sounds like alot. if you decide to cut back just be careful your not substituting with something equally bad or worse. youre not really doing yourself any favors cutting out a cup of coffee and adding a bottle of soda or juice… I cant count how many times ive heard “but its called vitamin water cause its got vitamins, of course its good for you”… uh, well not exactly
    healthy sounding food products are a pet peeve of mine

  • mike n.

    CF Las Vegas

  • Craig_Cinci

    Is this something the gym is actually sponsoring or just suggesting?
    Why not have a buy-in so people take it more seriously and then offer prizes to the winners? Pictures can be taken by the trainers on the first day of the challenge and kept in secret until pictures are taken again at the end. The owners can then decide who’s the most improved. Prizes could range from free memberships to personal training sessions (OLY, lifting technique, etc.) to t-shirts.
    This way there is some scale of a challenge and how strict you are can be reflected in your results against other people.

  • Jeff


  • Matt D

    9:35 – 135lb
    forgot my jumprope on the floor at the gym. will get it tmr.

  • Jai

    My food resolutions this year are to not eat out in any restaurants for the first 4 months, and to gain some weight.
    These might be conflicting goals.

  • Jay

    13:00. 135#, tuck pullups
    been eating paleo. for january will try to eat with more variety and eat as much as i can to gain weight

  • drake

    11:05 @ 155#.

  • Hari

    11:56 (155 lbs)

  • Eric

    thanks for the tips for cutting down coffee guys…
    11:00 (155#) Need to keep elbows UP.