A Christmas Miracle

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus:
By popular request, the gym is open Christmas day from 9am to 1pm.

* * * * *
Jingle balls & reindeer games / The sugar alarm
Boston.com’s “The Big Picture” delivers some great winter photos
Great last-minute food gifts (via Ruth Reichl): Colatura di Alici, a share in a CSA, pixie tangerines
Charity donation tips plus some ideas of who to donate to

Happy birthday to (Muddy) Matt:

And happy bday to our OTHER x-mas baby, Coach Kevin P.!


  • Sara

    Merry Christmas everyone! Thanks for being such awesome people and making my job so much fun!

  • dex

    Merry Xmas!!!!!

  • David

    Merry xmas to all. Sara, Thanks for making me go heavy (per my standards) in yesterday’s wod. Everywhere on body kind of hurts and i can barely lift the toys santa brought my kids. But i had as much fun as you did yelling at me and pushing me hard.

  • drake

    Did my own WOD in my parents’ garage.
    15-minute AMRAP of:
    –6 dead-hang pullups (the only kind of pullups doable from my ghetto pullup bar)
    –10 burpees
    –15 deadlifts or squats with 70 lbs
    –20 situps
    5 rounds + pullups of 6th round.
    Four-minute rest, then Tabata Squats: 11
    Four-minute rest, then Tabata Pushups: 9
    Good to be back in NYC.