Just keep snatching

Wednesday 101222


75 pound Power snatch, 75 reps for time.

Post time to comments.

Compare to 100603.

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Court knows what’s up: our new CrossFit NYC “WOD books” make a great holiday gift to YOURSELF. Just $10!
And here’s a peak inside:


  • Scaling options courtesy of Brand X:
    Big Dawgs:
    As Rx’d
    women 55#
    The Porch:
    55 pound Power snatch, 75 reps
    Women 35#
    55 pound Power snatch, 50 reps
    Women 35#
    35 pound Power snatch, 35 reps
    Women 20#
    pvc-15 pound Power snatch, 35 reps

  • As anyone clicking through to the WOD Book link will deduce, we’re actually selling the books at a loss, because we think they’re so important.
    If you don’t already carefully record the details of each and every one of your workouts, starting doing so in 2011 is perhaps the biggest thing you can do to improve your CrossFit results.

  • jenn

    12:58 Rx – ah so stupid slow.
    I think the WOD book is a great idea – will there be some kind of bookshelf for us to store them at the Box?

  • Simon P

    I injured my left shoulder about a week ago doing ring dips. It hurts to do simple things, like pulling a shirt off over my head or turning a steering wheel. Also messed up my thumb pretty badly in a separate incident, it swelled up to about twice the size of my uninjured thumb. Hasn’t gone fully down yet, and I have about 50% mobility in the joint right now. I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for a physical therapist. I’d like to try that first before going to see a doctor. I’ve specifically been reading about Active Release Therapy (ART.) There appears to be quite a few practitioners here in NYC. Can anyone point me towards someone good? I’d rather not just pick one out at random… Thank you!

  • Eric

    Steven Levine
    I just saw him for a back injury recently, he did not do ART with me, but he is a licensed ART practitioner. Lisa from the Box will tell you more I am sure.
    Ming Chew http://www.mingmethod.net

  • jim
  • Jamie F.

    7:21 as RX’ed
    Thanks Sara for the coaching and Allison for that extra motivation!

  • keller

    i was a little dissapointed with yesterdays picture jim, but spot on today. court is straight up slap me silly gangsta.

  • Simon P

    Thanks Eric! Ming Chew looks legit. And expensive…

  • Folks:
    Just wanted to wish everyone Happy Holidays as I’m not coming into the city again until Jan 3rd. I found CF Morristown which is near my home in Jersey, and I’ll be headed over there during the break.
    As far as the WOD Book is concerned, I’m a computer guy so I prefer digital searching to flipping pages. I started a blog for free (http://wodalmighty.blogspot.com) and I tag every post with the exercises done that day, as well as the name of the WOD. That way when exercises or WODs come up again in the future, I can just pull up (pun intended) all posts containing those tags to see my benchmarks…that simple. Something to think about if you’re like me and you know the CF book will be in shambles in the bottom of your backpack inside of a month…
    Thanks to Sara, Jeff and Kevin for getting me to the point where I can’t live without this place. It’s been an amazing experience so far.
    See you in 2011…Peace.

  • Jay

    6:48 Rx’d

  • Alex B

    7:20 with 65#. Cashed out with 10 reps each of step-ups with a concrete ball and an empty bar, as per Torch’s suggestion for posterior chain activation. Gonna report back on that after 5 weeks.
    As for the notebooks, I use a Google docs spreadheet and index cards to track, but them things look pretty sweet, maybe worth the investment in place of the cards. Whatever makes one not miss a single dodgam record.

  • Lisa

    I am so happy to see the log books. I am about to finish up my current notebook so will be getting a new one soon. It is invaluable to record each WOD and add tips for future reference.
    I hope everyone has a happy holiday. I will be doing travel WODs from snowy icy Ireland 🙂

  • Jason L

    6:11 Rx

  • mike n.

    10:30 rx’d

  • Matt D

    6:42 rx’d

  • Eric

    7:17 with 65#
    Great class with Mike and Kevin.
    Wrists forward, shoulders back…
    Evident when I extended the hips and when I did not.
    Got to pull to hip crease.

  • Eric

    And RIP Randy.
    Remembering to be grateful for what I have, and am truly grateful for the service of those like Randy.
    And more than ever, I am grateful to be alive and able to do something like Crossfit.

  • Nikki

    A slow 12:08, but RX’d. First day back at CFNYC after nearly a month of going soft in California. It’s good to be back.