Heavy Monday

Monday 101220

Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps

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Compare to 100829.

We’re in New York magazine! Here’s the article and this photo of Gianna was the picture they featured:

On warped beauty standards, and embracing the buff / The magic/myth of before/after
Training NYC champs, one bruise at a time
Jingle balls & reindeer games
Healthy shoulders
Why I crossfit
Barefoot in the snow


  • From the CrossFit BrandX forums:
    Today, everyone is a Big Dawg. Everyone can do this workout as Rx’d. If you are unfamiliar with the lift or have an absolutely horrible air squat, go light and work on form.
    How to dress for this workout:
    1) Weightlifting shoes, or at the very least Chuck Taylors (NOT typical sneakers with thick, squishy bottoms). If you don’t own either of those options, believe it or not dress shoes or combat boots will better mimic the right type of support than typical sneakers can. Final option: just wear your socks. But whatever you do, NO SQUISHY SNEAKERS!
    2) A cotton t-shirt works best for the low-bar back squat. Avoid slippery man-made materials. You can even put chalk on your t-shirt where the bar will rest to help keep it in place.
    3) Shorts or pants that allow you to squat below parallel with no restrictions.

  • jim
  • I scaled yesterday’s “Nutts” WOD:
    10 Handstand push-ups (Scaled to Piked Pushups)
    185 pound Deadlift, 15 reps
    25 Box jumps, 24 inch box (scaled to Step-Ups)
    35 Pull-ups (Scaled to Ring Rows)
    70 Wallball shots, 14 pounds, 10’
    120 Double-unders (Scaled to singles, with 3-5 mins double under practice)
    Run 400 meters with a 25 lb plate

  • Justin Katz


  • CAIN

    new bartendaz video
    for those who are fans

  • Mike S

    please stop messing around with the morning schedule. There were so few people coming to the old 6am classes that they were cancelled, now there are 10-12 regulars at the 6:30am classes. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the 6:15am class will be less well attended than the 6:30am class was, which doesn’t seem in the spirit of increasing morning utilization.

  • Josh R

    I did back squats on friday, and I assume I’ll be doing them tomorrow as part of the current skill cycle.
    So I’d like to do Nutts today, I guess during open gym. I know it takes up a lot of space, so is there any particular time that would be best for that?
    OR… should I do the squats today, and Nutts tomorrow? I was thinking Plan A would give me an extra day of recovery between squats.
    Unrelated: does anyone wear a mouth-covering-thingy, such as a scarf or dust mask, when they run in this weather? I can’t be the only one who’s airway gets all irritated and wheezy from the cold air, right?

  • Hari

    Open gym starts at 7:30 PM. You should be fine from then on.

  • Lisa

    The lunchtime class courtesy of Kevin P (and Kevin W!) was great today. Zoe and I shared a bar.
    123#, 133# (2 fails as I did not go low enough), 128# (1 fail), 123#, 123#

  • mike r

    no offense to Gianna, but I can’t understand why nymag didn’t use that picture of Carlos on the GHD… BOOM!

  • Carlos

    Mike, I don’t understand it either. This could’ve launched my modeling career. You’ve inspired a belated entry to the caption contest. This is what the New York magazine article should’ve looked like..
    Gym, or Zed’s basement?
    The Look On Your Face: Crazed
    The Attire: As little as possible, but headband and red wristbands de rigueur
    The Goal: Forging elite fitness
    The Place: CrossFit NYC
    I don’t think you need an MBA to know that this would’ve recruited more people than the article as it stands, with full respect to Gianna of course, who looks beautiful in her photo too.

  • Jeff

    tempo high bar BS w/ 3 second descent: 185#, 195#, 205#, 215#, 225#
    three rounds for time of:
    11 Kettlebell swings, 1.5 pood
    11 Box jump, 24 inch box
    row 250 meters
    11 Burpees
    11 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
    11 minutes, every minute on the minute power clean + 3 push presses @ ~bw (160#)
    failed on third rep on last 3 rounds

  • drake

    Did five reps instead of three.
    Focused on technique. Felt better.
    Good to see you back, Eric.

  • Christine

    Who made the “cookies” on Sunday and left them at the front desk? They were AMAZING and I’m assuming Paleo-approved?? Can you post the recipe?

  • Jay

    155, 175, 185, 195, 200

  • keller

    started the russian gymnast warmup from the cf journal, then:
    backsquat: worked up to 185 lb 3×4
    shoulder press: worked up to 130 lb 1×4, 2×3
    One Minute On…One Minute Off…for 10 minutes.
    30 KB Swings – 2 pood (subbed 2 pood 20 swings)
    did 20 for each except the final round, only got 17 swings in. penalty is 1000m row for not completing a round.

  • CAIN

    315×3, 5 sets
    185 x 30

  • Mike Mishik


  • Jason L

    15-12-9 Power Snatch (95#)/C2B Pullups 6:03

  • Eric

    Thanks Drake.
    First time back in 2 weeks, and while I didn’t gain much, didn’t feel like I really lost anything either..
    BS today:
    155, 185, 105, 225, 245 (fail)
    Cash out: 75 box jumps
    Need to keep my elbows UP
    Thanks Mike, Dan and Jon for the tips.

  • Eric

    sorry,meant 205 instead of 105 LOL