If you’re not resting…

Friday 101119

BLACK BOX WOD (current skill: the snatch):

Lisa’s shirt says it all:

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  • Emily

    One last shameless plug….
    My senior recital is tonight!! I’ve worked long and hard to get all the music together and rehearse the bands. I’ll be performing tonight at 9 PM at 55 W 13th Street (btw 5th and 6th, closer to 6th) in the 5th floor performance space.
    Would love to see some fellow crossfitters in the audience!

  • I’m planning on going to see Emily’s senior recital after getting through with co-teaching tonight. (I’m done at 8:30pm.)
    I went to another show Emily was a part of at New School and it was such a treat. Tremendously talented musicians and it’s all FREE. Seriously, guys, worth coming out for if you can.
    Anyone who wants to walk over with me at 8:30 tonight, just let me know when you get here.

  • Simon P

    I’m planning on wodding at either the 630 or 730 class, so I definitely could go. I’ll need to take a shower first though. Wouldn’t want to bring the crossfit sweat puddles and box funk with me 🙂

  • Eric

    Hey Emily, break a leg!
    I would check it out, but I am leaving for London tonight, be out for a week.
    Very best though,

  • Matt U.

    Wedding WOD Saturday at 9am!
    Getting married on Saturday night, and expecting a Black Box sendoff. Hope to see folks tomorow morning.
    Josh — Think of a good WOD!

  • Lisa

    Matt, congratulations on your upcoming nuptials.
    Whatever WOD you end up doing, do it in a tux!

  • drake

    Snatch felt better. OHS getting better but still hard.

  • Sam Gaberal

    Hey If anyone picks up a sweaty, elbow braise please leave it at the front, I left it somewhere near the middle, it would mean a lot to me thanks Sam