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Sat, Nov 20 @ 10am
Wed, Nov 24 @ 6:30pm
#167 Mon/Thur @6am: Nov 22,24(Wed),29; Dec 2,6,9 (just 1 slot left!)
#168 Tues/Thurs @8am: Nov 30; Dec 2,7,9,14,16
#169 Tues/Thurs @6:30pm: Nov 30; Dec 2 7,9,14,16 (4 slots left)
#170 Tues/Thurs @5:30pm : Dec 2,7,9,14,16,21
#171 Tues/Thurs @8:30pm: December 9,14,16,21,23,28

Thursday 101118
Hang power clean 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 reps
Post loads to comments.
Compare to 061229.

Visiting Coach C.J. Martin, Sat, Dec 11, 9-11am (11 slots left)
Coach Avery’s in the New York Times!
Thoughts on designing crossfit team competitions
Shut up & put up?
When your blood sugar isn’t normal (part 1)
Three meals for baby Kate
Ancestral fitness: framework vs. re-enactment
And THIS is why:


  • Hari
  • jenny A

    Kevin P, I’m so sorry. I think I took your droid. Looks just like mine. Let me know where I can get it to you or drop it off. My number is 646 456 9590

  • Jenny A

    Kevin, Sorry again. I gave u my husband’s number. Mine is 646 456 9530

  • Steve S.

    Clean – 135#x5; 1 min rest between
    Snatch Balance (no heave) – heavy single for day 125#
    3 rounds
    10 KB swings (32kg)
    5 Box Jumps
    10 Chinese rows/arm (32kg)

  • jenn


  • Paul B


  • Chadb


  • Jay

    135, 155, 165, 165, 175, 185, 190×2 (failed on 3rd rep)

  • Lisa

    43, 53, 73, 83, 83, 53, 53

  • drake

    Up to 155#. Form feeling slightly better. Must work on dropping below bar. I’m mostly doing muscle cleans, even with 155#.

  • mike r


  • Mike Mishik


  • Simon P

    After almost 6 months of crossfit, I’d been holding the bar wrong all this time. Thank you Court for showing what the thumb hook grip is supposed to be. It made a big difference. Now if only I could consistently get myself to squat down under the bar properly while it’s going up… At least there’s still no pain in my wrist. Small progress, feels good.

  • Emily

    55-65-75-85-90 PR-95(f)-95(f)
    for 95, I just failed to drop underneath the bar. I pulled it plenty high…just a mental thing that I’m still struggling with.

  • Eric

    75, 105, 135, 155, 175 (fail), 160 (only 1), 160 (only 1), 145
    Need to keep my arms straighter. pulling with arms too much before explosion.
    better with extension vs. the floor

  • Jai

    53# warm up x3
    63#x3, 68×1 (2f), 68×1 (2f), 63#x3, 65#x3, 68#x3, 70#x3
    Went up too quickly, but got a PR after backing off. The first two 68# were from the floor and then couldn’t get the hang clean. But the later ones were legit.
    I bought some wire racks from the Container Store and have reconfigured my office desk to work standing whenever I need the computer. Good fun so far, still tweaking the details.

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