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Wed, Nov 17 @ 6:30pm
Sat, Nov 20 @ 10am
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Wednesday 101117
Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
30 second Handstand hold
30 second Squat hold
30 second L-sit hold
30 second Chin over bar hold
Post rounds completed to comments.

Visiting Coach C.J. Martin, Sat, Dec 11, 9-11am (11 slots left)
Bouncing back (into crossfit)
The butter manifesto
What I would do if I were hardcore gaining weight
Stingers and a strong physique
Why I eat liver / I ate liver & loved it
Just hanging out (from left: Craig, Lenny, Jim H., Sully, Coach Court):


  • mike r

    just a suggestion for everyone… bring your own stopwatch or wristwatch to time your own intervals… or else you gotta guess or use that weird clock on the cubbies

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  • FGB5 shirts are on their way. Stay tuned to blog/email to know when they have arrived!

  • Justin Katz

    6 Rounds + 11 seconds chest to bar hold
    Did plank holds for L-sit hold

  • Steve S.

    Front Squat – 210#x2x6
    Clean Pull – 225#x3x2
    Clean DL – 245#x3

  • CAIN

    hey guys
    avery is featured on the front page of the New York Times Dining section! they did a special on one of her rye pecan pies for Thanksgiving. I already reserved mine for next week.
    check it out here
    also she can front squat 185 pounds

  • Chadb

    5 rounds, completely failed trying to kick up into a last round of handstands even though I had over a minute left to do it.

  • Hari

    Nice Avery!
    Any dish created by a professional pastry chef who is also a certified CrossFit instructor–particularly one as competent at both as Avery–should automatically be assumed to be paleo. It is the equivalent of a rabbi saying its Kosher.
    Here’s the key part of the article:
    To streamline operations in the pastry kitchen at Diner in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the restaurant’s pastry chef, Avery Wittkamp, devised an enormous solution, which can be easily adopted by home cooks and Thanksgiving hosts. She bakes her rye pecan pie in a 10-inch springform pan, using a thicker, stretchable crust that can line the deep sides; it stays in place even when the pie is unmolded. Impressively, the tall bark-brown crust rises over a filling as wide, majestic and mahogany-brown as a redwood tree.
    “It’s just as easy to make a big pie as a small one, and more efficient,” Ms. Wittkamp said.
    She bakes this pie longer than usual to fully brown the crust, and gives it a higher crust-to-filling ratio than a traditional pie. She also deconstructs the traditional pecan pie filling into three strata: the custard, the chopped nuts and the whole nuts, each one delicious and distinct.
    “The goal is to take the pie and elevate it without changing it,” Ms. Wittkamp said. Once a food editor at Martha Stewart Living magazine, she now works 12-hour days at the restaurant, starting between 5 and 6 a.m. “Making food for people is totally different from making it for photo shoots,” she said. “I wanted to feed a community.”

  • Mike K

    Avery, that looks awesome!
    Plus if its not paleo, just add bacon…

  • Sara H.

    Congrats Avery! I might have to try your recipe for a very non-Paleo Thanksgiving dessert!

  • Tim B

    nice avery!

  • Simon P

    Wow, balancing being a crossfit coach and being a professional pastry chef at a top flight NYC restaurant. You rock Avery!

  • Kevin P

    Best part of the 70’s big article and right on the money:
    This is another thing I shouldn’t have to say, but I have a feeling it needs to be said. If you’re eating “clean” for the sake of aesthetics or health, treat yourself once in a while to an awesome meal. Being kinda weird about what you eat is all right, but being really fucking weird is really fucking weird. If you think you think you catch a cold from a hunny bun, you’re taking it a little far. Gant once said something along the lines of, “If you’re getting knocked out by a happy meal, you’re just not that elite.” Not only is drinking beer while watching football okay, but it’s going to be necessary to make sure you aren’t insane.

  • Jai

    Love pecan pie and was inordinately excited by the thought of it being paleo. But then realized it was only by proxy. Sad now. Celiacs can’t cheat. Well, shouldn’t.
    But in good news, my doc checked my intestines yesterday and saw no more lesions. Have to wait until the biopsies are back, but looks like I’ve healed! Am going to find something completely non-paleo but still gluten free to celebrate… 🙂

  • Jai

    In random other news, jet lag may make you stupid:

  • Emily

    5+5 sec tuck hold.
    planks on elbows instead of HS holds.
    tuck hold
    chin over bar w/blue band

  • Cathy

    Woohooo Avery! Looks amazing.

  • Lisa

    Avery, congratulations on the article! The pie looks absolutely divine!
    Anyother NY Times article – a Finnish study that resulted in some individuals not getting stronger or fitter despite undergoing a 21-week exercise program. I am guessing there was no Crossfit aspect to the program:

  • MC

    Congrats, Avery!

  • jenn

    5 rounds + 30 sec tuck holds (started with L-sits, then went to tuck holds at 3rd round)
    Congrats on the article Avery! We have to get together and exchange recipes 🙂

  • Avery

    Thanks everyone for all the congratulations. The article is totally overwhelming and very cool – really proud of what we make at Diner and Marlow&Sons.
    Seriously though, listen to Mike. If you served that with some housemade artisanal heritage grassfed (quick give me another adjective) bacon it would be 100% Paleo, for all of you so concerned with your diets. Eat Pie and Prosper!

  • drake

    7 rounds plus handstands at beginning of 8th round.
    cash-out: tabata squats with “resting” at the bottom: 9.
    8-7-6-5-5 crb pullups.

  • Lisa

    5 rounds plus 13 seconds of tucks (subbed for L-sits)

  • Jai

    6 & 3/4. Then did an extra 30 sec chin hold just to get the 7th round, though it doesn’t count. Everything unbroken except the chin up holds. Tuck sits instead of L sits.
    If pecan pie filling is gluten free, I’m going to buy a container of it, heat it, and dump it on ice cream. Yessssssssss.

  • Jordan

    6 and 3/4 rounds…got L-sits for the initial 2 rounds, then reverted to tuck sits instead.

  • Thank you for your opinion.I am totally agree with your view.I hold the same pointswith you.And thanks for your shareing again.And i think you will go with me.