Eleven Eleven Elizabeth

Thursday 101111BLACK BOX WOD (current skill: the clean):

21-15-9 reps of:
Clean 135 pounds
Ring dips
Compare to 100730.

HAPPY VETERANS DAY! Please note that we’re on a regular Thursday schedule today.

Max C. (a.k.a. “MC”) joined by his mom at the finish of his first-ever marathon. Congrats to Max for finishing despite some major recurrent injuries that he was dealing with during the race.

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  • Lisa

    Congratulations, Max. I remember you talking about your marathon goal a couple of months ago – so happy for you!

  • Brett_nyc

    Congrats Max. huge accomplishment.

  • Sara

    Max! That’s awesome! I can barely run a 5k without throwing up or stopping!

  • Steve S.

    Power Clean – (155#, 165#, 175#)x3
    Overhead Squat – worked up to 185#, could have gone heavier but ran out of time.

  • Simon P

    Congrats Max!
    Elizabeth: 11:49 – 65#, thin purple band.
    Thank you thank you thank you Kevin P, for the first time, I got through a cleans WOD without any pain in my wrist. Your “lift your t-shirt with the bar” trick helped immensely, so did the tall hang drop drill. I’ll definitely work on those during warm ups.

  • Simon P

    Oh, and I thought it might be appropriate to post this today:
    ‎”As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”
    ~John Fitzgerald Kennedy

  • jenn

    Way to go Max! I can barely do 400m runs without crying, so this is a fantastic feat!
    Elizabeth: 12:48 (83#, purple-band ring dips)
    Now I know why I’ve only been doing Power Elizabeths in the past… these squat cleans take so much time!

  • Marcos

    Hats off to you Max on an incredible task.

  • Mike K

    Congrats Max! Awesome job!

  • Eric

    Awesome, congrats Max.

  • Kevin P

    Congrats Max!! Great work by the morning class!! Thanks Simon.

  • MC

    WOW. Thanks for the support everyone! The marathon didn’t exactly turn out the way I was planning but it was still a great experience and one that I would definitely like to do again (and soon! I have to erase that terrible PR). More than anything, the training I did for it will pay the biggest dividends in future races (I improved my times at all distances by quite a lot) and for that I really have to thank Brian Harkins. He’s definitely one of the many great resources we have at the box and someone to talk to if you’re thinking about attempting a marathon (or any distance really).

  • Mike Mishik

    Congrat MC!!!

  • drake

    Still feel awkward on the cleans. Front squats feel better.

  • Jay Goebel

    14:15. 95# squat cleans, bar dips

  • Jordan

    15:31. 85# cleans

  • Eric

    115# squat cleans, regular ring dips
    Last time I used 95# so maybe too big a jump, but ring dips didn’t take quite as long as they used to.

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