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Wednesday 101027
Complete as many rounds as possible 20 minutes of:
95 pound Squat snatch, 10 reps
10 Ring dips
10 Knees to elbows
Post rounds completed to comments.

Hari’s commentary on today’s workout:
The first indication that this is going to be difficult is that the best people in the world are averaging fewer than 10 rounds in 20 minutes. (Compare this to, say “Cindy” where Speal does 38 rounds in 20 minutes.) This WOD has three difficult exercises. Very few people leave Elements able to do these movements. After a year of CrossFit, many people still do not have them down. This is a tough WOD. (commentary continues in first comment)
Black Box Annual Monster Mash, Fri, Oct 29, 8:30pm-???
Visiting Coach C.J. Martin, Sat, Dec 11, 9-11am (14 slots left)
At which other Halloween party this weekend will you have the chance to do muscle-ups (as Mike K. is doing in this pic from last year’s party)? See you Friday night!
Difficult difficult, difficult easy
‘Brilliant’ tells the history of artificial light and how it has changed who we are
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist…to figure out how to eat well
The importance of standing up for yourself
Invasion of the milk drinkers


  • Hari

    The first indication that this is going to be difficult is that the best people in the world are averaging fewer than 10 rounds in 20 minutes. (Compare this to, say “Cindy” where Speal does 38 rounds in 20 minutes.) This WOD has three difficult exercises. Very few people leave Elements able to do these movements. After a year of CrossFit, many people still do not have them down. This is a tough WOD.
    The snatch is possibly the most technical CrossFit movement. Though the 95 lb men’s RX’d weight is fairly light (compared to, say, Isabelle at 135 lbs), very few people will be doing this RX’d. (Yes, you can do two or three rounds and call it RX’d, but this is like saying you can get every question done on the SAT, by simply choosing “A” for every answer. True, but it’s a dumb strategy.)
    Choose a weight that you can squat snatch, or power snatch and then squat with. On this WOD, there will be plenty of people using an empty bar, and still not getting through 5 rounds.
    “Knees to Elbows” does not mean knees somewhere in the general vicinity of elbows. Our coaches will give you a choice of substitutions that move towards the full movement. However, if you can do the full movement, do it! You should feel the impact of both knees on both elbows on every rep.
    Rings dips are all about not cheating. The full range of motion is extremely difficult. Most people will be using bands. There will be plenty of people doing single reps by the second round
    This is a difficult WOD. It lasts a long time. If you show up, you aren’t going to forget this one.

  • Big Dawgs
    as Rx’d
    Women – 65#
    Complete as many rounds as possible 20 minutes of:
    65 pound Squat snatch, 10 reps
    10 Ring dips (15 Dips sub if unable to do ring dips)
    10 Knees to elbows
    Women – 35-45
    Complete as many rounds as possible 12 minutes of:
    pvc-15 pound Squat snatch, 10 reps
    10 Dips (assisted okay)
    10 Knees raises
    If your overhead squat is atrocious, you should probably do power snatches and dedicate yourself to fixing the OHS before performing squat snatches.

  • Mike K

    @Emily RE: GHDs
    Probably ok, but make sure you don’t strain anything with the pad pulling your foot into plantar-flexion on the way down. Maybe set the foot pad a notch closer than usual if it feels like it is straining something.
    A better sub may be v-ups if the GHDs bother you.

  • Mike Mishik

    If you watch Austin who did 10 rounds on this wod, on the mainsite vid, his squat snatches are pretty much power cleans and then an overhead squat. Given that’s an insane number of rounds, I think regular weightlifting standards are you have to catch it in the full squat, am i wrong? just wondering

  • jenn

    4 rounds + 1 snatch (65#, purple band ring-dips)

  • chadb

    5 rounds + 10 ring dips
    65#, blue band, knees to triceps

  • Steve S.

    Front Squat – 185#x3x10
    Clean Pulls – 215#x3x2
    Clean DL – 235×3

  • CAIN

    I think the o-lifting community considers a squat clean/snatch to be a missed power clean/snatch.

  • Guy

    5 rds 2 snatches
    45# one arm db snatch (wrist)
    Purple band on dips for last 2 rounds

  • Hari

    A power clean plus an OHS is acceptable, since the ROM is the same, even if it’s done slower. From a work (= Force times Distance) perspective there is no difference.
    It is true that a power snatch plus an OHS is not the exact same modal domain as full squat snatches (just as stepping up and down on boxes is not the same modal domain as box jumps).
    In the games, this would be unacceptable. (And this was specifically spelled out during the ring-dip muscle-up WOD). And a sectionals, the same was true of stepping up and down. But for a WOD, this normaly is fine.

  • Hari

    That should have been “snatch / muscle-up WOD,” the first WOD at this year’s Games.

  • CAIN

    in the 2010 games, agree.
    but in the 2009 games, during khalipa’s massive comeback, he destroyed everyone in the chipper by power snatching and then overhead squatting.
    most importantly, its fair game at the box today.

  • Emily

    in the spirit of avoiding legal action via dropping weights and the current re-vamping of the gym, I just wanted to point Harry, Court, and Josh to an article in the cfit journal today regarding just that. I don’t know if you were planning on building any extra platforms (or if you’ve already used their idea for our current platform), but it might be worth it to check out the article. It’s about building platforms that cushion the sound of dropped wieghts from overhead. (I know that our problem is as much the impact of the ceiling falling down below us as it is the noise, but hey, it’s a start!)
    Happy reading!

  • Hari

    I read the article, and it looks like a slightly modified version of the platforms we already built. In general, these platforms work for reducing noise. Our unique problem is with vibration, not noise. Even though the sound is significantly reduced by these platforms, when the weight hits, our floor and our neighbor’s ceiling vibrates.

  • Court

    Work spent developing the snatch is invaluable and needs routine practice and exposure. The recruitment pattern, while somewhat similar to a clean, requires a higher degree of coordination, accuracy and flexibility, three of CF’s “10 Attributes of Fitness”. The ROM from the hang position at the hips to OH is double that of the clean to the shoulder and is much more precise. Learning where you have gaps in your shoulder, spine and hip mobility and stability are well worth knowing. Work on the snatch, at what ever level you are at, will point these out readily.

  • Emily

    did the modified “gimp” version of this…
    AMRAP 20 min
    15 right leg pistols (small box with 45# plate on top)
    10 ring dips (purple band)
    10 GHD’s
    6+1 pistol
    walking home, i felt a little lop-sided…
    one skill I would love to be able to do Rx is a ring dip. any suggestions on a good warm-up progression to get me off the last little band?

  • Court

    Emily, look up Pavel’s “the fighters pullup” and apply the progressions there to your ring dips. It will progress you off the band in short order.

  • Jai

    I’m totally looking up those progressions, too, Emily. Looking forward to unassisted dips.
    In other news, I have an extra ticket to the women’s roller derby championship this Saturday. It’s at City College (~138th street), and doors open at 6:30. Bronx Gridlock versus Queens of Pain (both awesome teams). Anyone interested in cheering with me while some ladies beat each other up at high speed on wheels, email me at jaicat AT gmail DOT com.

  • kev p

    CAIN is correct. You meet the bar where you meet it. If your doing this WOD rxd, the weight should be easy enough so that when you jump the weight up and finish the pull by fully extending the hips that bar should fly up. Squat snatches exist because the weight is so heavy you can’t power snatch anymore not so you can underpull and not finish the movement for the sake of a squat.

  • Mike Mishik

    Whose got a good article on proper ring dips, they’re always questionable, kipping makes it that much worse (easier to do less of a range of motion, not on purpose but it happens when you string them together)

  • Mike K

    If you hips move less vertical distance than your shoulders do in a rep, your ring dip is no good. If you decide to kip them, you should lower down with your hip extended rather than piking the hips. I’ll be happy to demo BS ring dips before tonights WODs so you know what not to do.
    If you need to kip the majority of them, you should be using a band and getting full ROM.

  • Eric

    LOL I had no idea there was such a thing as kipping ring dips

  • Bryce
  • jenn

    Emily and Jai – I just started doing Rx ring dips (though I used a thin band today because of the amount of reps… that and I was lazy). Some things I did to get here were to start with a lot of static holds to build strength. Then I did a lot of negatives, going from the top of the dip to the bottom. Once I was able to get to the bottom of the dip without shaking, it seemed almost easy enough to pop myself back up to the top of the dip, keeping my shoulder blades pinched back and chest up. Of course this took several weeks, if not months. As with getting your first pull-up, the best thing to do is to just keep doing them! Even if it’s with the band, try doing 5-10 dips each time you come into the gym. Eventually you’ll build up the strength. Good luck!

  • Court

    I might suggest these as alternate ring exercises:

  • Guy

    I could only do 2-3 ring dips and then i did bar dips religiously for a week (I could do sets of 10-15 on bars). I came back to the rings and was able to get a legit set of 10 easily. Not sure if that will work for everyone but i struggled with dips for a long time before I hopped on the bar.

  • Avery

    Emily –
    Just a word of caution. I found the leap from the thinnest band dips to unassisted dips to be really hard (in general) and stressful on my right shoulder which I am rehabbing at the moment. IMO, a better transition would be mixing in strict bar dips to build strength focusing on a stable shoulder position then the leap from band dips to the unstable rings. Since we don’t have bars, you might also want to work on doing strict bench dips focusing on your triceps – you could even weight these and/or elevate your feet.
    I think most of the suggestions posted today are really great, but I found it to be much harder than the transition from assisted to unassisted pull ups – so don’t get discouraged. They also tend to go away faster when you don’t do them frequently!
    I only say this because I would hate for you to have your old injury flare up. Ring dips will expose any laxity or muscle imbalances/weaknesses you might have. It’s a lot of wear and tear on the shoulder joint if it’s not stable and everything is moving properly in the joint. I would get someone who is experienced with dips to monitor your unassisted attempts as well as your band dips just make sure everything is working in a best fit position. Ultimately, if you are diligent about working on them and take care with the progressions, you should have them in no time.
    For the WOD with gimpy subs:
    10 squat cleans (65#)
    10 one arm push presses (12 kg)
    10 weighted v-ups (5#)
    8 rounds + cleans + presses + 3 sit ups

  • Sophie

    any slow runners running the 5k tomorrow and need someone to run with?

  • Mike Mishik

    5 rds + 8 snatches (rx’d) = wet

  • elizabeth j

    4 rds +3 snatches @ 42# and a blue band on the dips.

  • mike r

    5 rounds + 2 snatches rx
    for anyone looking to transition to unassisted ring dips, i suggest having a band set up ready to go for when you begin to fail. complete as much of the wod without the band and then when you cant get full range of motion, use the band… you will use it less and less and eventually not at all

  • Emily

    Thanks for all the great suggestions, and Avery for the word of caution about the shoulder. I definitely have some modifying to do, and don’t plan on getting an unassisted ring dip for quite some time (unless, for some magical reason, my schedule all of a sudden allows me to be extremely consistent in coming in…)

  • Eric

    5 rounds plus one snatch
    snatch 75#
    ring dips thinnest purple band

  • Leslie B

    Hey CrossFit NYC! I miss you all so much. I’m out here in Sarasota…85 degrees everyday! Sorry ; )
    Been working out at CrossFit Sarasota…and it made me love the Box even more. CrossFit Sarasota is in a physical therapy office so it is about the size of our front little new warm up space all carpeted. There’s one pull-up bar, two bars for weightlifting and a couple of med balls and abmats. The classes have two people in them. The amazing thing I’ve discovered….it’s still crossfit! I’ve learned some great new stuff here with chains and ropes and despite there only being two or three people, everyone is nice. The CrossFit style is there. I hope you’re enjoying the new Box.
    Also, just in case you’re wondering why we don’t have a new WEBSITE…here’s what happened. We were ready to launch the brand new site and low and behold the hosting company server completely crashed…so our site is out there someone is cyberspace. But don’t worry, our web guy is working on it and hopefully soon the new site which matches the new Box will be up and running.
    I’ll miss you at the Monster Mash…have a blast!
    Leslie B

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