If you’re not resting, you’re swinging

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Tuesday 101026
BLACK BOX WOD (skill: kettlebell swing):
21-15-9 reps of:
kettlebell swings (men: 24kg / women: 16 kg)
wallball (men: 20# / women: 14#)
Post time to comments.

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Mobile chicken sex
10-minute pizza soup
Fast and female
Rippetoe & Dan John (video)
What’s so great about being overweight?
Don’t landfill that goose, braise it
Halloween candy: A working hierarchy / How to use dry ice for your Halloween punch
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  • Hari

    Q: Will CrossFit make you bulky?
    A: Camille has a 315 deadlift and a 215 back squat
    Here’s what she looks like:

  • jenn

    3:17 Rx

  • Steve S.

    Snatch – (115#; 125#; 135#)x3
    Jerk – did doubles up to 155#, then stripped the weight and just worked on form.
    3 rounds:
    5 Snatch Push Press – 130#
    15 Pull-Ups
    1 min rest between rounds.

  • Jai

    I’m thinking of coming in to the box tonight but doing some alternate programming, like OPT, since my kettlebell skills are fine. But I haven’t done OPT before, and the WOD confuses me a bit since there’s supposed to be an 8-hour rest between sections. Do people pick one part or the other to complete? What are back squats with chains?

  • CAIN

    the understanding at the box is if you can’t understand or have to scale OPT then you probably are better served continuing to work on main site programming.
    why do you say your kettlebell skills are “fine”? can you clean, jerk, snatch, and turkish getup a 1 pood? 1.5 pood? what about juggling? its all pretty tough stuff. I think Court has hundreds of KB progressions he’d be happy to share.
    I think coming in and trying to beat jenn tang’s 3:17 as Rxed today is a pretty good WOD for most anyone at the box.
    good luck.

  • Mike K

    Agree with CAIN. Also if your squat isn’t at least around the advanced level here – http://www.exrx.net/Testing/WeightLifting/SquatStandards.html using bands or chains will generally be less effective than simply squatting more.
    Good read – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/justin-stoneman/post_868_b_720398.html

  • Lisa

    Great mobility work with Court today, in addition to the WOD.
    04:25 RX’ed.

  • chadb

    3:01, crowded gym forced the use of 14lb ball and 16kg kb.

  • Guy

    3:09 rx’d

  • Jai

    Thanks, Cain and Mike.
    According to that chart, my squat is intermediate. Not that I was really thinking of adding chains, I just was curious what the heck that meant. OPT is simply one of the options I’ve seen people scribbling on the white board for open gym work, so if it’s not appropriate for me, no biggie. I did not have my heart set on it.
    As for kettlebells, I do swing a pood, but use a lighter weight in the other skills. I in no way meant to imply that I don’t have more to learn. My thought was that, of the MANY goats I’m still working on, swinging a kettlebell is one of the few things I’m actually working at Rx on and getting decent times. Therefore, on the day off regular programming, I was considering bringing something else up to par.
    Then again, my wall balls still suck, and that’s the other part of the workout, so maybe I should just be happy that half of it won’t suck.

  • Mike Mishik

    2:54 rx’d

  • Hari

    Regarding Wednesday’s WOD:
    The first indication that this is going to be difficult is that the best people in the world are averaging fewer than 10 rounds in 20 minutes. (Compare this to, say “Cindy” where Speal does 38 rounds in 20 minutes.) This WOD has three difficult exercises. Very few people leave Elements able to do these movements. After a year of CrossFit, many people still do not have them down. This is a tough WOD.
    The snatch is possibly the most technical CrossFit movement. Though the 95 lb men’s RX’d weight is fairly light (compared to, say, Isabelle at 135 lbs), very few people will be doing this RX’d. (Yes, you can do two or three rounds and call it RX’d, but this is like saying you can get every question done on the SAT, by simply choosing “A” for every answer. True, but it’s a dumb strategy.)
    Choose a weight that you can squat snatch, or power snatch and then squat with. On this WOD, there will be plenty of people using an empty bar, and still not getting through 5 rounds.
    “Knees to Elbows” does not mean knees somewhere in the general vicinity of elbows. Our coaches will give you a choice of substitutions that move towards the full movement. However, if you can do the full movement, do it! You should feel the impact of both knees on both elbows on every rep.
    Rings dips are all about not cheating. The full range of motion is extremely difficult. Most people will be using bands. There will be plenty of people doing single reps by the second round
    This is a difficult WOD. It lasts a long time. If you show up, you aren’t going to forget this one.

  • Jay Goebel

    3:42, 20kg

  • Emerson

    3:20 RX’d
    Flight simulator could not get to 40 unbroken double unders, so my new PR for consecutive double unders going forward is 35.

  • keller

    deadlift – 95#x5, 135#x5, 185#x5, 205#x5, 235#x5, 255#x5, 275#x5 (pr)
    3rft: 2 pood kb swing x10, 2 pood kb right arm 25yard farmer carry, 2 pood kb swing x10, 2 pood kb left arm 25yard farmer carry – 8:40 … 2 pood got heavy fast
    cash out – 10 minutes 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 unbroken double unders, failed going down the ladder, could only get 34 max on the down 40

  • Matt D

    3:13 rx’d
    flight simulator: 9:31

  • Emily

    I’m coming in tomorrow. Haven’t been to the gym in a week b/c of my foot and it’s driving me nuts. I’m sure with our crazy brains we can come up with something equally retarded for me to do tomorrow. 🙂
    @Mike K
    I remember you suggesting not anchoring my sit-ups with my foot aggravated. Would you also advise against GHD’S?

  • Eric

    4:14 Rxed

  • Jai

    4:45, 1 pood kb, 10# wall ball. Yep, still suck at wall ball.
    Also did part of the Invictus workout: Tabata push ups (total 68) and sit ups (total 83).
    Sorry again, Jeff, for the giggle fit during skills practice. 🙂
    FYI, the buzzer is not working again. And the lock on the bathroom without the window still locks but doesn’t keep the door from opening.