Friday 101022

BLACK BOX WOD (current skill: the kettlebell swing):

5 rounds for time of the following:
10 1-arm kettlebell swings, left
10 1-arm kettlebell swings, right
10 2-arm kettlebell swings
10 1-arm kettlebell push presses, left
10 1-arm kettlebell push presses, right
(recommended weights: men: 24 kg, women: 16kg)
Post time to comments.HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIMON F.!

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Thanks to all of you who helped us be an important part of Fight Gone Bad 5, raising over $24,000 to help fight cancer and aid wounded vets. Let this video inspire us for making next year even bigger and better!


  • Ray Levitt

    Are there any more CFit NYC shirts available? Me wantee!

  • Lisa

    Kettebell fun!
    Thanks for the great mobility and skills warmup, Chris, and pushing us to get through the swings unbroken.
    10:11 with 12kg bell.

  • Paul B.

    9:21 14kg

  • CAIN

    24 kg KB
    no left hand push press
    great work by the 1230 class today.
    everyone kept the swings unbroken and used their newfound KB juggling skills for the transitions during the WOD.

  • torch

    Hey all. Writing from Marine land to say a bunch of my platoon-mates are running the Marine Corps Marathon. In the same spirit, I’m raising money for the endeavor (I was slated to run it but had a massive ankle sprain that killed my training for the last month). The charity is Hope for the Warriors, which benefits wounded Marines. The website is

  • Snatch practice, triples up to 100#. Finished with 3 sets of muscle-up to 10 ring dips.

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