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Monday 101018
BLACK BOX WOD (current skill: the kettlebell swing):
As many rounds as possible in twenty minutes of the following:
5 pull-ups
10 push-ups
15 kettlebell swings (24kg men / 16kg women)
Post rounds to comments.

Halloween party, Fri, Oct 29, 8:30pm-???
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Is there anything scarier than BURPEES??! Here we see Kate J.’s burpee pumpkin with sweat angel included. Thanks, Kate!


  • jenn

    11 rounds + 1 pull-up + 1 torn hand

  • Yay! My pumpkin is on the blog! 😀
    6 rounds +5 pull ups (red band, knees, 12 lbs.)

  • Steve S.

    High Bar Back Squat – 207#x3x10
    Snatch Pulls – 160x3x2
    Snatch Deadlift – 185x3x1

  • Lisa

    Go see the pumpkin in person – it is impressive!
    Jenn, that is a great score. I tried to emulate you and succeeded only in the torn hand section.
    5 rds plus 7 kb swings (12kg). Palm tore on the last pullup, thank goodness for small mercies.

  • Emily

    I think i pulled a muscle in my left foot racing @ Van Cortlandt yesterday. It really kills on the outside edge of my foot, but there’s no swelling, bruising, or visual signs of damage.
    My health insurance won’t cover this kind of injury in New York (because I’m out of state and it’s not an emergency). Anybody have any suggestions besides rest, ice/heat, and ibuprofen (which I don’t want to take anyway…)?

  • Lisa

    Emily, is it on the top or the bottom edge of your foot, or literally along the outside?
    I am not a doctor nor have I played one on tv but I would stay away from Ibruprofen unless the pain is really stopping you from doing what you need to do – get around to school/work/etc.
    It may just need ice and rest, since the injury only happened yesterday. If the pain goes on for a few days or gets worse then it may be more serious.
    Does your insurance cover any sports treatment, physical therapy at all? Worse case if you have to see a professional I can recommend a really good chiro and ART doc that I go to for all my aches and pains. He is not covered by my insurance but it is SO worth the treatment I go anyway.
    I am sure you will get plenty of good advice here so you can be injuryfree again.

  • MC

    I would stay away from the ibuprofen… Wobenzym is a good alternative for the inflamation. I injured my left foot a few months ago and this helped a great deal. That, ice and rest.

  • Simon P

    10rds + 3pu – blue band pu, ring pushups, 1pood bell

  • drake

    24 kg kettlebell and strict pullups.
    9 rounds.
    Felt horribly good.

  • Emily

    RE:Ibuprofen. I stay away from it at all costs, unless the pain is unbearable.
    @Lisa: The pain feels like it’s going from the top straight through to the bottom. Now that I look at my foot, I have a red bruise that runs from my mid-foot to right under my ankle that’s about 2″ wide.
    Done a bit of research and it seems that I might have stretched the tendon that lives down there…. I’m 23 and falling apart!

  • Lisa

    Just wait until you are my age, Emily 😉
    A friend bruised his foot in a similar way during a trail race after what felt like a mild ankle roll. He iced it for a few days and it was fine.

  • Hari

    Regarding Tuesday’s WOD:
    All “hero” WOD’s look overwhelming, mostly because they are overwhelming.
    For the 2-4 people who can do this RX’d, the length of the Box is 25 meters, so down and back 3 times will do for the run. For the other 240 people, 150 meters on the rower (about 40 seconds) is a perfectly good sub. With 6 rowers and the vast majority of time being spend on the other exercises, there should be very little waiting. (And if you do wait briefly, you’ll probably be glad for a few extra seconds of rest.)
    If you don’t have regular pull-ups, chest-to-bar pull-ups aren’t going to happen. You should either do regular or band pull-ups as needed. If you use a band, try to pick a size that allows you to do at least the first 4-6 rounds of pull-ups unbroken.
    Adopt a similar strategy for scaling the front squats. You don’t want to be breaking up the 7 reps and re racking, at least not in the early rounds. By the end, you do what you can.
    Handstand pushups are another big challenge. If you can get into a handstand, then scale as needed by putting a target under your head that allows you to reduce the range of motion. I started with 2 45-lb plates and then kept reducing until I could do these head to ground. (It took me three years.) If you can’t get into a handstand yet, we’ll show you how to do these off of a box. Whatever you need, we’ll set you up.
    Getting through “hero” WOD’s are a big part of CrossFit. Don’t hide. Show up. We (our coaches and your fellow members) will get you through this.
    Good luck! Post your times and your thoughts to the comments.

  • Eric

    11 rounds plus 10 pushups and 2 KB swings (16kg)
    I think I could have gone heavier, but wanted to work on form with KBs. Remembered to activate lats which helped, too bad I remembered to do this halfway through the workout.
    “Witch” posture with KB better, need to stand up more.
    Pullups were a little better, I always forget to push away during a WOD.

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