Saturday Total!

Sat, Oct 16 @ 10am
Thur, Oct 21 @ 7pm
#158 Mon/Thur @ 8am, starts Oct 18 (3 slots left just 2 slots left!)
#159 Tue/Thur @ 5:30pm, starts Oct 19 (4 slots left 3 slots left)
#160 Mon/Thur @ 7am, starts Oct 25 (4 slots left)
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Saturday 101016
CrossFit Total
Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep
Post total to comments.
Compare to 100724.

Halloween party, Fri, Oct 29, 8:30pm-???
Visiting Coach C.J. Martin, Sat, Dec 11, 9-11am (23 slots left)
Jeff C. goes overhead at FGB5 (photo courtesy of Grace):
Breaking curveball an illusion, scientists say
Training with spinal injury blog
A red-hot sport leaves some with a sour taste
“[The men] do respect the fact that this gym has strong women.”–Rebecca Voight on Valley CrossFit’s amazing female contingent (free video download from CFJ)


  • From the CrossFit BrandX forums on CrossFit WODs, here’s some advice on how to approach the Total (along with the “rules” of doing the Total):
    There is a difference between doing the CrossFit Total as a WOD and exploring your limits and doing it in a competition. Today we are doing it as a WOD. The number one rule today is “Don’t be pig headed!” You need to be sound tomorrow to workout again. If you are interested in the CFT rules for competition I have included a link below.
    Everyone is a Big Dawg today. If you are unfamiliar with the lifts look at the following:
    Back squat:
    The best example of a good heavy back squat that I can find on vid is Nichole at the CF Games.
    Nichole is wearing red shorts and lifting more than the other ladies. Notice the low bar position. the depth of the squat and how she uses her hips to lift the weight.
    Shoulder Press:
    Here is a vid with Nichole pressing. Note this is a shoulder press not push press, any bend in the knees or flexion of the ankles is a fault and the lift doesn’t count:
    And some instruction from Rip:
    More instruction from Rip:
    If you are unfamiliar with these lifts buy Starting Strength. ( )
    If you are familiar with these lifts and do them all the time buy Starting Strength. ( )
    If you think these lifts are easy and you have nothing to learn about them, in fact you should probably be teaching them to other people buy Starting Strength ( ) Read it, carry it with you, read it again, buy a second copy read that one, and for $%#@ sake vid yourself, look at you form before messing with other people.
    CrossFit Total/ Rules
    In regards to WHAT TO WEAR when doing the Total, here’s my advice:
    1) Weightlifting shoes, or at the very least Chuck Taylors (NOT typical sneakers with thick, squishy bottoms). If you don’t own either of those options, believe it or not dress shoes or combat boots will better mimic the right type of support than typical sneakers can. Final option: just wear your socks. But whatever you do, NO SQUISHY SNEAKERS!
    2) A cotton t-shirt works best for the low-bar back squat. Avoid slippery man-made materials. You can even put chalk on your t-shirt where the bar will rest to help keep it in place.
    3) For the squat, shorts or pants that allow you to squat below parallel with no restrictions.
    4) For the deadlift, if wearing shorts, knee-high socks will protect your shins. If wearing pants, your shins will be just dandy.

  • Hari

    “How Middle Eastern Milk Drinkers Conquered Europe”,1518,723310,00.html

  • Marcos

    I’m down in Miami.
    Today-“Helen” (1 pood) 9:53
    Yesterday- Every minute on the minute, until caught by the clock perform: 3 burpees, 7 push ups, 15 squats. After being caught by the clock WOD becomes AMRAP.
    16 rounds
    For some reason the page would not allow me to post yesterday.

  • Emily

    lousy total…. that’s what I get for being over worked and under slept:
    opted out of heavy pressing.
    Back squat: 135-155(f)-155(f)
    Dead lift: 155-175-180
    Today was al mental. I wasn’t really focused on the lifts, so my back squats were not pretty. I need to slow down and focus a bit more when I’m going heavy.
    Yesterday: 7:18 @ 75# pretty much unbroken. one failed clean in the second set. put the bar down maybe 2 times in the last set. I’m happy with that because I usually do 65# in met cons.

  • Eric

    Back feeling a little weird, so opted out of today.
    10/15/10 WOD:
    6:14 using 105#
    Cleans felt good in 1st round, tolerable in 2nd and Godawful in 3rd. Grip failed.
    Got to brace abs and extend spine around it, while keeping chin tucked.

  • New total pr’s. Secret may be drinking beer and eating apple pie the night before heavy days.
    Back squat 225, 250, 260(pr)
    Press 110, 115, 120(pr)
    Deadlift 285, 310, 315(pr)
    Total 695.

  • elizabeth j

    hm, squats need a lot of work. so do my presses. but, thanks to deverell and chris for the critiques & (exceptional) advice.
    Back squat: 165, 170, 175(f)
    Press: 75, 85, 90(f)
    DL: 255, 265, 275(f)
    Total: 520

  • chadb


  • Simon P

    215, 225(pr), 225
    105, 115(pr), 125(f)
    245, 275, 305(pr)
    total: 645
    thank you Deverell!

  • Lindsay

    BS: 155, 175, 185(pr)
    SP: 75, 85f, 80(pr)
    DL: 205, 215, 225(pr), 230(f)
    Total = 490
    Thanks to Hari for pushing me on the deadlift.
    As a bonus I did 26 unbroken pull-ups – definitely a pr.
    Overall a great day at the box.