If you’re not resting, you’re squatting

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We’re about to launch our new website! Because we’ll be transferring all the archives to our new site, some comments and posting from the last few days make be lost in transit. Be sure to record your WOD scores in your own journal as well (which you should be doing already, right?). We’re excited about the arrival of our new site!
Thursday 101014
BLACK BOX WOD (current skill: back squat):
5 rounds for time of the following:
3 back squats at your 5-rep-max weight
10 ring rows
15 alternating 1-leg kettlebell deadlifts, (32kg men / 24 kg women)
Post time to comments.

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Pain and suffering (are not the same thing)
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Cathy’s beautiful SDLHP finish (photo courtesy of Emily):


  • dan def

    why crossfit ruined my life
    Tim B posted this on yesterdays page and it is worthy a repost on todays page.

  • Dan, I already linked that same article above (first link). : )
    Also, wanted to make sure everyone sees the info I posted above about our website and blog re-design. It’s going to make your online experience of CFNYC even better. Very exciting.

  • Brett_nyc

    yay cathy. you so rawk!

  • Emily

    Good link on “Pain vs. Suffering”. EVERYONE and I mean, everyone, should read this post. Many of us injure ourselves (myself inscluded) by not listening to our body. I am paying for it several months later because I did the same thing twice after the initial injury and consequently re-injured myself.
    For those of you newer to exercising and coming in with little to no body awareness, get to know what your body is capable of doing and not capable of doing. Pay a little bit more attention to yourself. Take your awareness out of your head and out to your limbs.
    And please, if it hurts, don’t do it.

  • Simon P

    Looking forward to the new site!

  • Hari

    Prediction: This will be be a Main Site Rest Day Article:

  • Simon P

    Silly premise. Capitalism has killed many more miners than it has saved, and if it wasn’t for regulation of the mining industry by governments, capitalism would have killed thousands more.

  • jenn

    I thought this was a crossfit blog… Did anyone actually do the WOD today? I wanted to check out what other people are scoring to see what I should aim for tonight but lately it seems that people are just ranting and raving on this site.
    If you’re going to rant and rave, can you at least put your time up too? Thanks a bunch!

  • Hari

    Mining kills miners. Miners in free societies fare better than others. Does anyone doubt that had this tragedy occurred in China or Venezuela, all would have died?
    The point of the article is not that capitalism is perfect; nor that capitalism makes mining perfectly safe; nor was it a criticism of governmental regulation.
    The article argues (in my opinion, persuasively) that but for capitalism, these miners would have died.

  • Simon P

    If capitalism saved those miners in Chile, then it most definitely killed the 29 miners in West Virginia, employees of Massey Energy, who out of greed, committed acts of gross negligence in failing to abide by safety regulations which directly resulted in the explosion that caused their deaths. That’s the last I’ll say on the matter so as to not further annoy Jenn (and I’m sure many others.)

  • jim h

    jenn – i did yesterday’s wod (wall ball and mu’s) today – lack luster effort in 10.42 rx.
    fish oil is back on sale, my favorite brand, … http://www.costco.com/Browse/Product.aspx?Prodid=11248464

  • Hari

    When a business fails to abide by safety (or any other) regulations, it is not capitalism that is at fault; it is the business that is at fault.
    Greed, negligence, and incompetence, are not synonyms for capitalism, any more than altruism, caring, or competence are synonyms for government action.

  • 14:58. 85# back squat & 35lb KB. Accidentally did 30 deadlifts in the first round.

  • Hari

    Regarding Friday’s WOD:
    One of the advantages of the whole fitness as “work capacity across a broad range of time and modal domains” concept is that occassionally the time domains are short. Take the opportunity to improve your hang power cleans; then scale this so it can be an all-out sprint.
    When you’re done, try to wrap your head around the fact that Speal did this in 2:48 with 135 lbs! To fully understand this, try doing the WOD with an empty bar or a PVC pipe as a cash out. See if you can beat 2:48.

  • jenn

    Just finished my first Elements Course as assistant-coach – what a great experience!
    Didn’t have time to do today’s WOD. Instead went for max overhead squat:
    65-75-80-85-95-105PR-110F – PR by 30#! Good day overall.

  • Eric

    Squat with 175#
    Ring rows at about 30 degrees
    KB 50lbs.
    Need to send knees out, depth was good but definitely not great form.

  • Rx, weight was 245#