The final sumo

Thur, Sept 30 @ 7pm
Sat, Oct 2 @ 10am

#155 Mon/Thur @ 7am, starts Oct 4
#156 Mon/Wed @ 6:30pm, starts Oct 4
#157 Mon/Wed @ 8:30pm, starts Oct 11
#158 Mon/Thur @ 8am, starts Oct 18

Tuesday 100928
BLACK BOX WOD (current skill: sumo deadlift high pull)
Sumo deadlift high pull, 5-5-5-5-5 reps
Post loads to comments.

IMPORTANT SCHEDULING NOTE: Effective Monday, October 4, Open Gym will start at 7:30 PM (thirty minutes later than the current start).
Black Box Events:
Oct 1: Rest Day Bowling–please RSVP
Oct 2: Visiting Coach OPT–5 slots
Janna turned in a great FGB performance and was also our top female fundraiser with $1000!
Sara (our top female athlete at FGB5) and Mike “Maniac” Mishik (who was also a high scorer) were all smiles on Saturday:
If you had been meaning to make a donation to one of the members of Team CFNYC for FGB5, it’s not too late. Click here to donate and if you already donated (and/or participated), thanks again for your support.
Thousands run in honor of 9/11 first responders (including CFNYC’s Adam L.!)
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Finding good food when you’re on the road
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“We are getting married in the gym”


  • Mike Mishik

    I’m a little surprised that open gym is being pushed back 30 minutes. I’ve seen that when classes are packed to the limit, open gym typically lessens the amount of people in a regular class. If anything I would’ve thought open gym would be made earlier for when there are 20+ in a 5:30/6:30 class and open gym area is not being used at all.
    Just a thought. I’m assuming there’s other logic to why it’s getting pushed back instead of earlier/staying the same and would be interested in hearing those reasons.

  • jenn

    I’m glad we’ve been able to do some SDHP skill-work, I think it really helped my FGB score. Thanks to Kevin for some good coaching in the mornings!

  • Jonathan P

    I thought it had to do with the offices’ main computers downstairs being underneath the back of the gym, and since the open gym tends to be mostly heavy lifters…

  • Steve S.

    Work up to:
    Snatch – 135×1
    Clean&Jerk – 180×1
    3 rounds:
    15 GHD Situps
    10 Back Extensions
    10 Hanging Leg Raise

  • Reda Charafeddine

    Sumo Dead lifts

  • Hari

    The 30-minute time shift on Open Gym is intended to enable us to run a maximum of two groups during our busiest evening hours. Currently, we are running up to three (WOD, Elements, Beginners, Open Gym) during certain peak hours.
    Once this change is fully in effect, we will be able to devote more floor space to the WOD’s and increase to two WOD instructors during the busy evening classes.
    The intent is to reduce crowding and improve coaching, while still preserving Open Gym hours.

  • b

    tonights running class will meet at the mall in central park at 630p

  • Mike Mishik

    30 c2b pull ups
    60 double unders
    20 c2b
    40 du’s
    10 c2b
    20 du’s

  • Hari

    Wednesday’s WOD:
    New “Hero” WOD’s are always rough. CrossFit has become the preferred fitness program within our elite military units. As a result, an extraordinary number of those who die in the line of duty are CrossFitters. Dave Castro explained last weekend that through his service as a Navy SEAL, he has been personally close to too many of the men these WOD’s have been named after.
    The good news is that today’s WOD is over in twenty minutes, one way or another. For many of you, the temptation will be to go RX’d at 115 lbs (75 for women). The weight seems reasonable enough. Don’t kid yourself. Remember how 75 lbs felt during FGB, or did you forget already?
    The best score among the Games competitors was 18 rounds plus. If you don’t get 9 rounds, you’ve probably gone to heavy. What’s the worst that can happen, if you scale? You end up with 20 Rounds? Not likely, but be sure to let us know if that happens.
    My advice on the push presses is to go RX’d only if you have a sub 7:00 RX’d “Fran.” If you’re not going RX’d on the push presses, then you would be wise to scale on the swings as well. You’re going to be very tired 15 minutes into this WOD, so if you’re not comfortable jumping 24 inches (20 inches for women) then use a lower box.
    You need to pay attention to three things on this WOD:
    (1) Your dip and drive on the push presses; no “muted hip function” Learn what that term means before you start the WOD. Use your legs on the push presses!
    (2) Use your hips on the swings. Don’t round your back. Don’t swing with your arms.
    (3) Full extension some time during the Box Jumps; land with your feet fully on the box. If you land with your feet half off, sooner or later you are going slip. (Ask Sara to show you what that looks like.)
    Post your time to comments. Good Luck!

  • Emily

    Active rest day today since I can’t make it in tomorrow.
    went to an hour spinning class at Chelsea Piers. remembering how much I love short, hard workouts. after 15 minutes i was whining that I still had another 45 to go, but when it was all said and done I kind of thought “that’s it???” ha!

  • Eric


  • Jai

    Made up the 10 rounds of 15 deadlifts, 15 pushups from yesterday. 73# bar. 25:50