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Friday 100924
BLACK BOX WOD (skill: sumo deadlift high pull)
5 rounds for time of the following:
5 sumo deadlift high pulls (men: 95# / women: 65#)
10 handstand push-ups
15 KB Swings (men: 24kg / women: 16kg)
Post time to comments.


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“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

I’m rather proud of how we’ve stayed in the Top 10 of all affiliates since the start of FGB5 season over 2 months ago. Let’s keep pushing to raise even more money for these worthy causes. We’ve surpassed the $21,000 mark but we can still do plenty more!
As a Team Captain who had already met the $150 minimum amount of fundraising to qualify for a t-shirt, I received my t-shirt early and will wear it proudly on Saturday. I have been tasked by the FGB5 organizers to encourage each member of Team CFNYC to work towards hitting that $150 minimum to qualify for a t-shirt. The shirt fits well and looks great and each of you who get one will be able to wear it proudly and reflect on the hard work you did to earn it. So if you aren’t at $150 yet, know that you have until October 1st to get there, so go get cracking and send some emails to your friends and family!



  • Hari

    Saturday, we will be making FGB the WOD, regardless of what is on the Main Site. In the even that the Main Site WOD is different, we will make up that WOD on Tuesday, the next scheduled Rest Day.
    Even if you are not registered for FGB, you should come in and do FGB. If you register on line, we can get you in and out in an hour. If you don’t register, we will work you through on a first-come-furst-serve basis as quickly as we can. Feel free to bring friends to watch.
    As an affilate, we have done an amazing job raising money for this worth cause. We are currently number 8 in the world out of nearly 2000 CrossFit affiliates, over 1500 of which are participating!

  • Adam

    Been out of town for a while…visited Windy City Crossfit in Chicago and Foundation Crossfit in Seattle.
    Anyways was just catching up on our site and had the urge to repost the best thing I saw:

    Honestly, this diet as religion stuff is getting silly. Listen to the videos of the top athletes at the CrossFit Games. Kristen Clever eats rice. Miko eats pasta. Speal eats what he wants, but eats “clean.” People drink chocolate milk after their WOD’s.
    Odds are if you’re spending 99% of your time obsessing about diet, you’re not spending enough time doing the WOD’s. And if you’re doing the WOD’s, you can afford to have lasagna once in a while.

    Thank you Hari

  • CAIN

    In case anyone missed it, here is a episode of MobilityWOD with Kelly Starrett that focuses on preparation for CFNYC’s featured movement of the month, the sumo deadlift high pull.
    No one wants to be “that guy” with the rolled forward shoulder during Fight Gone Bad.

  • Simon P

    Did another 90 min session of Bikram Yoga yesterday. I weighed myself before and after because I was curious to see how much water weight I was sweating out. I lost 2 kilos! That’s about 4.4 pounds. Nuts. That’s two liters of water! And I’m super sore all over. I recommend it highly if ever you’re away from the box and you don’t have a suitable gym at your disposal. The gyms I checked out here in Paris are either crazy expensive or crazy stinky. Sometimes both. So, it’s a fun break and an opportunity to do something diff√©rent. After all, as Crossfitters we’re supposed to avoid specialization right? Looking forward to getting back too though, I miss the box, the coaching, the peeps and the wods.

  • Brett_nyc

    Happy Birthday Laura!

  • Mike Mishik

    Black Box Wod
    10:36 rx’d…
    Whoever made up this wod…50 handstand push ups is one helluva number..nicely done

  • Mike K

    Happy Birthday Laura!

  • Jackie

    Just to make sure I’m clear about tomorrow’s schedule – If I’m not participating in Fight Gone Bad, can I still come in for a WOD in the afternoon, once the event is complete? Or is the only thing happening at the Box tomorrow the Fight Gone Bad fundraiser event?

  • Sara

    Happy bday BAUER!

  • Avery

    Happy Birthday Laura!
    (Don’t think you’ve gotten out of your birthday wod – next time I see you…)

  • Hari

    Jackie et al,
    The Main Site WOD tomorrow is FGB.
    People can show up at the start of any hour from 9:00 to 3:00, although 11:00 and 3:00 will likely be “rush hours.”
    It doesn’t matter whether your doing this as part of the fundraiser or simple doing it as the Main Site WOD, just show up and we’ll take care of you, including reviewing all the movements.
    There should be enough coaches and enough equipment to handle whatever happens. We expect that almost everyone will be able to get through in an hour, though most people will want to take their time and linger and cheer.