Get under the bar

Thursday 100923

Shoulder Press 3-3-3-3-3-3-3

Post loads to comments.

Compare to 100303.

COMMENTARY on today’s workout from Hari:
This is about as calm as it gets. You can get through this WOD literally without sweating, something that doesn’t happen very often. Enjoy it. Today is a day to get coached; to learn to use your whole body to do what seems doable with just your arms; to learn the advantage of using your body instead of a machine; to understand more about CrossFit; and to set a PR.

Do YOU need to deadlift?
Bacterial bonanza: Microbes keep us alive
Gluten: It’s bad news
Walking meditation
Gardening or gathering?
Black out
Why does good coaching cost so much?

Big shout-outs to our latest participants in FGB5 on Saturday: Jeff C. and Laura O.. It’s not too late to sign up to participate (or to donate!).

Chadron, who is doing FGB5 with us on Saturday, practicing stone-shouldering at Jacinto’s place:


  • Craig_Cinci

    I wanted to make sure everyone saw this from yesterday…
    To the jackwagon that puked in the bathroom –
    What is your problem? I appreciate that CrossFit is intense and sometimes vomit inducing. Our mascot is a puking clown. However, make it into one of the trash bins or toilets. If you miss, clean it up.
    The trainers and owners are not there to clean up for you being a slob. It is also inconsiderate to the other members of the gym. I no longer live in a fraternity house and shouldn’t need to step around or need to smell puke when I go to the bathroom.
    Puke all you want just clean it up so the rest of us don’t have to suffer.
    If you have an issue with my post or attitude, I train at open gym most nights at 7pm. I’m the asshole that always gets on people about form and Carlos for never wearing shirt. You can come back and explain to me why you were unable to clean up after yourself.

  • Kate J

    Re: Microbes – While hiking in Peru in ’08 and got a bug from bad water. Except, it wasn’t a normal ‘in South America and drank the water’ bug. I couldn’t eat anything without severe abdominal cramps for 6 weeks! When I got back to NY, I saw a specialist who said I just needed to replace the microbes in my stomach because they had been wiped out by the bug. Two days of eating yogurt with a tiny packet of microbes and I was totally fine. Also learned an important tip – if you travel to a foreign land, eat the yogurt of that country to get their microbes in your gut!
    Maybe Pukie Bartokomous should try yogurt?

  • jenn

    Made up yesterday’s WOD:
    25 walking lunges
    20 pull-ups
    50 box jumps, 20″
    20 double-unders
    25 ring-dips (purple band)
    20 knees-to-elbows
    30 kettlebell swings, 1 pood
    30 situps
    20 hang squat cleans, 25#
    25 back extensions
    30 wall balls, 14#
    15 jumping rope pull-ups
    lenny, you should really be more considerate when you puke in the bathroom, you’re obviously pissing craig off.

  • Reda Charafeddine


  • Isaac

    I think I went too heavy too fast.
    140lb (1)
    140lb (2)
    135lb (2)
    115lb (4)

  • Hari

    We have an incident like this maybe once every year or two. We once had a guy claim that he didn’t realize it was unacceptable to spit on the floor. After he was publicly called out, he disappeared.
    Anyone can register for Elements, but not anyone can be a member of the CrossFit community. The self-selection process is usually pretty short, but in this case, it has no doubt been dramatically accelerated.

  • Court

    Repost from yesterday:
    I will also second Craig’s thoughts, if not delivery. We are a community gym and it’s important we clean up after ourselves, especially if we pushed ourselves “to that place”.
    If that place involves getting sick in pursuit of a PR, fine, but it’s your responsibility to clean up the aftermath.

  • Adam M

    Did you have your shirt off while you were puking in the bathroom and subsequently not cleaning it up? Because that would be the double whammy.
    Also I dispute the claim that Craig is the only asshole who frequents Open Gym.

  • @craig lol. wanna see a duel or something. would be fun. “crossfit duel: craig vs. pukie bro.” would pay for that, i think.
    briefly found myself wishing rhabdo upon pukie bro. then felt bad, took it back.
    won’t be in today. do some shoulder presses for me everyone.

  • Matt U.

    125# — heaviest 3 rep max
    135# — new PR for 1 rep max

  • Jai

    I thought Hans Slobo was the puker. Who else would draw a smiley face in it afterward?

  • Stephanie

    for those of you who work out with them in the morning, if you didn’t hear the good news: brian & shayna got engaged! a few of us are going out for celebratory drinks (or if you prefer to refer to them as FGB recovery refreshments, that’s fine too) on Saturday…the Gingerman at 7.

  • Jai

    48#x2, f (push press on third)
    48×2, almost failed the second

  • Eric

    Need to work on press in a big way.