Hope you’re feeling chipper today

Wednesday 100922

For time:
25 Walking lunge steps
20 Pull-ups
50 Box jumps, 20 inch box
20 Double-unders
25 Ring dips
20 Knees to elbows
30 Kettlebell swings, 2 pood
30 Sit-ups
20 Hang squat cleans, 35 pound dumbells
25 Back extensions
30 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
3 Rope climb ascents

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Compare to 080208.

COMMENTARY on today’s workout from Hari:
Today’s WOD looks like it will be a brutal mess, but actually, “chippers” (a sequence of 8 to 12 different exercises) are among the most straightforward to run through, and done right leave everyone with plenty of time and space.
The instructors will usually start 2-4 people every few minutes. Ideally, the fastest people go first, thereby minimizing the chances of people running into each other and allowing everyone to use the equipment. In all likelihood, your only problem should be actually getting through the exercises. (Commentary continues in the first comment, below.)


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Thanks to Isaac, Chad, and Chadron for being the latest to sign up for FGB5 at CFNYC! See everyone on Saturday!
He’s #1: Evan‘s raised the most money of all our FGBers and stands at $2035 currently. Congrats, Evan!


  • Hari

    Today’s WOD looks like it will be a brutal mess, but actually, “chippers” (a sequence of 8 to 12 different exercises) are among the most straightforward to run through, and done right leave everyone with plenty of time and space.
    The instructors will usually start 2 -4 people every few minutes. Ideally, the fastest people go first, thereby minimizing the chances of people running into each other and allowing everyone to use the equipment. In all likelihood, your only problem should be actually getting through the exercises.
    The first step is to show up. Don’t hide from this WOD. You need to get good at all of these exercises, so tomorrow is a great day to get started.
    Walking lunges are straight forward, and 25 is a very reasonable number. (There is a WOD with 400 meters of walking lunges, so 25 is nothing.)
    20 Pull-ups is a warm-up. Frankly, tomorrow might be a good day to reduce your band size, if you’re using one. If you’ve got pull-ups, try doing these in the smallest number of sets possible.
    50 Box jumps is work, but the height is only 20 inches. If 20 inches seems high, we have a four-inch platform that you can jump from making the distance 16 inches.
    If you’ve got double unders, 20 is nothing. If you don’t have double unders, the problem is not going to solve itself. For years, I subbed double under attempts (counting failed attempts as a reps). It’s a reasonable sub, except when it comes up in competition.
    Had I done two simple things, I would have had a reasonable shot of making it to the Masters at the 2010 CrossFit Games: One was getting good enough to do 50 double unders in a minute; and the other was to start getting coached on the Oly lifts with Kevin P six months before the Regionals. I won’t be making either of those mistakes in 2011, though I’m sure I’ll make others.
    Ring dips are a skill that too many people (especially women) undervalue. My favorite example was a woman who was obsessed with getting a muscle-up. She would spend half the evening pulling at the rings. One day while Josh was watching her, he asked her how many ring dips she could do. Her answer: none. Josh actually had to explain to her that if she couldn’t do a ring dip, the problem wasn’t going to magically disappear if and when she managed to pull herself above the rings.
    Knees to elbows are worth getting good at. (In the “Filthy Fifty” chipper you need to do 50). The best thing to remember about knees to elbows is that the name literally describes the exercise. It’s not knees in the vicinity of the elbows. Of course, if you can’t get your knees to your elbows, there are plenty of subs. Your instructor will go over them.
    You’ve all seen kettlebell swings. 2 pood is very heavy (2 pood = 32 Kg = 70 lbs). The RX’d women’s weight is 1.5 pood = 24 kg = 53 lbs. If you haven’t swung this kind of weight before, tomorrow is probably not a good time to start. Scale!
    Since you will probably be doing staggered starts, everyone should be able to get at a GHD. If you did “Michael” on Monday, you did 150 sit-ups and 150 back extensions, so 20 and 25 are nothing.
    The hang squat cleans are a bit of a technical challenge, particularly when you’re fatigued. Pay attention to your form, as best you can. Your instructor will spend time explaining this movement before you start. You’ve done wall ball cleans in Elements. You can do these.
    Wall balls are good practice for Fight Gone Bad on Saturday. (You are doing FGB on Saturday, rights?) We’re going to raise over $20,000 and be among the top 10 affiliates in the world. Show up on Saturday. It will be a good day to get to meet people.
    We’re unable to do rope climbs at Black Box. (The ceilings are too low.) We fantasize that our next space will have ropes. The official sub is towel pull-ups (hang a dish towel over the bar and pull like you’re holding a rope). Typically its 15 towel pull-ups per rope climb, 45 total. You’ll be pretty tired by then. It’s fine to sub jumping towel pull-ups. We’ve had people sub around 600 jumping towel pull-ups during “Tommy V.” Bring an old dish towel.
    Tomorrow is a real CrossFit WOD. Show up and do it.

  • Simon P

    I did 90 minutes of Bikram Yoga yesterday for the first time. Holy. Hell. That was hard. I was thinking that Bikram Crossfit might be an extremely horrible mashup of the two.

  • Shayna

    Subbed DU for squats
    KB: 1 pood
    Hang squat cleans: #25 DB
    WB: 14#
    Subbed Rope Climb for 9 ring pull up’s.

  • Pretty interesting

  • Steve S.

    Clean & Jerk – 165#x1x3
    Snatch – 118#x1x3
    Clean pulls from 2″ riser – 185#x3x3
    Back Squat (high bar) – 215#x2x3; follow each set with 2 36″ box jumps

  • I just sent this info out as an email to those of you who are signed up to do FGB5 this Saturday but I want to post it here, too, just in case the email address I have for someone is incorrect.
    Here’s how we’re planning to proceed on Saturday:
    We’re doing hour-long time slots for Fight Gone Bad 5. We ask that you stay for the whole hour (if at all possible) and both do the workout with a fellow FGBer who will count your reps and encourage you, then switch roles and do the same for him or her. (Don’t worry, you don’t need to figure out who that partner will be, just show up for the time slot you choose and everyone in that time slot will pair off on the day of.)
    There are no more than 20 slots per hour (the hours being 9-10am, 10-11am, 11am-noon, noon-1pm, or 1pm-2pm) and I will be assigning people to their time slots on a first-come, first-served basis. You must email me your response (allisonATcrossfitnycDOTcom).
    Please email it in the following manner: make the subject line state the hour you want to participate. So your email subject line should read “9am” or “10am” or “11am,” “noon,” or “1pm”.
    If you have questions or further issues, just put that in the email body itself after listing which time slot you want in the subject line. No questions/problems? Then the email will simply have the hour stated in the subject line. (I appreciate you following this structure to help me manage the MANY emails I’ll be getting back from everyone!)
    I will email you back to confirm your time slot.
    If more people want a time slot that I have availability, I’ll ask you to choose a different hour, instead. Like I said, first-come, first-served. Thanks, everyone!

  • Steve S.

    Will there be any open gym hours (or even open space) on Saturday? In particular, are there any times where members can come in to use the lifting platforms?

  • Stephanie

    a little shout out to kirk from the endurance mainsite today. we miss you kirk!

  • Emily

    19:21 with several modifications:
    pull-ups w/blue band
    ring dips w/thin red band
    V-ups for K2E
    KB swings 16kg to eye level. could have gone heavier
    cleans w/8kg kb
    front squats w/11# bar for wall ball
    30 ring rows on one ring for rope climbs

  • Lisa

    21:03 modified as follows:
    pullups – most done with black string.
    ring dips – blue band
    KB swings – 16 kg
    cleans – half with 10# dumbells, half with 8kg KB’s
    wall ball – 10#
    30 ring pullups subbed for rope climbs
    Thanks to Sara for organizing this so well, managing 15 people in two heats!

  • 13:46 RX

  • Craig_Cinci

    To the jackwagon that puked in the bathroom –
    What is your problem? I appreciate that CrossFit is intense and sometimes vomit inducing. Our mascot is a puking clown. However, make it into one of the trash bins or toilets. If you miss, clean it up.
    The trainers and owners are not there to clean up for you being a slob. It is also inconsiderate to the other members of the gym. I no longer live in a fraternity house and shouldn’t need to step around or need to smell puke when I go to the bathroom.
    Puke all you want just clean it up so the rest of us don’t have to suffer.
    If you have an issue with my post or attitude, I train at open gym most nights at 7pm. I’m the asshole that always gets on people about form and Carlos for never wearing shirt. You can come back and explain to me why you were unable to clean up after yourself.

  • Court

    I will also second Craig’s thoughts, if not delivery. We are a community gym and it’s important we clean up after ourselves, especially if we pushed ourselves “to that place”.
    If that place involves getting sick in pursuit of a PR, fine, but it’s your responsibility to clean up the aftermath.

  • Steve-O

    Didn’t have time to get to the Box today so did a WOD in Astoria Park with a buddy.
    100m burpee broad jump
    800m run
    100m burpee broad jump
    800m run
    forgot to bring a timer but we finished sub 30.

  • Eric

    28:47 rxed. Good to work these movements, spent a LOT of time on ring dips, more than the other exercises.
    25 Walking lunge steps-easy
    20 Pull-ups-better, but kip still sucks
    50 Box jumps, 20 inch box-hard work but not too taxing at all
    20 Double-unders-I can do these much better than before
    25 Ring dips-AWFUL
    20 Knees to elbows-OK, can hang on the bar longer, but need to cycle these better.
    30 Kettlebell swings, 2 pood HEAVY, not good form, but good 1st effort.
    30 Sit-ups-OK
    20 Hang squat cleans, 35 pound dumbells-not as bad as I had thought, and not as bad as “Helton”
    25 Back extensions-easy, flew through these
    30 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball-miserable…
    3 Rope climb ascents-subbed 45 jumping pullups
    Good to do these, learned what I really need to work on, upper body strength…

  • Jai

    I think I did pretty well with this WOD. Chippers in the past have taken me over 40 minutes. This one took me a little over 22 minutes. Huzzah!
    My subs:
    Pull ups… unassisted! But not unbroken.
    Double unders… didn’t sub tuck jumps! Did need to follow a single-double pattern, but this is the first time I’ve done double unders in a WOD in a reasonable amount of time.
    Ring dips with purple string. I really need to work on these, could only do two or three at a time.
    Kettlebell swings: 35#
    Sit-ups unanchored but not froggy
    Hang squat cleans, 10 pound dumbells
    Wall balls: 10#
    30 jumping pull ups