The Big Dawgs show us how it’s done.

Hey guys!

It’s time to sign up for CrossFit NYC’s next Rest Day Event–Friday, October 1.

Last month we ate bone marrow, this month we’re taking over the lanes at LeisureTime Bowl!

Friday, October 1
9:00 p.m. to 11 p.m.
$25 include two hours of bowling, shoe rental and a beer. Plus you can order any food or appetizers at the lanes!

RESERVATIONS REQUIRED by THIS FRIDAY (Sept 24) to reserve the lanes.
Click here to make your reservation!
See you next Friday.

* * * * *

Tuesday 100921
Three rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
50 Back Extensions
50 Sit-ups
Post time to comments.
Compare to 091025.

1st annual NYC barefoot run
So you say you want a food revolution
Runners learn to realize their training limits
Broiled bacon-fat-smeared broccolini
So you wanna be a chef
Let’s go food shopping

We’ve got some new folks at the top of our list of fundraisers for Team CFNYC’s Fight Gone Bad 5, which happens this Saturday. Let’s give them props in the comments, everybody! (And don’t be afraid to click on one of their names and donate, if you’re a fan of this blog or just want to help!)

Here’s Bill, who’s going for 300 points. He loves mud, hates cancer, and has already raised $1450!

Matt U. is currently holding down 3rd place on Team CFNYC with $1435!

You might remember Steve from one of his many silly handstands but he’s taking FGB5 very seriously: he’s already raised $993!


  • Scaling options, courtesy of Brand X:
    Big Dawgs:
    As Rx’d
    Three rounds for time of:
    Run 800 meters
    35 Back Extensions
    35 Sit-ups
    Three rounds for time of:
    Run 600 meters
    15 Back Extensions
    25 Sit-ups
    Three rounds for time of:
    Run 400 meters
    10 Back Extensions
    20 Sit-ups

  • dan def

    Today, Tuesday September 21st, is World Alzheimer’s Day ‚Äìa day when Alzheimer’s Association world wide raise awareness about Alzheimer’s. 35 million people worldwide are affected by Alzheimer’s and related dementias. Dementia costs the world $604 billion a year – 1% of the global GDP – according to new statistics released today. World Alzheimer’s Day focuses on the need for more awareness, support and research.
    If you all could please cut and paste the above to your facebook status updates or email the above to your contact list, I would be very grateful. Thank you.

  • Shayna

    160 Walking Lunges then
    3 rounds of:
    100 Squats
    50 GHDS
    15 KB Swings
    15 Pushups
    Ended with 60 Walking Lunges

  • Kate

    I definitely consider myself to be a buttercup, but I scaled to an older pup (by accident)! 3 rounds of 800m run, 30 back extensions and 30 sit ups in 33:32 and I only cried twice. (Three times if you count the one in the shower.)
    I WIN!

  • Steve S.

    Hang power snatch + hang snatch – 90×3; 95×3; 100×3
    Jerk – 135x3x5

  • Hari

    Crying in CrossFit is acceptable and respectable. If you’re working hard enough to cry, you’ve made a transition bigger than your first pull-up or muscle-up. Welcome!

  • Jenny A

    26:17, anchored feet for situps (not sure if that counts as Rx)

  • Hari

    Jenny A,
    Anchored is RX’d. When there is no specific type of sutup specified, you have the option.

  • Hari

    Note that the above does not constitute a general rule.
    “Clean” means “Squat Clean” (as opposed to “Power Clean” or “Hang Power Clean”) except when used in the term “Clean and Jerk,” which CrossFit basically translates to “Ground to Overhead by Any Means Necessary”

  • CAIN

    sub 800m row

  • isaac


  • Mike Mishik

    21:30 rx’d ahhh the running in NYC, what else beats it

  • Eric

    need to get better shoes, couldn’t keep weight off heels in running.

  • Eric

    Need to get better shoes, couldn;t keep weight off heels..

  • Emily

    24:24 Rx
    first round did back ex’s on GHD, then switched to the ground.

  • Jai

    Michael Overboard:
    3 rounds:
    1k row
    50 GHDs
    50 sit ups
    Lost a minute or so waiting for the GHD the first round (my fault, obviously, since I could have subbed but didn’t want to). 30:47

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