Dead Heavy

Thursday 100916

BLACK BOX WOD (skill: the deadlift)
Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1-1
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Can exercise make kids smarter?
When you try to fit a mold, don’t you lose pieces of yourself?


  • I highly recommend that you sign up for the Dave Castro Seminar if you haven’t don’t so already. It will be a great opportunity to get real answers on the science behind the WOD programming that is posted on the HQ site. After hearing the numerous comments from our athletes about “Seven” this past Saturday, I’m sure many would like to know why it was programmed the way it was. Why were Thrusters rx’d again on the following WOD, etc? Take advantage of the opportunity if you can.

  • Steve S.

    Jerk – 150#x2x2; 160#x2x2
    Snatch Push Press – 110#x5; 120#x5; 130x5x2
    3 rounds:
    15 dumbell row/arm
    15 push-ups w/feet elevated

  • From the CrossFit Brand X forums, scaling info about this WOD along with info about the deadlift:
    “I wish I knew how you could overstate the value of the deadlift.”
    –Greg Glassman
    Here are some vids everybody should watch regarding the deadlift whether you are familiar with the lift or not:
    If you are familiar with this lift then you are a Big Dawg today:
    Big Dawgs:
    as Rx’d
    Everybody else, if you are unfamiliar with the lift watch the videos above and the use the time today to practice this lift with a piece of PVC pipe or a light barbell.
    A wise investment is the book Starting Strength 2nd edition by Mark Rippetoe. If you don’t have a coach this book will help you understand the lifts. If you do have a coach it will point out how little he/she knows.
    Here is a link to the book:
    Let me also add that I found this video useful:
    Common Deadlift Mistakes:

  • Hari

    I second Deverell’s comment. If you really have an interest in CrossFit, meeting with Dave Castro is a great opportunity. We’re down to only 5 or 6 seats out of 80.
    (By the way, Dave Castro has a 400-plus dead lift and a 125-plus weighted pull-up. Castro CrossFits.)
    Similarly, I think missing the OPT seminar is a big mistake. To give you an idea why I feel this way, see the link below. In the comments, OPT forces me to completely rethink my position. (Those of you have been around a while, know this is not something that happens every day.)
    OPT understands CrossFit not only as a coach, but also as an elite athlete.

  • Good news and bad news: there are only 3 slots left for noon on Sunday with Dave, but I have been able to open up a couple of slots for the 10am seminar.
    So if you want to take part, I’d suggest signing up now while you still can.
    I want to second Deverell’s comment above about how great an opportunity this is on Saturday to meet’s co-director of programming. We’re one of only a small minority of crossfit facilities that follow mainsite programming exclusively. The vast majority of CF boxes program their own WODs. This fact alone makes it all the more fun and informative to get to talk to Dave Castro directly.
    If you haven’t watched and read the Dave Castro links I posted yesterday, please do:
    If Saturday is a Rest Day for you and you don’t want to do the accompanying WOD, just come for the lecture/Q&A It will be well worth it.
    I find that the athletes who make the most progress within CrossFit (and have the most fun doing it) are the ones who avail themselves of all the resources at their disposal: the daily blog links, relevant books, CF Journal, paleo/nutrition resources, etc. Think of this seminar as a great resource that will only be available on Saturday.
    See you guys and gals there!