They call her “Fat Fran”

Thur, Sept 16 @ 7pm
Sat, Sept 18 @ 9am

#152 Mon/Wed @ 8pm, starts Sept 20 (3 slots left only 1 slot left!)
#153 Mon/Thur @ 6am, starts Sept 27 (4 slots left)
#154 Tue/Thur @ 8pm, starts Sept 28 (4 slots left 3 slots left)
#155 Mon/Thur @ 7am, starts Oct 4
#156 Mon/Wed/Fri @ 7pm, starts Oct 4

Monday 100913
Three rounds, 15-12-and 9 reps, for time of:
135 pound barbell Thrusters
45 pound weighted Pull-ups
For weighted pull-ups, placing a 45 pound dumbbell between the legs above crossed ankles works great.
Post time to comments.
Compare to 070913.

Black Box Events:
Sept 18: Visiting Coach Dave Castro–9 slots
Sept 25: Fight Gone Bad 5, the fundraiser–join Team CrossFit NYC! (or donate!)
Oct 1: Rest Day Dinner
Oct 2: Visiting Coach OPT–6 slots
Don’t train like a guy?
Contraindicated exercises vs. contraindicated lifters
How to cook the perfect steak
“The bottom line is that all machines create irrelevant strength.”
Loren Cordain’s paleo sea-change
A letter from Afghanistan
Thanks to Max R. for being the latest to join Team CFNYC for FGB5! He just one of many gym members who are keeping us in the Top 10 of all affiliates participating worldwide. We’ve now crossed the $11,000 mark and we’re going strong. There’s still time to join in the Fight–sign up now!
Andrea jumps for joy at the thought of a Fight Gone Bad–how about you?
8:30 AM – 9:30 AM WOD
10:00 AM- 11:00 AM Dave Castro Seminar (for those already registered)
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Seminar WOD (for those already registered)
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM Dave Castro Seminar (for those already registered plus 9 slots available)
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM Seminar WOD (for those already registered plus 9 slots available)
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM WOD
3:00 PM – 4:00 PM WOD


  • Scaling options, courtesy of Brand X:
    Big Dawgs:
    As Rx’d
    95# Thrusters
    30# Pull ups
    Pack: (Those of you who normally do not do Fran with 95#‘s)
    Three rounds, 15-12-and 9 reps, for time of:
    95 pound barbell Thrusters
    30 pound weighted Pull-ups
    65# Thrusters
    15# Pull ups
    Three rounds, 15-12-and 9 reps, for time of:
    35-45# Thrusters
    Pull ups or beginner pull ups
    Three rounds, 15-12-and 9 reps, for time of:
    15-25# Thrusters
    Beginner or assisted pull ups

  • 16 mins AMRAP:
    8 chest-to-bar Pullups
    8 deadlifts @155#
    8 lateral burpees
    6 rounds + 5 burpees

  • Stephanie

    CFE WOD:
    16 mins AMRAP:
    8 chest-to-bar Pullups (scaled: red+blue band)
    8 deadlifts @105# (RX)
    8 lateral burpees
    5 rounds + 2 pullups
    + 3 mins hollow rocks

  • Steve S.

    Snatch 115# 1×3
    Clean & Jerk 155# 1×3
    Snatch pulls 155# 3×3
    Snatch Deadlift 165# 3×3
    Front Squats 180# 3×5; follow each set with 3 box jumps, 33′ box.

  • jenn

    made up Diane:
    12:38 (155#, handstand push-up negatives)

  • jim

    no takers for fat fran in the am?!

  • john

    I did some serious damage to my back in yesterday’s WOD. My deadlift form has always been shit but yesterday was literally the straw that broke the camels back. I was dead lifting relatively light (135#) and on my last rep, POP, major back spasm.
    I could barely walk at all yesterday and today my torso is visibly crooked. My whole upper body is in a locked “s” shape and I cannot seam to snap out of it. One top of this I am going to Australia on Wed for a two month journey with heavy backpacks and a whole lot of hiking. At this point I’m not sure how I’m going to walk down the stairs of my apartment much less do any hiking.
    I have an appointment with a sport medicine doctor today but was wondering if anyone had a similar situation in the past and could share any advice or maybe stories on a speedy recover? Im praying i feel a whole lot better by wed.

  • Jenny A

    Heavy Fran
    53# thrusters, thin purple band for pullups

  • michele

    john –
    i sound like a broken record, but chiropractic.
    i would see someone before you leave, and if possible, try and track down someone you can see once you get off the plane.

  • Laura

    I threw out my back coughing a few months ago and couldn’t walk. Go to the chiropractor asap. Do a lot of stretching and get a massage.

  • Paul B.

    15:40 95# thrusters, 20# medball PUs

  • Avery

    About two years ago I seriously strained my lower back doing heavy deadlifts for time in a WOD. But the kicker is that it didn’t really flare up until a few days later during a relatively easy workout when I too had a back spasm and couldn’t move.
    That’s generally why I don’t do them anymore or SCALE even though my 1RM deadlift is relatively high. I have tight old hamstrings and hips and a weak sauce pulling position when I am fatigued, so lesson learned the hard way. Some people seem to be able to pull from a compromised position and recover from it, but I tend to re-injure myself which keeps me from working out. Not good. That’s why in classes coaches are always harping on form and scaling – doing some of these movements for time with the rx’d volume just gets crazy.
    I had a great PT that helped me out and know several others that are CF friendly I could recommend if you are looking for one in NYC – let me know (averex at Otherwise, like Michele already said find someone when you get off the plane if possible to help you out.
    My rehab involved rest (UGH), strengthening exercises and diligent mobility/stretching work. It put me out of commission for a few months – hope that this is just a tweak and nothing else for you. I would recommend rest, ice multiple times a day, and light stretching if you can tolerate it – anything that focuses on your hamstrings and hips but does not cause pain. You can also check out for stretching ideas if you need some.
    Good luck with your flight and trip to Australia! Keep us updated on your progress.

  • Lisa

    Heavy Fran:
    09:33 with 53#, purple string with some unassisted kipping pullups.
    John, I do hope you can recover quickly and this is just a warning. Two months backpacking in Australia sounds amazing and I hope you will be pain-free there.

  • Jeff

    ice massage
    Using a face cloth, grab an ice cube and rub it across your injured area until it melts. Keep the ice moving so that it doesn’t damage your skin. Do this for ~5 minutes (1 or 2 ice cubes) several times a day.
    Do this now. And then do it a few more times before the end of the day. Repeat tomorrow.

  • Jai

    Heavy Fran
    43#, unassisted pull ups
    Think I’ll be doing regular Fran unassisted from now on. I’ll be slower but I think it’s time. Woot!
    Good luck with your back, John!

  • Jai

    Almost forgot: Old Navy is having a sale on sporty clothing. Most of it is 2-for-1, meaning that us ladies can get 2 sports bras for $15. They’re cute and quite a deal. Ditto for yoga pants and whatnot. The tank tops I’m always wearing at the gym at $5 right now ($3 if they’re striped). The sale ends on 9/19, and there’s an Old Navy around 21st and 6th Ave, near the box. And the big one at 34th.
    OK, I’m done advertising. I just couldn’t resist sharing my passion for cheap clothes. Now you know. Why spend money on something you plan to sweat in?

  • Elizabeth J

    !4:27 with 75# and no weight on the push ups.

  • er, that’s 14:27 and pull ups.

  • Drake

    115# thrusters.
    Weighted vest of 30# but last nine pullups were unweighted.

  • Emily

    right arm thrusters @ 30#
    strict ring rows (leading from the shoulders, not hips. keeping a solid plank position. concentrating on pinching my scapula during each pull).
    I feel weak…

  • Eric

    Miserable, hated this Fran and her fat #$%
    105# thrusters (which felt OK actually) but died on weighted pullups…25# turned to 15#, then the last 5 were kipped unweighted.

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