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Sunday 100822

400 meter Walking lunge

Post time and number of steps to comments.

Compare to 091125.

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Stephanie, member of CFNYC as well as NYC Endurance devotee, looking good at her Long Branch Sprint Triathlon. (Photo courtesy of NYC Endurance’s Flickr photostream):


  • Scaling options for today’s workout, courtesy of the CrossFit BrandX forums:
    This is going to be one of those that just messes you up. Just a warning. ; )
    Big Dawgs:
    as Rx’d
    250 M Walking Lunges
    150 M Walking Lunges
    75 M Walking Lunges
    I measured out the distance like this: each gym mat is 6 feet long. The distance of the gym is 12 mats, which is 72 feet. After converting feet to meters, I calculated that you need to complete 9 “laps” (i.e., down and back is one “lap”) plus another 2 1/2 mats to complete 400m.
    Lastly, some times to compare to: Kristan Clever 8:35, 382 steps, Kim Malz 9:15, Graham Holmberg 10:24, Rebecca Voigt 10:36, 376 steps, Bonnie Weinberger 13:09, Katie Hogan 14:31.
    Remember that you want to scale load and/or volume as necessary so that you don’t end up massively scaling intensity by going super-slow. Use this time range to get a sense of how fast you can/should go, depending on distance (since the load is not scalable for this particular WOD).

  • cf4life

    What are the upcoming rest day skills work WODs?

  • Derrick


  • Lindsay

    14:03, 345 steps

  • Hari

    The upcoming Rest Day WOD’s were listed in this week’s newsletter (sent out on Wednesday). If you’re not getting these (we’ve sent four already), odds are its going in your spam folder. Check there first, and then with the Front Desk.
    Monday, August 23: 5×5 Snatch
    Friday, August 27: 21-15-9 95#/65# Snatch and V-ups
    Tuesday, August 31: 7×1 Snatch
    Saturday, September 4: “Isabel”

  • MC

    Newsletter? Are we automatically signed up via current membership?

  • Jay Goebel

    10:26, 359 steps

  • Hari

    Yes. If you are a member, you should ve receiving a weekly newsletter. If you’re not receiving it, check with the Front Desk, or send an email to Sara at CrossFitNYC dot com

  • Matt U.

    17:40 — ouch