1 part work, 2 parts rest

Thurs, Aug 19 @ 8am
Thurs, Aug 19 @ 7pm
Sat, Aug 21 @ 10am

#146 Tue/Thur @ 8pm, starts TONIGHT — SOLD OUT
#147 Mon/Wed @ 8pm, starts Aug 23 (4 slots left)
#148 Mon/Thur @ 6am, starts Tues., Sept 7 (4 slots left)
#149 Tue/Thur @ 8pm, starts Sept 7

* * * * *
Dave Castro, Sep 18 @ 10am (with optional WOD @ 11am)–3 slots
Dave Castro, Sep 18 @ noon (with optional WOD @ 1pm)–24 slots

James “OPT” FitzGerald, Oct 2 @ 8am–7 slots
Tuesday 100817
15 rounds for distance of:
Sprint 20 seconds
Rest 40 seconds
Start each round at previous round’s end point.
Post distance to comments.

NOTE: There is no 5:30pm WOD class today due to the fact that today’s WOD is a run-only WOD.
Effective this Sunday, August 22:
New Sunday 10:00 AM WOD Class (WOD classes @ 10:00 AM, 11:00 AM , noon, 1:00 PM). Please note that the Sunday beginners’ class has been eliminated.
The 10am class will be the first class of the morning on Sundays, eliminating Sunday 9:00 AM WOD class.
* * * * *
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Jai is getting stronger for her participation in FGB5 by working on her weighted pull-ups (or perhaps she’s just making a fashion statement?):
September 3rd will be our next Friday Rest Day Dinner–RSVP here
Baby Step #3: Get rid of the bad stuff and snack well!
Red menace
Indian pole gymnastics
Smart chalk use…or when to avoid looking like a powdered donut
Bacon grease: the fountain of youth?
You are how you move–who do you want to be?


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  • Derrick

    On treadmill @ 11.1mph and 2 incline = .925 miles Should have pushed the speed more. oh, and to my surprise, i look over in another part of the gym, and i notice they are constructing a crossfit affiliate workout area. i’m not sure how that is going to work for them in that space but wish them well…

  • Isaac Green

    .89 miles. Got a little tripped up juggling Nike Run iPod with stopwatch but good workout nonetheless. I was hoping to get a mile. Next time.
    After running 6 miles Sunday (8:20 per mile) and yesterday’s WOD I can barely walk.

  • Simon P

    Question about today’s wod: when you stop running, do you continue walking during the rest period, or are you supposed to come to a full stop? If you’re supposed to come to a full stop, should you walk back to the point where you were when the work period ended? When I sprint it takes a good ten fifteen feet or so to slow down to a stop…

  • Other Grace

    Silly request, but is there any way to minimize the FGB5 box? Not sure if it’s only on my computer, but the box covers up some of the blogging text that Allison writes, and it makes it difficult to read.

  • Other Grace, sorry about that problem! Which sort of browser are you viewing the blog on?
    The widget is created by FGB5.org and cannot be made smaller–we’d have to adjust our blog to make it fit better.
    When I view our blog on Mozilla Firefox, the widget gets cut off by the day’s blog post, not the other way around. At least that way it’s easier to read the site!

  • Eric

    Hey Allison, quick question:
    As everyone involved, getting really psyched for FGB. Is there possibly going to be a FGB WOD before 9/25?
    If not no big deal, just thought it would be a good idea to have one to “gauge” where I am.

  • Other Grace

    Thanks for the suggestion, Allison! At work, we only have IE6 (ancient) so it’s likely a problem on my end. No worries about it.
    Wouldn’t it be fun to have a FGB BBQ afterwards? I’m always thinking about food.

  • Reagan

    Hey Allison, looks you you’re the first “CrossFit Hero of the Day.”

  • Jai

    I’m going to the run in Van Cortlandt park on Thursday, hope to see a bunch of people there! Someone asked about where people meet. After you get off the train, leave the station on the park side. Keep the other side of the street on your left, the park on your right, and walk north. You’ll see a big crowd of runners fairly soon; all of us gather on the tall steps before the start. Just look for fellow Crossfitters milling around.
    And for anyone running tonight, join the Endurance crowd at 6:30pm at the southwest corner of Central Park.
    And yes, that’s my iron bling. Functional and fashionable.

  • Eric, we’re definitely going to give people the chance to do FGB once or twice before the real deal.
    Given the logistics of the workout, we’ll likely do it on a weekend or two, either on a Saturday or Sunday rest day, and/or on a Sunday early afternoon.
    We should have more details by the end of this week.

  • Eric

    Great, thanks Josh!

  • Simon P

    ok, so I re-read the instructions and figured it out.
    10 rounds – 815m – comes out to about 7min/mile pace.
    This killed me. I was gassed after the 4th round. I also think I don’t push myself as hard when I do these kinds of wods by myself.

  • keller

    5 rft – 20 yard bear crawl, 5 315# dl (sub 225#), 10 burpees – 10:40
    will do todays running wod tomorrow morning

  • NF

    2200m on Rower

  • mike n.

    1491m on the rower