Raise the roof

Monday 100816

Three rounds for time of:
30 Wallball shots, 20 pound ball (10.5 foot target)
75 pound Squat snatches, 30 reps (movement initiates with barbell below the knees)

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You got 17 minutes to spare?
FGB5 @ CFNYC is already at $6870 (and counting)! Click here to join Team CrossFit NYC and help us stay in the Top 5 of all affiliates participating!
If you’re signed up already and trying to convince your friends to donate to the cause (and to understand that 17 minutes is a long time in the world of crossfit), you might want to show them this video that explains what Fight Gone Bad, the workout, is all about:


  • Given that today’s WOD calls for a 10.5 foot target (as opposed to the usual 10-foot target), I’d recommend that for those going as rx’d, you’ll want to aim for where the wall and ceiling meet since we can’t make the ceiling any taller than it is already (i.e., not that tall).

  • Kevin P

    Happy Birthday Georgine!!

  • If you’ve ever been an injured runner and done a deep water running class to maintain your running training while injured, please email me (allisonATcrossfitnycDOTcom).
    I’ve got a client who’s considering trying it and I’m wanting to help get him info on whether it’s worth doing.

  • Adam R

    For those interested, Robb Wolf is doing a Paleo seminar in Brooklyn on Sept 4th.

  • Emerson

    The Hoboken Pump and Run website says the race has been postponed. Does anyone know why or until when? The website has no informatio and doesn’t say who to contact. I’ve tried emailing crossfit hoboken and have not gotten any kind of response.

  • Brian

    There a bunch of use running the 5k race on thursday night up at Van Cortlandt park in the Bronx.
    time 7p
    location: Van Courtlandt Park, Bronx (1 train to the end)
    date: thursday 8/19/2010
    cost: $5
    this is the last summer race in van cortlandt park. It is a fun race all trails with some hills. Approx 300 people race so it is nice and small
    A bunch of us will be going out afterwards to re-hydrate and refuel. NYC endurance will be posting something soon, so if you plan on going please make a comment in the comments section so we can coordinate travel to and from and proper after race activities.

  • Simon P

    @Allison – that FGB video is one of the things that made me want to start doing crossfit. I was so inspired after watching it that I made my own FGB adaptation to do at my old gym, where we had no wall balls, and the rower was in a different room from the weights and the step aerobics platforms (which I used for the box jumps). People were giving me such dirty looks as I was running from the rower, to the weight racks, to the aerobics room, with my watch beeping every minute, and sweating all over everything. I really don’t miss my old gym at all! (well, aside from the pool. I do miss the pool. If we move to a new space we should get one that has a pool 🙂
    @Brian – I’ll be there on Thursday. I’ll probably be the last to finish, but it sounds like fun.

  • Lisa

    I will be running at Van Cortlandt Park on Thursday – must keep chasing that 5K PR.

  • Mike K

    I got an email from CF Hoboken that said something about too many ppl being away so they were postponing to April when less people are on vacation.

  • Emerson

    Thanks, Mike. Since the Hoboken race is cancelled, count me in for the Thursday 5k. Is there a designated meeting area at the race site before the race starts?

  • Greetings from crossfit Maine! Got a new deadlift PR today at #310! Also I’ve attended Robb Wolf’s paleo solution seminar and found it to be awesome! If you can attend I highly recommend it. Now I go drink vacation beers.

  • NF


  • Shayna S


  • Other Grace

    WOD from last Thursday:
    3 Rounds:
    500m row
    30 20″ box jumps
    25 GHD back extensions
    20 deadlifts, 95#

  • MC

    Press – 3, 3, 2, 1, 1
    Back Squats – 4, 3, 2, 2, 1, 1
    3 Sets of (Not for time):
    12 Ring Dips
    20 GHD Situps
    20 Push Press @ 65/45
    12 Overhead Lunges with 45/25 lb plate
    Press: 65-85-105-115-135(f)
    Back Squat: 225-275-295-315-335(new PR)
    For second portion, used red band for ring dips. Everything else as prescribed.

  • Lisa

    Emerson, just get off the last stop of the #1 train and walk across to the Park, and up a block or two to the Tortoise & Hare statue. Just follow the stream of runners.

  • keller

    cf football: sp – 105# 3×5 / bs – 155# 3×5 / amrap 15 minutes 10 supine ring rows & 10 real pushups – 8 rounds + 9 reps

  • Simon P

    23:06 – 42# bar

  • Mike Mishik

    Avery’s wod..
    5 hang power cleans (145#)
    7 handstand push ups
    10 pull ups
    amrap 15 mins
    7 rounds + 6 hspu’s

  • Eric

    19:52 20 lb ball, 45#

  • Jay Goebel

    65# on round 1, 45# for rounds2 and 3

  • mike n.

    20 reps for each exercise
    75# power snatches

  • bin lu

    16:12, rx’d

  • Jai

    28:44. Pretty sure I remember this right, though I suspect I left my journal at the gym yesterday. Will play fetch tomorrow if so. I used a 22# bar and a 10# wallball. My goal was to be faster than Carlos, and I was. 🙂