Let’s see if you can pull your own weight…and then some

Dave Castro, Sep 18 @ 10am (with optional WOD @ 11am)–4 slots
Dave Castro, Sep 18 @ noon (with optional WOD @ 1pm)–27 slots

James “OPT” FitzGerald, Oct 2 @ 8am–7 slots
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Saturday 100814
Weighted pull-ups 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps
Post loads and body weight to comments.
Compare to 100314.

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  • How to scale today’s WOD, from the CrossFit BrandX forums:
    Big Dawgs-Pack-Puppies
    If you can do a pull up do the above workout. Even if you can only add 5 pounds it will be good for you.
    If you cannot do any pull ups do 5 rounds of 5 beginner pull ups or 5 rounds of 5 assisted pull ups using as little resistance as possible.

  • Simon P

    21-15-9 pvc ohs, ring pushups
    28″ box jumps, skin the cats, double unders to cool down. This was a lot of fun!

  • Lenny

    7 Power Cleans 135lbs
    7 Ring push ups
    7 Kipping pullups
    5 ROUNDS
    3×5 Squats

  • My apologies to Adam M. that his birthday wishes were delayed today. His LSA dining concept is truly revolutionary, 100% paleo, and a major asset to our gym. Read more here:

  • Simon P

    Apparently I am a highly decorated, longstanding elite member of the LSA ranks, and I didn’t even know it! I am a progressive though. It’s all well and good to have your L, your S and your A at separate courses. But I am one who strives for the embrace of integration. Why segregate? Separate is not equal. I like my oysters with bacon brunoise with the mignonette. A turkey is much happier when stuffed with venison kielbasa. Butter poached lobster tails, without a wrapping of crispy pan seared prosciutto, are almost not worth eating. A beef tenderloin is just too lean and lonely without a roasted lobe of foie gras riding shotgun. But not everything is lobster and foie gras though. Consider the chicken breast saltimbocca, the bacon cheeseburger, or sausage and eggs. Pork products in general tend to be the great integrators, the every day heroes bringing diversity to the table. So yes, LSA, all the way! But do the right thing, and strive to break down the artificial barriers that have kept all these individually wonderful things from being exponentially better when brought together in harmony.
    5k run – 26:44, almost two minutes off my last time (28:30), without feeling like it was much more effort. And I don’t even have Carlos’ magic Vibrams yet! Very much looking forward to getting the opportunity to do the CFE running clinic. Probably won’t be able to until October-ish. I was jealous of you guys today, wish I could have joined you.

  • Jai

    one with no weight / 5# / 10#f / 7.5#f / 5#f / 5# / 5#f
    Fun to wear weights around my neck. Badass bling.