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Thursday 100729
For time:
Snatch 135 pounds, 30 reps
Post time and load to comments.
Compare to 080922.

NEW WORKSHOP ANNOUNCEMENT: You asked for it, you got it: NYC Endurance returns to CFNYC for another Running Workshop, this time on August 14th (9am-4pm, $150). Click here for details and to sign up!
Not recommended behavior, but entertaining nonetheless: The beer-every-mile SF half marathon
The Sumo STOMP
Eataly, an Italian food hall, set to open soon (around the corner from the gym!)
Jerking me around
Former vegetarian rips into the religion of veganism (via)
Workout anywhere #24: The hotel rooftop
FGB5 UPDATE! A big shout-out to Emerson, Evan, Michael S., Craig C., and Coach Sara for joining the ranks of Team CrossFit NYC for Fight Gone Bad 5. That brings up our number to 23 participants enrolled thus far. We’ve already raised $1,225 and we’re in 3rd place amongst all affiliates. It only takes 5 minutes to sign up–remember, no registration fee and no minimums in how much money you raise.
Sara C. post-“Fight” at last year’s fundraiser:


  • MC

    What about a half marathon pub crawl as an endurance WOD?

  • Mike Mishik

    Rest Day Dinner ideas.
    Right now so far thinking Friday around 8, Location Les Halles 411 Park Avenue
    Here’s the website, …I’ll set up a facebook invite after work

  • Emerson

    So I’m finally interested in buying a pair of weightlifting shoes. Is there a specific brand or model that people can recommend? I’m hoping to spend $100 or less.

  • jenn


  • MC

    Links to several brands and some reviews (not many under $100 here):
    VS Athletic:
    I’m not going to make any recommendations as I am still breaking in my first pair but I can say that they make a notable difference.

  • Lisa

    Thanks to everyone who is signing up for FGB. I cannot compete as I already have plans weekend but will be glad to donate to somebody.
    I cannot make the rest day dinner either, going to a concert. Les Halles looks really nice though – I often walk by it and the menu looks great.

  • Koegler (KEG-ler)

    I have a question about weightlifting shoes. Do they make that big of a difference? I use Vibrams for all my crossfitting, but would weightlifting shoes be better?

  • Steve S.

    I’m in for the rest day dinner.
    Koegler – weightlifting shoes make a huge difference. I just got my first pair last month, and I’m now wondering why it took me so long to get some. Don’t wait. It’s worth it if you’re serious about improving.

  • Simon P

    Regarding weightlifting shoes: can you run, do box jumps and double unders with them? Or do you use them for wods that only involve lifts? Would you have used them for Roy for example? Or that one we had last week with the deadlifts, the 20m sprint, pistols and the double unders? Or FGB? I’m curious about them too but they seem really limited.

  • Justin “Thor”

    Yes weightlifting shoes make that much of a difference… You dont need to go expensive on them, VS Athletics are good and Sean W who runs the place is a good guy. When deciding whether or not you should get them, you need to look at the benefit of what weight training is doing for you. Right tool for the right job.

  • Mike K

    I second that. After getting a pair I can’t believe how many years of lifting I did without them.
    They are usable for just about anything but running. As far as using them in metcons that involve other stuff, it depends on how heavy the weight is. For lighter weights, a thin soled sneaker is fine for me.

  • brad s.

    i bought the white leather vs athletics about a year ago (on sale for $60) and love ’em. i only wear them for lifting, but if the black suede ones had been on sale i’d be wearing them everywhere. as lenny might say, they’re hawwwwwwwt.

  • Thought my fellow bootylicious Crossfit ladies would appreciate this new Nike ad:

  • MC

    I know many of you hate to run, some probably still licking wounds after the 5k WOD yesterday. Regardless, just thought I should let everyone know that there’s an upcoming charity 5k to benefit the children of Haiti (via the Bill Clinton Foundation). It’s been attached to the original Percy Sutton 5k that’s supposedly like a 5k and party all rolled into one. Here’s a link to the details:

  • Luke S

    3:11 @ 115#
    Should have htfu and gone Rx.
    And that photo is post-what of Sara?

  • keller

    5:46, 85# snatch (full rom) – felt good with this, could go up next time
    as mishik said, just a reminder rest day dinner tomorrow around 8pm at les halles – its french; im convinced he picked it so he could start to learn the culture and try to talk to camille leblanc next year at the cf games… sinner (tommy boy)

  • keller

    also i am not friends with everyone on facebook – so if you want an invite there as a reminder you can add me ‘James Keller’ … it helps to have a head count on there

  • JAMatea

    11:01 #95 x 15; #75×15 deadlight, hang snatch, overhead squat. too newbie to pull real snatch. this ate me up