Or you could run 3.1 miles

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As is always the case when CFHQ calls for a 5K run, we encourage you to run it outdoors on your own (or with fellow crossfitters–use the comments to organize a group run) OR come down to the Box and see what your coach has cooked up for you. The choice is yours.
Wednesday 100728
Run 5K
Post time to comments.
Compare to 100501.

FRIENDLY REMINDER that the 5:30pm class is canceled today because it’s an all-running WOD.
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  • http://allisonbojarski.tumblr.com Allison Bojarski

    Scaling options for today’s workout, courtesy of the CrossFit BrandX forums:
    Big Dawgs and Pack:
    I know you hate it, but do it anyway Run 5 K.
    Run 1-2 miles depending on your ability
    Run 1-2 miles depending on your ability
    Additional resources on CrossFit.com with regards to proper running technique (just do a search function for “POSE,” “sprint,” and/or “run” to find the relevant videos):
    Furthermore, if you need help mapping out 5K (3.1 miles), try mapmyrun.com.
    Lastly, why typical running shoes suck:

  • Simon P

    I just did 2 5k’s and one 5k run/walk over the weekend. Can I come in tomorrow morning and do my own workout, in the 8 to 9am slot?

  • Mike Mishik

    Rest Day dinner is on Friday…who’s in?
    ill look in to a variety of places that serve meat and booze, the amount of people attending might have an effect of the choice, but i promise there will still be meat and booze. So don’t worry.

  • keller

    mmmmmmm meat and booze i am in

  • Eric

    I have no problem doing the 5k if that is the WOD, but are we also allowed to do a WOD in the past 3 days instead? I didn;t do Angie, which was on Sunday.
    please let me know, thanks!

  • Matt U.


  • lucio

    11 years living in new york and the first time ever that I run outside. nice riverside morning run.

  • Koegler (KEG-ler)

    I knew this was going to be today’s WOD! Thank God!
    I wish I could attend the rest day dinner, but unfortunately I cannot. I haven’t been to one yet, and love meat and booze.

  • Hari

    Open Gym is Monday thru Thursday from 6:00 PM (7:00 PM effective next week) to 9:00 PM. You can make up a WOD then. Just check with the instructor.

  • MC

    Rest day dinner sounds good, can help you plan if needed. maxwellclarke[at]gmail[dot]com

  • Sara H.

    Welcome to the board Matt U!! Worlds collide! : )
    Happy to see a 5k today, since I am nursing my first real hand tear in ~13 months of Crossfit..

  • jenn

    Made up 7×1 Cleans:
    I was thinking of going to Brooklyn Boulders Friday, but I made be persuaded to have meat and booze instead. Keep me posted.

  • Jenny A

    I’m game for the rest day meat and booze fest.

  • Mike K

    I’m game for dinner.
    I also think we should coordinate a trip to Brooklyn Boulders. Been wanting to go but haven’t made it there yet.

  • Matt D

    Would be in for the rest day dinner but gone for the weekend starting today. Enjoy.

  • Jeffrey B.

    @Tim B. I have to back out of warrior dash, as it’s a fairly holy Jewish holiday that day and I’ll be fasting.

  • Simon P

    Made up yesterday’s wod: 5 rounds, 155#, 24″ box, green band – 33:19. Warmed up with 3×135, 3×185, 3×235 DLs. Wrist held up great. Pulling seems to be no problem, pushing hurts.
    Wish I could make it to rest day dinner on Friday, but will be out of town.

  • Leslie

    I would love to join for the rest day dinner….but probably will have to meet you guys later for the partying…after 9 p.m.

  • Mike Mishik

    anyone interested in signing up with me to compete in Hybrid’s Summer challenge…it’s on August 21st.
    It’s only 50 bucks so let me know if you want to join. There’s 10 spots left

  • Leslie

    So great to be back at the Box! Great to see everyone.
    I made up yesterday’s Roy. I was pleased with my results especially after being away for so long.
    21:08 (3 rounds)