Rest Day Training Announcement

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Attention CFNYC members:

In our efforts to increase the quality of the training experience here at CFNYC, we are going to shift the focus on our rest day WODs to a more skillcentric basis. We feel this experiment will lead to better familiarity and regular practice on movements essential in the performance of mainsite WODs. You can expect to see a single skill practiced over the course of 3-5 consecutive rest days before moving on to another, allowing increased repeated exposure to core fundamentals such as the clean, snatch, press, jerk, etc. To kick off this trial, we have decided to start with the clean.
Here are the next four Rest Day WODs:

  • Today, Mon 7/26 – Cleans 7×1
  • Fri 7/30 – “Elizabeth”
  • Tues 8/03 – Cleans 5×5
  • Sat 8/07 – “Grace”

We hope you will take advantage of these opportunities to improve your performance in the more technical lifts and discover what a little skill focus can do for your personal WOD milestones.
Monday 100726
clean 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps
Post loads to comments.

NOTE: No 5:30pm class today because it’s a Rest Day (this holds true Mon-Thurs.)
5 minutes to a better overhead position
Riceless, soy-free sushi / The arugula obsession
Why being terrible at something is kind of wonderful

I don’t need get stronger…blasphemy
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  • Allison Bojarski

    From the CrossFit Brand X forums, in regards to today’s workout and how to approach it:
    Every ones a Big Dawg. If you are familiar with the movement then test your limits. If you are unfamiliar, please use today to work on the movement.
    Check out Annie cleaning:
    Squat Heights:
    Don’t forget that shoe-wise, today’s a day for weightlifting shoes (ideally) or at least Chuck Taylors, not squishy, thick-bottomed sneakers.
    Here’s why you should be wearing weightlifting shoes when you do weightlifting:
    You need to buy them online, you won’t find them in any shoe stores anywhere. Just google “weightlifting shoes” to find options.

  • Tim B

    Angie – 15:45 – PR
    emmerson whats ur email? hit me up timothy.broder at gmail

  • Koegler (KEG-ler)

    Good idea on the skills workouts. God knows I can always use more practice on Oly lifts.
    Will I still be able to make up Saturdays WOD (CF Total) and also work on the cleans?

  • Lisa

    The plan to use rest days for focussing on skills is a great idea. It will be a huge benefit.
    At lunch today we warmed up with jumprope skills, then got down to cleaning.

  • Hari

    Nothing has changed in terms of makeups. The Rest Day WOD class will be as described, and Open Gym from 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM is available for doing makeups.

  • Other Josh R

    Would it be absolutely ridiculous to do Angie and then do the cleans? I was going to work on form anyway, so I wouldn’t be trying for a 1RM.

  • Simon P

    I’ll add my thumbs up to the rest days being used to focus on skills, great idea.
    I had a productive and fun weekend, ran 5k in the semi hurricane on Friday night, then on Saturday accidentally ran 5k again from my friends’ house in South Hampton to the beach. Then realized I had to get back, so did 3 min run / 2 minute walk intervals back. Managed to shave 5 minutes off my 5k time. So instead of being pathetically ridiculously slow, I’m not just plain old slow… From 33:11 to 28 flat.
    Did Angie yesterday: 22:39 – subbed right arm body rows and db bench press since my wrist is still messed up. Saw an ortho today, he gave me a splint and scheduled me for an mri…… Looks like I’ll be doing a lot more of the running in the near future. He did say pull ups were ok as long as it doesn’t hurt, but no pressing for me. Moral of he story: with stuff like cleans, stay light until you get the form down and your joints are used to the movement. I learned this the hard way.

  • Simon P

    typo, should say: “I’m now just plain old slow.”

  • Kent B

    made up Angie tonight: 19:04 rx’d PR

  • Leslie

    Looking forward to seeing you all. I’ll be at the Box on Wednesday night! Yippee!

  • Mike mishik

    Courts cash out…6min sdlhp/wall balls 158 reps
    Box jump
    Clapping push ups 2:33
    Guy…this show is awesome. Addicted to pawn shop

  • Sara H.

    Modified Angie from home (no pull ups)
    ~15 minutes. (I really didn’t keep time)