OPT Seminar Update!

Great news! We’ve been able to extend the number of slots for the WOD portion of the Visiting Coach Series with James “OPT” FitzGerald, which means there is still room to sign up: Visiting Coach Series (OPT) October 2, 8:00 AM (14 slots remaining for both lecture/Q&A and WOD afterwards)
FREE BEGINNERS’ CLASSES: Tuesdays @ 6:30pm (women-only), Thursdays @ 8am & 6:30pm, Saturdays & Sundays @ 10am. Click here for the schedule and to pre-register for a class.
#140 Mon/Thur @ 7am, starts July 26 (4 slots left)
#141 Tue/Thur @ 8pm, starts July 27 (4 slots left)
#142 Mon/Wed @ 8pm, starts Aug 2 (4 slots left)
#143 Mon/Thur @ 6am, starts Aug 9
#144 Mon/Wed @ 7pm, starts Aug 9

SCHEDULING ANNOUNCEMENT: Starting the first week in August, there will be an additional full one-hour WOD from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM Mondays through Thursday in the back half of the gym.
Starting the first week in August, Open Gym hours will be at 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM Monday through Thursday.

Wednesday 100721
Seven rounds for time of:
205 pound Clean, 3 reps
4 Ring handstand push-ups
Post time to comments.

“What needs to change, however, is your perception of what breakfast actually is.”
Cajun blackened chicken livers with lemon and garlic / Ginger shrimp salad and curried hash
A breakdown of balance training
The periodic table of meat
Paleo-era climate change?


  • Click here for scaling options for today’s workout:

  • kj

    Free Farm Fresh Veggies!
    Hi, all – I attempted to have my farmshare donated to a food pantry while I was out of the country, but apparently they hit some snag. A box filled with veggies straight from the farm was delivered to my apartment building last night.
    I’d hate for these to go to waste. Does anyone live in the Columbus Circle area (I’m at 61st and West End) and would like to take them? Shoot me an e-mail at kristen (dot) d (dot) jones (at) gmail (dot) com if you’re interested. I’ll then send a message to my building to let them know you’ll be picking them up.

  • Russ M.

    Looks like someone accidentally took my keys with them yesterday when they left the gym. I went to the 6:30pm wod and they were MIA when I was leaving. I went back at 9:30 to look around after everyone elses stuff was gone, still no keys.
    If it was you, please drop them off at the box asap – not having keys to my apartment is going to make things difficult for the next few days…

  • Tim B

    5:46, last time I did it was in Nov, 7:22

  • isaac

    10:17 (155#, regular HSPUs.)

  • Emerson

    Awesome article in the Times today about a guy in the 40’s who got a perfect score on the sanitation worker’s fitness test: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/07/21/nyregion/21mccabe.html?ref=todayspaper

  • Jeff

    Bill McCabe’s legacy of fitness still lives on in today’s sanitation workers.

  • Steve S.

    7:14 (I think?) 135# / 2 abmats

  • Lenny

    155# HSPU

  • Josh

    A friend sent me this article/post about a couple individual’s from the South African Weightlifter‚Äôs Assn and their observations of other countries and their training methods during the 1962 World Weightlifting Championships.
    I thought this was incredibly intresting, informative, and insightful as it thoroughly describes and compares the different lifts and drills different countries practiced in the days leading up to their competitions.
    Part I
    Part II

  • kj

    Thanks for all the interest in the veggies! I’m just seeing the emails now because I’ve just woken up on Thursday morning in New Zealand, otherwise I would have posted earlier that they’ve been claimed 🙂

  • jenn

    3:13 (85#, 3 abmats) scaled way too much.

  • Mike K

    9:20 with 205 and HSPU
    Had nothing on the HSPUs tonight. They took forever.

  • Mike Mishik

    6:36 175#/HSPU
    cashed out:
    35# db hang squat clean
    box jumps

  • Jai

    65# power cleans, HSPUs with 3 ab mats. 7:08
    First time doing HSPUs in a WOD. Gonna start practicing with 2 ab mats, because I think I can do better even though I was falling all over the place.
    ~15 dead hang chin ups, C2B. Have to rest in between each. Next I’m going to start practicing sets of 2.
    If you want to run tomorrow instead of rest, the CFE crowd is going up to van cortland park for a 5k. $5 to join the crowd there at 7pm sharp. Last stop on the 1 train, get there early.

  • MC

    1-Mile TT: 8:15:30
    Was slowed down a little bit by my dog (no stamina in this heat) and the fact that I was running on Brooklyn streets.
    Did tabata sit-ups when I got home: score = 11

  • Simon P

    Thank you Jeff and James for your help with back squats.

  • Matt D

    Hey I left a pair of silver Ray Bans in one of the cubbies at the front of the gym. If anyone finds them please leave them at the front desk.