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Friday 100716
Deadlift 1-10-1-20-1-30 reps
Post total load (add up all six barbell loads) to comments.
Compare to 091224.

QUESTION of the DAY: Who do you think will win the CrossFit Games this year? What type of workouts do you expect to see?
What Americans eat in one year
Kettlebells: Why technique matters
Amazing women, amazing weightlifting
Why indoor rowing? A quick checklist
Measuring the calories in food–100 years ago and today


  • Today is self-scaling. If you are unfamiliar with the movements check the video and remember to go light if you are just starting out.
    I also found this video useful:
    Common Deadlift Mistakes:
    Lastly, let me add the following about how you’ll want to dress: deadlifting goes best with pants or knee-high socks if you prefer to wear shorts. (Otherwise you might cut up your shins with the bar.) Footwear should be a hard-bottomed shoe, not a cushy sneaker. Your best bet is weightlifting shoes or Chuck Taylors or simply barefoot.

  • Lenny

    Men:Rob Orlando
    Women:Annie T
    Combination of strength and skills maybe a run.

  • Koegler (KEG-ler)

    Men: Mikko Salo
    Women: Annie T
    Both are in the top 10 in strength and are the fastest. I think Mikko can beat Rob in longer met cons, which I expect to see in this Games.

  • Sophie

    My vote is on Christy Phillips and Mikko

  • Craig F.

    1. Mikko
    2. Rob Orlando
    3. Rich Froning
    1. Annie T
    2. Christy Phillips
    3. Heather Bergeron

  • keller

    in reply to the american food consumption chart, if 2,700 calories a day makes you look like a floridian tourist im in serious trouble…

  • Bill M

    Put together my own workout while I’m at the beach. Courtesy of Allison’s suggestion, brought an extra duffle bag to fill with sand.
    Rounds of 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
    Exercise in following order
    Hand Stands
    Run 100 meters carrying sand bag (probably about 50+lbs)
    Time: 29:28
    Good start to my morning. Practicing hand stands really helped find my balance. Was able to hold a number of the hand stands in position.

  • Lenny

    25 Wall balls, 30 walking lunges, 25 chin ups, 2 rounds

  • Avery

    My bets…
    1. Kristin Clever
    2. Iceland Annie
    3. Heather Bergeron
    1. Mikko Salo
    2. Rob Orlando
    3. Chris Spealler or Tommy Hackenbruck
    Teams to beat: Crossfit New England or Invictus

  • Jai

    123# – 83# – 133#PR – 83# – 133f,133f, 123# – 73#
    Then ten dead hang chin ups (rest between each one) and some skin the cats and shallow HSPUs.

  • Lisa

    Nice job, Jai!
    165-135-165-125-165-115 = 870

  • Martin

    Men: Jacinto Bonilla
    Women: Tanya Wagner

  • Simon P

    Four sets of five dead hang PUs and three sets of 10 kip swings before the wod.
    275 is my first real PR, very excited. Did skin the cats with Jai, and I finally figured out how to get up straight without having to use the straps, and stay up there, without swinging around all over the place. So much fun! And, opens up a lot of doors: now I can do toes to bar, which I couldn’t do before. A very productive day! Except for now I’m glued to my computer screen watching the games…

  • Jerry Gaspard

    I was very pleased to get 415 off the ground. I must say that I wont be upset if I never have to do 30 reps again!! Lol

  • david

    First time ever doing this WOD:
    Very difficult to get the form even close to correct!

  • Jai

    Yay, Simon! It’s totally in the arms.