It’s the turnaround that gets you

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Tuesday 100629
Set a cone at 20 meters. Five rounds for time of:
185 pound barbell Overhead walk, 40 meters
30 Wallball shots, 20 pound ball
95 pound barbells Farmer carry, 40 meters
The barbells must be turned around the cone.
Post time to comments.

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QUESTION of the DAY: Agree or disagree: “Furthermore, thanks to a bourgeois white culture that values efficient bodies over voluptuous ones, American actresses have desexualized themselves, confusing sterile athleticism with female power. Their current Pilates-honed look is taut and tense — a boy’s thin limbs and narrow hips combined with amplified breasts. Contrast that with Latino and African-American taste, which runs toward the healthy silhouette of the bootylicious Beyonc√©.” (read the quote in its larger context here)
For the love of food / Curbing compulsive overeating
This news story reminds me of this old SNL “commercial”
Kettlebell hyperbole…let’s get real!
How and why your crossfit goals may change over time
Eugen Sandow: Father of modern bodybuilding (via)
A whole new twist on “paleo”:


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  • Simon P

    Question about the farmer’s carry: is it one barbell in each hand? or one barbell across the legs? or one barbell in one hand, switching hands at the turnaround point? or … ?
    as far as the question of the day goes, I will quote a good friend who shall remain nameless:
    “I’m only attracted to two types of women: foreign, and domestic.”

  • jenn

    I have no medical background and I haven’t seen a doctor yet, but the internet and I highly believe I have a sprained calf muscle. I’m trying to stay off my leg and taking ibuprofren, but this sucks. Other than seeing a doctor (which I probably won’t), does anyone have any suggestions of what I should do?

  • michele

    Paglia has one argument and she’s been repeating it ad nauseum for twenty years. It’s embarrassing how little her thinking has evolved.

  • Simon P

    25:08 – 77#, 20#, 70# kb
    Wallballs kills me, they’re a major time killer. adding to my list of goals, to be able to do 30 shots unbroken. I’m at 15 right now.

  • Ewen

    I’m selling a pair of Vibram Bikilas, men’s size 43, grey/red, worn twice. $80 ($100 new). These are the “running specific” VFFs, similar to the KSOs but with a bit more tread and a few different features.
    They are one size too big for me and I finally found a pair of 42s, so I don’t need them anymore. Speaking of sizes, remember to refer to the Vibram sizing chart: the Bikilas size like KSOs, but one size smaller than Sprints or Classics.
    www DOT vibramfivefingers DOT com/products/products_footwear DOT cfm
    So if you want a good deal on almost brand new Bikilas, let me know by Saturday at the latest! (leaving the country)
    347-612-5597 or ewenroth AT

  • MC

    In response to the question of the day: I believe this issue was brought up previously by Anthony Ray. He had a somewhat similar take on the subject. Here’s a clip of him expressing his thoughts…

  • Jai

    If anyone is interested in dance classes, another Groupon came up. I love this sort of thing, so if you want to pick the same month to redeem the unlimited membership, let me know and we can check out the classes together:
    $49 for One Month of Unlimited Dance Classes at Paul Pellicoro’s DanceSport ($395 Value)

  • chris

    great quote/article, the music comparison in the article is spot on, with rare exception pop/rock music has been safe and neutered for over 20 years

  • Derrick

    was just wondering what the sub’s were going to be tonight since this WOD seems very space intense?

  • JoeR

    Wanted to share the paleo LSA I just had in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.
    Crocodile carpaccio, lesbok medallions, and ostrich fillet.
    Also, due to vast quantities of castle lager being consumed, I feel it is unlikely a handstand photo will be successfully achieved.

  • joe

    training is making me hungry.
    like, really unbearably hungry.
    even keeping pretty paleo, i’m eating way more than i need to in order to “support my metabolic demands.” the result of that is unwelcome weight gain, particularly in the midsection.
    has anyone else encountered this? what tweaks did you make to calm the savage beast?
    i’ve been scouring the podcasts over at robb wolf’s site, but would love to hear any anecdotal advice.

  • Mike K

    Joe – first things that come to mind is possibly over-training/under-recovery and inadequate sleep.
    How many WODs are you hitting a week and how many hours of quality sleep are you getting?
    Second thought is if you are eating a ton of fruit or truckloads of nuts to get in enough calories, you may be better off swapping some out for coconut, avocado, sweet potato and that stuff.

  • joe

    no more than four workouts… definitely not overtraining. HOWEVER i have noticed i’m much much more tired, and my sleep hasn’t really adjusted yet. i’m a lifelong five-hour-a-night sleeper, but i don’t think i’m going to be able to maintain that anymore.
    good thought, thanks.

  • Simon P

    5 hours of sleep isn’t anywhere near enough, imho.

  • Jeff R

    I read the whole article, and my impression was that this poor lady needs to get some. I’ve been there myself; it makes you cranky!

  • kj

    20:40 w/45# OH & 35# in each hand.

  • cathy

    4 rnds
    5 overhead squats used 73lbs-pr for me
    rest 90 sec
    5 weighted pullups- did kipping with negative down
    and then
    3rnds for time
    20 box jumps 20″
    30 pushups- did knees
    40 air squats

  • Dave A.

    I hope this is the last post I put about the RIP Brooklyn t’s. Today was my last day at the Black Box, I will be training at Crossfit Virtuosity now because of convenience, it takes almost 45 minutes for me to commute each way versus a 10-15 minute drive with a parking spot. Either way I picked up the remaining 5 shirts and I want to make sure Brian S. and anybody else who may have paid, there was $12 in the box received their shirts. Please wrtie on here tonight or tomorrow if you left moeny and did not get your shirt. 2 of the 5 shirts I grabbed I already sold, I know seth mentioned he would take one and so did Chris, please let me know so I can see what my overall inventory is and can offer others them as well. All sizes I have remaining are mens larges.
    In regards to todays question I have always been more of an assman than a breast guy, however I do love a great rack. I enjoy the Shakira’s, Megan Fox type, I.E. huge breasts and huge ass with a tiny stomach, I know that is a difficult combo, but thats my overall preference, and I think most of the women on the cosmo covers are hot. Just figured I’d throw that out there.

  • Dave…got the shirt. thanks.

  • Martin

    14:49 Subbed 2 x 35LB DB
    @ Jenn – rub a piece of meat on your leg – then bury the meat in the garden. As the meat rots away – so the pain in your leg will go. (This also works for warts)

  • MC

    Did some front-squat work pre-WOD, working up to 205# (new PR)… failing at an attempted 225#. Overcoming form issues has really propelled my progress here. Should pay dividends on my thrusters…
    For the WOD: 16:37 (subbed 45# DBs). Still hate wall-balls.