Monday is for rest. (Or not.)

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REMINDER: We now have an 8am class Monday through Friday!
Monday 100628
Rest Day (NOTE: no 5:30pm class).
3 rounds for time of:
50 double-unders
12 kettlebell snatches, left and right (men: 24kg / women: 16 kg)
12 ring rows with feet elevated on box
Post time to comments.

QUESTION of the DAY: What’s your favorite summer sport or activity and how does doing crossfit help you stay in shape (or get in better shape) to do that activity?
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  • Hari

    We now have an 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM WOD Monday thru Friday.
    Is there an interest in (or opposition to):
    1) Shifting the 6:30 AM – 7:15 AM WOD to 6:15 AM – 7:00 AM
    2) Shifting the 7:15 – 8:00 AM WOD to a full hour, 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM.
    Clearly we would need to do both or neither, so there may be some tension here.
    3) Would these changes likely result in our overwhelming a 7:00 AM WOD and decreasing the attendance of the earlier 6:15 WOD?
    4) We are also looking hard at ways to improve the ease with which people can shift to AM classes and then prepare for work. How many people feel they would attend AM classes, were we to succeed in making improvements?

  • Jonathan P

    Have an amazing summer everyone! I’m leaving for France tomorrow, spending July there, then traveling around in August, mostly Germany, plus Venice, Vienna, Amsterdam, Brussels…. It’s going to be ridiculously awesome. First trip to Europe!! See you in September….

  • Shayna

    Hi Hari,
    1. I am opposed to moving the class to 6:15. I attend the 6:30 reguarly. It has solid attendance and seems to be working well. I used to attend the 7am classes but I always had to leave by 7:45 so I could make it to work. I had to cut the WOD short many times. The 7am were pretty crowded.
    3. When you had the 6am classes, I went on occasion. I’m pretty sure the same would result in the 6:15. Those extra 15 of sleep make a difference for me.

  • Carlos

    Enjoy the trip Jonathan! You’ll be missed.

  • Justin Katz

    I prefer to keep the 6:30-7:15 as well.

  • 12:08 with 35# kb
    i frequent the 7:15 class, sometimes go to the 8am class ( i used to always go to 8 but now i like 7:15). i like the times as they are now. when i go to the 7:15 i can stay until 8:15 if i want and do my own thing. i like the extra 15 minutes of sleep. psychological barrier of not having to leave the house in the 6 o’clock range…and if i want a few more minutes of sleep, i hit the 8 (as i did today). don’t change it on my behalf.

  • kj

    11:43 w/8 kg

  • Sara H.

    Has anyone visted any of the affiliates in London? I am headed there on a business trip next week, and I’m open for any reviews, suggestions, etc. Thanks!

  • Billy

    Jonathan – enjoy your trip. That does sound awesome.

  • Jenny A

    I’d prefer to keep the 6:30 am class, which I attend regularly.

  • Mike K

    Back Squats 10×2 @ 225 – 45 sec rest
    Bench 245×5, 4×5 @ 225 – was supposed to be 5×5 at 225, forgot on the first set that it was supposed to be lighter.
    BB WOD – 10:50 rx’d

  • mike n.

    15:31 rx’d

  • Mike Mishik

    Black box wod, 8:20 rx’d
    followed up with:
    5 Rounds:
    15 Curtis P (105#) [power clean + walking lunge both legs + push press]
    20 Burpee
    Row 400M
    mentally tough, Christine crushed it

  • Leslie

    13:30 Damn those double unders!
    Subbed push ups for ring dips cuz they didn’t have rings here in West Virginia!!!