Kiss the ground you walk on

Monday 100621

Five rounds for time of:

45 pound barbell Overhead walking lunges, 50 feet
21 Burpees

Let trailing knee gently kiss the ground on each lunge.

Post time to comments.

Compare to 090122.

HAPPY BIRTHDAYS to MICHELLE K. (yesterday) and MANNY (today)!

QUESTION of the DAY: Since today’s WOD includes burpees, it’s a good day to ask the question: How do you REALLY feel about burpees? We tend to joke around about loving to hate them, but do you secretly love them? Tell all in the comments.

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  • SCALING OPTIONS for this WOD, courtesy of the CrossFit Brand X forums:
    Big Dawgs
    as Rx’d
    5 rounds
    25 # barbell overhead walking lunges 50 feet
    21 bupees
    4 rounds
    PVC -10 # barbell overhead walking lunges 35 feet
    15 burpees

  • Chris H.

    16:42 using a 45# plate. Most of the time, I don’t hate burpees because I know I can get through them, even though they sometimes trick me into thinking I am about to experience both muscle and respiratory failure. I did not love doing 105 of them at 6:30 in the morning.

  • jenn

    13:28 (25#)

  • Justin Katz

    25# Plate

  • michele

    Thanks for the bday shout-out. I spent part of it systematically tearing up my hands working on cleans with Brian D…. fun/pain!

  • Justin T

    14:54 w/45# plate
    I’d like to add my voice to the chorus of folks asking for 8am classes Monday thru Friday. Coming from Brooklyn, that’s the earliest that I can get in.

  • Hari

    Effective next week, June 28, we will be expanding the 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM WOD class to five days, Monday thru Friday. (Note the 8:00 AM WOD will be a full hour.)

  • Koegler (Keg-ler)

    Hari, if we need to be at work around 9ish, could we leave the 8 am WOD a little bit early, or is that frowned upon?

  • Hari

    We saw the opportunity to run the full hour. However, we understand that people may need to leave a bit early.

  • Mike S

    AM WOD: 45# Plate, 13:20 (sore)
    On another note, the morning group tends to use the showers a lot more than the evening group. With that in mind, I would float the following idea (which I would be happy to help organize with Sara, Hari, or whomever at CFNYC).
    Would there be interest in adding some morning creature comforts, wherein people who used the showers frequently would pay (voluntarily) some modest additional fee ($10-20/month) in order to have:
    -Towel Service
    -Laundry Service? (that might be additional)
    -Spare toiletries (miniatures of liquid soap, shampoo, razors, shaving cream, q-tips)
    -Daily shower cleaning (twice per week keeps the showers quite dirty)
    -Modest improvements to the shower stalls, such as addition of benches, shaving mirrors, minature sink, rubber matting (those of you who see me parade from the showers across to the bathrooms to shave would probably appreciate that)
    The final two items would benefit everyone, so I would assume that some of that could be paid for by the CFNYC general fund while some would come from the supplemental fee.
    I would guess that there are ~30-40 people who regularly come in the mornings (including CFE, privates, and Elements); If we got 50% participation plus a few evening/lunchtime shower users, I think the numbers would work well. Hari or others, I am happy to discuss further offline as well but wanted to get a discussion going.

  • Lisa

    15:07 with a 25# plate at lunchtime class today.
    Hamstrings are still crying.
    I always find burpees the tiresome part of any WOD but meh, they work my upper body and quads and I just get through them, while looking forward to whatever movement follows. I much prefer weighted lunges to burpees.

  • Hari

    The topic of how to improve the amenities is under active discussion. We’re not sure we have the economies of scale necessary to make some of these ideas (e.g., laundry service) work effectively. But we will review these and any other suggestions.

  • Justin T

    Thanks a lot for expanding the 8 A.M. classes. Much appreciated

  • Lenny

    Dear Mike Mishik,
    The explanation says “gently kiss” the ground. Not “make out’ with the ground. Just Fyi.

  • kj

    18:13 w/25# plate
    I could have gone heavier, but it wouldn’t have given me a break from the burpee awfulness.
    Excited to make all the WOD’s this week! YAY SUMMER!

  • Jonathan P

    OHS x1 135-145-155-160F-160F-135-135. PR by 15. (12:30 pm)
    1K row + 5 rds of 10 32kg KB swings & 7 125# push jerks: 20:35 (6 pm)
    (Mike S, q-tips are bad for you. . .)

  • Leo L.

    19:10, 45lb bar
    this one hurt good. i found that sloppy lunges made the burpees exponentially harder. i’m surprised that none of the benchmark WODs (at least none of the ones i’ve seen) combines lunges & burpees.

  • mike r


  • keller

    16:40 rx… strength wasn’t the problem i really need to work on my stamina though

  • Simon P

    17:32 rxed.
    I would pay for towel service for morning wods. thinking I’ll be coming to at least 2 per week, possibly three.

  • Matt D

    12:52 rx’d

  • Mike K

    Press 5×1 @ 175 – felt good
    on the minute for 10 min
    3 back squats @ 265
    4 broad jumps (subbed for 50 yd sprints)
    5 strict chin ups
    Didn’t finish 4 rounds within the minute – 20 HSPUs after (5 per round)

  • Grace

    33# bar

  • Avery

    45# bar

  • mike n.

    17:03 – 45# plate

  • Derrick

    13:18 – subbed 16 45# barbell lunges for the walking lunges…