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Saturday 100619
Overhead Squat 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps
Post loads to comments.
Compare to 070223.

Sunshine superman
The “Tin Cup” method of coaching


  • Some advice/scaling (and words of wisdom) from BrandX on today’s movement:
    Overhead squats will highlight every single problem you have with your squats. If you do not have a good air squat you really need to spend the time to get one. You will never squat heavy if your unweighted squat is structurally unsound.
    Big Dawgs and Pack:
    as Rx’d
    Overhead squats with PVC pipe or broomstick. Take the time to do each squat perfectly. Pull yourself into the bottom position, hold for a second and then return to standing.

  • Adam R

    I’m at the US Open so I did a WOD at Crossfit Monterey. Another box in an industrial warehouse, a little smaller than ours, but with 30′ ceilings, and 35-40 members. We worked up to a PR in backsquat, I got 230 (5# PR), but I expected more since I’ve been doing 5/3/1. Then we did 5 rounds of Mary (5 HSPUs, 10 pistols, 15 pull-ups), for time.
    They said that their WODs usually have a strength portion, and a metcon portion.
    They had a great whiteboard with the top scores/times for all the benchmark WODs, and lifts. They also had the goals for each member on the board, to achieve by 7/1 and 9/1. The range was “deadlift 500” to “do a muscle-up” to “show up, bitch”. Each member had a black notebook that they kept on a shelf at the gym to track their WODs. The level of personal attention was impressive.
    I also did a rope ascent for the first time. It was fun, ad I learned that the towel pull-up sub that we do is waaaay too hard.

  • Mike Mishik

    3 rounds
    500 m row
    40 unilateral DB hang power clean to push press 35#. 20 right 20 left
    30 burpees
    19:02…lots of fun. Lots of sweat.
    Way to crush it Keller.

  • keller

    same wod as mishik above – 24:37
    then ohs: 85-95-105-115-125-135(didnt get below parallel)-135(f)
    first wod was definitely fun, second wod broke my pr by at least 20 pounds but need to work on form and getting below parallel on the heavier weights – overall a great saturday morning!

  • Chris H.

    85-105-115-120-125(failed to get 125 overhead after one attempt)
    Did 17 unbroken OHS @ 70#, 13 penalty burpees, 13 OHS as cashout.

  • MC

    First time attempting OHS using more than a PVC… really came to see the weakness in my form. Think my problems are in shoulder mobility, leading the bar to push forward as I began to squat… something that became increasingly exposed once I started adding weight to the bar. Opted to work on form with a PVC and 45# bar.

  • Craig F

    Are we doing Fight Gone Bad tomorrow?

  • Lenny

    Light Snatch 65×3, 95×3, 115×3,125×3,135×3
    Light Clean and Jerk 135×3,140×3,145×3,150×3,155×3

  • Mike K

    Power Snatches: 65×3, 95×3, 115×3, 135×3, 155×3
    5 rounds of:
    3 Snatch Pulls
    3 Power Snatches
    3 Snatch Push Press
    Rest 2 min between rounds
    Used 135 lbs