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Thursday 100617
Three rounds for time of:
10 Muscle-ups
10 Forward rolls
20 One legged squats, alternating
Handstand walk 20 yards
Post time to comments.

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Brian Harkins, founder of NYC Endurance and very good, very old friend of CFNYC, asked that we post the following:
We are looking for volunteers to help out with the Achilles Hope and Possibilities 5-mile run on Sunday, June 27th. The race is open to all athletes, both disabled and non-disabled. They also need volunteers to assist with some of the athletes as well as with the kids’ run. (People can contact me at my email address: beharkins AT gmail DOT com.)
I actually spent some time with some of the Freedom team (military soldiers injured in battle) and it is so inspirational not only to help but to find out their story, it just moves you. Please check out the Achilles Foundation website to learn more.


  • Scaling options/modifications/progressions from BrandX:
    Big Dawgs:
    as rx’d
    The Porch:
    Three rounds for time of:
    7 Muscle-ups
    10 Forward rolls
    15 One legged squats, alternating
    Handstand walk 20 yards
    Three rounds for time of:
    5 Muscle-ups (or 10 progressions)
    5 Forward rolls
    10 One legged squats, alternating
    Handstand walk 15 yards
    Three rounds for time of:
    3 Muscle-up progressions (seated or jumping)
    3 Forward rolls
    10 One legged squat progressions, alternating legs
    Handstand walk 10 yards
    * Muscle ups – We have a video of muscle up progressions at
    * One legged squats – a vid of progressions can be found on the video page of I think we have one on the kids page as well.
    * Handstand walk – a couple of ideas for sub.
    1. Have a spotter help you
    2. Kick up to a wall and using it for support move sidewise
    3. Wall walk – Kick to a wall, pick up a hand and touch your chest. Repeat 2 chest touches equals 1 yard
    4. Wheelbarrow walk

  • Dave A.

    I left a set of headphones in one of the top right cubbies if someone could put them at the fron desk it would be greatly appreciated, if you do so please let me know here so I know they are up front.
    In regards to RIP Brooklyn shirts here are the few remaining who I still have shirts for:
    Billy L
    Matt K. L
    Jason L
    Brian S. M
    Gabe S. XL
    Steve S. L
    Annie I am sorry I apparently did not order enough womens, I do have 1 additional mens large if anyone is interested. Please respond on here asap how you to best coordinate me getting you these shirts and getting the money for them, please keep in mind I paid for these up front based on people telling me they wanted them. THanks.

  • Chris H.

    18:58 using the following progressions:
    10 muscle-up progressions from the knees
    10 forward rolls
    20 pistols using rings for support
    20 handstand hand ‘pick-ups’
    Good practice of challenging movements.

  • Craig F.

    I didn’t order an original shirt but might be interested in that extra one you have. I can’t remember, what kind of shirt is it printed on?

  • jenn

    11:52 (knee MU, 20 reps handstand ‘walks’ against the wall)

  • jenn

    and happy birthday lenny!

  • Mike S

    Dave – I think I ordered a shirt and left a check – where can I pick it up?

  • MC

    I want take a second to echo what Brian wrote about the Achilles 5-miler. I ran in it last year and have to say it is not like any other run I have been apart of. There are so many people around you that have had to overcome something significant in their life just to get to the starting line, definite lessons in heart and determination.
    This is something definitely worth volunteering for.

  • Brooklyn B

    Any way we can get a 8am on Friday too?

  • Steve S.

    Dave A.,
    I’ve paid and received my shirt already. Allison delivered my money – I believe – at the BBB final BBQ.

  • Simon P

    *am WOD is an awesome time. I’d be up for a Tuesday one in addition to Thursdays. Or, Monday, Wednesday, Friday… (It’s all about the alternate side parking schedule in my neighborhood)

  • Simon P

    oops that was supposed to be 8am

  • Hari

    The possibility of increasing the days for 8:00 AM WOD’s from the current Monday and Thursday is under active discussion.
    Do people have an opinion on whether we should run an hour (8:00 – 9:00) or forty-five minutes (8:00 – 8:45).

  • Annie

    No worries Dave! 🙂

  • Simon P

    Personally I like the extra 15 minutes. It’s nice having time for a dedicated warm up, more instruction on skills and form, and a cash out/cool down/stretching at the end.

  • Sheikh Shuvo

    12:35 (subs: MU from knees, shoulder roll, 1 leg squat from box, chest touch from pike push-up position)
    A challenging, and frustrating, workout. These gymnastic skills are what I struggle on the most, and would enjoy seeing them more regularly.

  • Lenny

    Front squat 3×10 135×10,155×10,175×10
    Push Press 5×5 135×5,155×5,165f,165×5,175×5
    Chin ups 25x 1:15
    AB mat sit ups acnchored 1:16
    Thanks to everyone for Bday wishes.

  • Dave A.

    Mike S. You did already pay, I got your money and assumed you had already picked up the shirt, they are in the back please ask whoever is working at the time if they could grab you a large. Steve S. I did get your money and give your shirt to Allison, I think I was getting confused between you and Steveo who ordered a shirt, if Steveo could respond here and let me know about picking one up. Chris there will certainly be extra, they are regular cotton shirts with imprints on the front and back, if you are interested in one reply here and I will coordinate getting you one. All others listed above could you please respond. Thanks.

  • Jeff

    Regarding the possibility of the expanded 8AM schedule, I think a full hour-long class is preferred, especially since there isn’t another class immediately following and we can all benefit from extra time for warm up, practice or instruction.

  • jenn

    I prefer a full hour for the 8am classes too for the same reasons Jeff pointed out; that and the 8ams seem to go past 8:45 anyway so why not just make it an even hour.

  • 17:15
    1-legged squats done with pole
    40 hand stand pick-ups
    I will bring in money for the t-shirt next time I am in. Sorry so late (totally forgot).

  • Adam R

    I worked out at CrossFit Torrance in LA today (about 20 minutes south of LAX). I was the only one at the 3pm class, so Aaron (the owner) had me drag a weighted tire across the parking lot. Not sure of the distance, weights , or my times, but it was a lot of fun. Also did some snatch skillwork.
    Their box is a little bigger than ours, but with 30′ ceilings, only 10 members at the “busy” times, and their rent is $1500/month.
    Aaron also served me some steak that he had grilled. If you’re ever in LA, defintely stop by, it’s a first class operation.

  • Mike K

    Wasn’t feeling it today. Hamstrings are still sore from Tues, so went light on the squats and focused on form.
    Back Squat 5×5 @ 225
    Press 8×3 @ 135, 45 sec rest. Bar speed was good with these.
    Will do the sprints this wknd.

  • keller

    did one round of the wod (subbed pistols on a pole and handstands on the wall) then called it quits cause my arms hurt from muscle ups the past two days. finished with 5-3-1 deadlifts

  • Jai

    20/20 pull ups (purple string, mostly C2B) and dips (1st round with purple string, 2nd & 3rd round with coral band)
    terrible forward rolls
    pistols sitting down to 14″ box
    wall handstand steps

  • saskia

    I agree with Simon P and Jeff one hour 8am wods weekdays…please make it so!