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Wednesday 100616
BLACK BOX WOD:burpee pull-up.
Post total time, reps & load.

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Jonathan P. goes overhead while Hans Slobo lurks in the background:
QUESTION: What’s your favorite way to rest when taking a Rest Day? Are you the type to engage in so-called “active rest” (such as an easy run or bike ride) or just sit on your butt watching TV? Do you make any efforts to stretch, relax, meditate, catch up on sleep? Or is it just another day? Bonus question: Have you ever skipped rest days and what was the result?


  • Josh

    EL SLOBO HAS NEVER BEFORE BEEN CAPTURED IN A PICTURE! I pray he has mercy on your soul!

  • Koegler (KEG-ler)

    Good article on stinky Vibrams. I definitely need to incorporate some of those methods, or else I’m going to be kicked out of the gym soon!

  • Billy

    Who is running in the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge?
    And how do you “carbo load” if you are strict paleo?

  • Other Grace

    I’ll be running in the JPM CC with coworkers! Don’t think we’re going very fast – good thing, too – two days of hard rowing are taking a toll. 😉

  • Brian

    Looking for volunteers to help with the Achillies Track Club’s 5 mile race on Sunday June 27th. Achillies Track club is a running club for disabled athletes. It is an amazing day seeing these athletes overcome their disability and push themselves to do things that other people and doctors told them they would never be able to do. Achillies also sponsors a number of wounded veterans and pays for them to come to NY for the weekend and participate in this great event. These wounded veterans are part of the Freedom Team. please check out Achillies web site:
    please let me know if you can help out, we need to people to assist the athletes as well as many other positions: beharkins@gmail.com Hopefully you you will be able to work with one of these athletes and learn what happened. I met a medic in the US Army, who was injured in Iraq, he treated his entire team after they were hit by an IED. He saved all their lives, then treated himself as well as fending off other attackers. This story is just one of many.
    Thank you

  • Hans Slobo

    Hans Slobo is not so easily photographed. I am like a candle in the wind. Poof. Gone.

  • brad s.

    Well put, Hans. You are indeed like a combination of Marilyn Monroe and Keyser Söze.

  • Mike K

    Paleo is not by definition low carb. Sweet potatoes, some more fruit, etc can get some more carbs in there. If you don’t want to do that you can always reduce the metcon activity leading up to an event to let glycogen stores build up more.
    Also, if you are doing low carb strict paleo, you should be pretty well fat-adapted anyway, and a 5k is not really a long race, so you shouldn’t really need to carbo load.
    I’m sure you have done some WODs that have lasted longer than it takes you to run a 5k. Did you need to carbo load for those?

  • jenn

    I’m taking a rest day today; I slept in and I plan to do nothing tonight but make dinner and see a movie – my life is super exciting, I know.
    Normally I try to have ‘active’ rest days and do other activities like rock climbing or yoga or simply taking a long walk around the city, but sometimes there’s nothing better than doing absolutely nothing with yourself.
    There have been times when I’ve skipped rest days and done 5-6 WODs in a row. That usually completely f**ks my body up and I end up taking a whole week off. I don’t recommend doing that. I definitely think it’s important to let your body rest and heal.
    Though this WOD looks like fun. I might try it later this week.

  • Brian – I volunteer with Achilles and was planning on doing the race that day. It’s an incredible organization and I second your ethusiasm. I’ll email you to coordinate.

  • Billy

    Thanks Mike. It is only a 3.5 mile run (5.6327K) so I should be OK. Enjoying rest day today and running tomorrow.

  • Koegler (KEG-ler)

    Is anyone running the Wallstreet 5k next week?

  • michele

    Seeking recommendations for Manhattan birthday dinner featuring grass-finished meat – anybody got a nice place they love?

  • MC

    I was going do that race but can’t commit at the moment. Thinking about joining up for the Achilles 5-miler the following Sunday instead.

  • Lisa

    I am doing the Chase Challenge tomorrow evening. It is always fun if a tad crowded at the start.
    Re. Carboloading for racing, there is a good link to a Robb Wolff discussion on fueling for an ultra. See the NYC Endurance site here:http://www.nycendurance.com
    I am reading about and experimenting with ‘Paleo plus potato’ when preparing for races.

  • lauren

    I have your headphones in my bag, but i’m not going to be able to make it tonight- will you be there tomorrow night?
    Thanks so much!

  • Hans Slobo

    @Brad very true, I am mysterious, and trampy, in an Iconic way.

  • Mike K

    I heard Hans was the Lakers 6th man last night…

  • Mike K

    Lauren, yes I should be there
    Billy, anytime, you’ll be fine for 3.5 miles. Just avoid the post run bagels.

  • Justin T

    I know this has been posted before, but what are the days of the 8am classes? They’re not on the mindbody schedule. Thanks.

  • saskia

    You know what would make things easier having 8am classes Mon thru Friday with Jeff and or Kevin.

  • kj

    Used 42# and did 3 ladders and 1-2-3-4. Got the repeat with 20 seconds to spare.
    This was after making up Monday’s WOD (21:40), so I was a little modest during the AMRAP.

  • Justin T

    @Saskia, I agree. But right now, what’s the 8am schedule. Is it Tuesday/Thursday? Trying to figure this out before tomorrow.

  • Jonathan P

    This WOD is definitely “in my kitchen” and whooped me. 75% is a lot! I used 80# and got 2 full rounds, 13 reps in a 3rd (2F), 5 reps in a 4th (10F), and 3 reps in a 5th (no fails, but times up). I started back at 1 after the fails. 51 reps. The timed version gave me a penalty of 49 burpee pullups, which were more successful. During the presses my left arm got fatigued way faster (right handed) and seemed to be the cause of the fails. I liked it.
    My rest days are usually active rest, biking or lately tennis. Sometimes I use the evening WOD time to practice cello, and maybe it’s just a hunch but I think I play better during that slot. I sometimes do 5 weekdays and both weekend days off, and I’ve liked that a lot, especially because I’m unreliable on weekend mornings and get delayed endlessly with breakfast. And it works out because weekend days are best for biking and tennis. But rather than plan ahead I tend to use the rest days to pick and choose the WODs I want most.

  • Mike K

    Did the row/bench WOD from Sunday
    Went light on the bench at 185#, wanted to keep the bar moving faster. BW ~ 200

  • Cathy

    ran 3miles to box- 23:35- min longer than last time
    5 rounds
    Bench press with 5sec rest between
    Dynamic wall pushups
    45lbs, 55lbs, 65lbs, 75lbs, 70lbs

  • Avery

    Warm up: 7 rounds Cindy – not for time
    Sumo Deadlifts x5: 65, 95, 135, 185, 155
    *Still not very comfortable with this movement, probably need to do it more often.
    1/2 “GI Joe” aka 50 burpee box jumps for time:
    6 minutes

  • Mike Mishik

    what would really make things better was if Hans taught every class for the entire week and randomly posed in pictures

  • Hans Slobo

    If thats the case the we’re doing 5/3/1.
    “Strength is like an old friend, metcons are like the girl you met at the auto show last week.”
    Melissa Urban

  • Sara

    8am class is on Mondays and Thursdays. MindBody is updated.