The Red and the Black (Box)

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Grace is always sure to color-coordinate with her gym surroundings:
Tuesday 100615
For time:
Row 2K
50 Wall-ball shots, 20 pound ball
Row 1K
35 Wall-ball shots, 20 pound ball
Row 500 meters
20 Wall-ball shots, 20 pound ball
Compare to 070918.

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“Call them happy pounds, love chub or the marriage 15. No matter what, gaining weight during marriage is about as common as holding your breath under water.” (via)
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QUESTION(S) of the DAY: How do you feel about back-to-back rowing WODs (today and yesterday)? How do you feel about rowing in general? Do you feel like you have a grasp on rowing technique? Why or why not?


  • Scaling options, courtesy of the CrossFit BrandX forums:
    Big Dawgs:
    As rx’d
    Women 14# ball
    The Porch:
    For time:
    Row 2K
    35 Wall-ball shots, 20 pound ball
    Row 1K
    25 Wall-ball shots, 20 pound ball
    Row 500 meters
    15 Wall-ball shots, 20 pound ball
    For time:
    Row 1500 M
    35 Wall-ball shots, 14 pound ball
    Row 750 M
    25 Wall-ball shots, 14 pound ball
    Row 500 meters
    15 Wall-ball shots, 14 pound ball
    For time:
    Row 750 M
    30 Wall-ball shots, 8-10 pound ball
    Row 500 M
    20 Wall-ball shots, 8-10 pound ball
    Row 250 meters
    10 Wall-ball shots, 8-10 pound ball

  • This is HQ being lazy and uninspired.

  • Jeff

    If you insisted on using the rower on Monday night, you’re probably more willing to do the SDLHP sub for this one.

  • Emily

    damn…wishing i had a rower! as much as it hurts, i think that’s why i enjoy it. is that weird?

  • Lenny

    Very weird Emily. This is why I’m happy Im doing 5/3/1.

  • Other Grace

    Not weird at all, Emily. This is why I’m happy I’m doing it tonight.

  • Derrick

    21:20. needed to push the pace a tad more.
    oh, it was so much fun waiting for the rower last night only to turn around and do it again this morning. actually, i didn’t mind too much since i need to improve, and i find it’s a chance to push it when you can see the numbers right there in front of you…

  • Simon P

    25:36 Rowing was same pace if not a bit faster than yesterday (despite not having Original Grace to row against:) ) but wall balls kill me.
    To Allison’s question – I don’t mind rowing. Don’t love it, but I’d rather row than run. And wall balls are torture.

  • Chris H.

    21:31, porch scaling.
    I don’t mind rowing, but am sure that I could be much more efficient at it since I had never really done it prior to Crossfit.

  • JoeR

    Just don’t call it a rowing machine. Machines are supposed to make your life easier.

  • MC

    I’m pretty new to using ergs but can already say that I like how they assist pacing in WODs. I subbed SDHPs in the Monday’s WOD and think it really hurt my time as pausing between sets feels much less efficient than slowing down on the erg. In the end, I’m not sure which is easier (SDHP or rowing), probably depends on the weight of the KB, but there is something to be said for pulling from a seated position than from standing.

  • Justin Katz


  • Carlos

    Because I rowed for a year in college, I enjoy it, and I think my technique is pretty good. As for back-to-back rowing WODs, or back-to-back any kind of WODs, I think they’re great, at least once in a while like we do them, because if you can’t repeat the same, or almost the same, workout on consecutive days, with decent results, then can you really call yourself fit? I say no.

  • james keller

    how do people pace themselves on workouts like yesterday and today? i would think there would be more of a benefit to take the rowing part of the workout slower and recover then to go all out and be too fatigued to do the wallball unbroken and rest five times on it (which i will probably do anyway… wallballs grr). there has to be an optimal mix of rowing fast enough to get a decent time but not killing yourself on it.
    i personally paced myself yesterday by taking off and recovering from sunday funday and germany soccer!

  • Tim B

    if anyone ever wants help rowing, I’m at the box at 7am most mornings

  • Emily

    take up Tim B on his rowing advice! I was, what I considered, a decent rower before I took his workshop. After I took his workshop I feel much stronger on the rower and I row with much better form and more efficiency. Cheers, Tim!

  • Emily

    all I had was a 10# DB, so I double the reps
    KB swings
    goblet squats
    7 burpees between each round
    could have gone faster… and would have if someone was watching me.

  • Sheikh Shuvo

    The 1000m row was broken into 35 SDHPs (45# barbell) and 650m of rowing. Even though the lunchtime class was super crowded (19 people), I thought things went fairly smoothly.

  • Robin

    28:20 (with sub 14 lb ball)
    I like rowing. My “technique” (if you can call it that) is getting better with Jacinto’s help.

  • Emily

    just realized i posted my reps wrong…
    with the burpees between each set

  • Lucio

    I really like rowing, I find it comfortable and soothing, exactly the opposite from squats.

  • Hans Slobo

    I rowed for 2 years in community college than got kicked off the team for taking bribes.

  • Bill M

    Time: 22:02
    Row 2K
    50 Wall-ball shots, 20 pound ball
    Row 1K
    35 Wall-ball shots, 20 pound ball
    Row 500 meters
    20 Wall-ball shots, 20 pound ball

  • Grace

    25:04 rx’d
    Way too much resting on the wall balls. And I need to improve my rowing technique. I’m glad I didn’t do yesterday’s wod.

  • brad s.

    23:05. Pretty much same pacing on erg as last night but had to up the stroke rating to maintain on last 500. Another well-run WOD.

  • Koegler (KEG-ler)

    I like rowing. As long as you don’t fight the machine, it shouldn’t be too stressful.

  • keller

    22:57 rx – still hate wallballs

  • Mike K

    135×10, 225×5, 315×5, 365×3, 415×5
    10,9,8….1 of
    155 power cleans
    Deads felt good, but they definitely took some energy out of the power cleans.
    Also, take Tim B up on his rowing advice. Absolutely worth the time.

  • Matt D

    made up elizabeth
    10:59 scaled to 105lbs

  • Other Grace

    22:31, RX’d (14 lb. ball)
    Need to take Tim B up on his advice one of these mornings …

  • Josh R

    I picked the wrong week to get a head cold. Bah! I really wanted to do both of these WODs.

  • brad s.

    Boo Kellers!

  • Jai

    I’d love to take Tim B up on his offer, but can’t be in the box that early. Which is why my time for this WOD is abysmal, as it combines two goats: rowing and wallballs. I should double check my notes, but I think my time was just shy of 30 minutes… probably 29:45. My 2k took more than ten minutes, my 1k took more than five, and the 500m was almost three minutes. Wallball was 10#.
    In other news, two doctors independently confirmed today that I have celiac. Good-bye, pizza. It was nice knowing you.

  • Mike Mishik

    10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 power cleans (155#)/pull ups , 13:00

  • Mike Mishik

    keller, you don’t pace the rower, you go balls the wall, when it comes to competition you can pace the row, if its the days wod, you go all out, then when you do have to pace the row youll be that much better.

  • MC

    What are good benchmark times for the erg? (500m, 1k, 2k, etc.)

  • Mike K

    Mike M – sorry, it was supposed to be 75% body weight on the cleans. Forgot about that. Nice job with the heavier weight anyway.

  • mike n.

    21:32 rx’d

  • 22:45 prescribed but subbed the sdhp… whoa i’m feeling this today! the only way to undo that would be to come in and do another wod… i’m so trying to figure that out. thanks for having me! i will definitely be back for more!