The Crossfit One World Rx’d Checklist Challenge!

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As with all Rest Days, there’s the opportunity to either make up one of the last 3-days’-worth of WODs or do the Black Box WOD. Today’s Black Box WOD is a unique one:
Saturday 100612
The Crossfit One World Rx’d Checklist Challenge

There will be four categories, Rx’d Men, Almost Rx’d Men, Rx’d Women, and Almost Rx’d Women. On a first-come first-served basis, competitors will sign up on the whiteboard in one of the four categories. Coaches will then run heats of about five or six people through each of the 30+ movements on the list. Once a heat completes a skill, it will move as a group onto the next skill. Competitors will remain with their heat throughout the checklist.
The heats will be separated by about five to eight minutes to avoid a bottleneck at a particular movement. The list is long and comprehensive, so classes may run closer to an hour and fifteen minutes than the standard hour.
Anyone can come in throughout the day to try their hand at the checklist; per usual, the back half will remain free for open gym.
Give the challenge a try! See if you can get through all the skills as Rx’d. See what your strengths are, see what your weaknesses are, maybe get a PR, or just devote some time to the high-skill crossfit movements.
Expect the Almost Rx’d weights and reps to be reduced by about 20 to 15 percent (115# thruster in Almost Rx’d versus 135# in Rx’d, etc).
If anyone has questions or wants to help proctor, please post on the blog. This is a monthly event at Crossfit One World and it looks like a blast, so give it a shot.
Bryce getting a deadlift PR back at his old CrossFit gym before he moved to NYC.
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The standing long jump test–how do you measure up?
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  • kj

    Hola! Just returned from a week-long excursion to Costa Rica with the majority of my 8th grade students.
    Was able to squeeze in WOD’s while I was down there, and even coaxed some of my students into joining me. The vast majority of the kids I teach are dangerously out of shape. In Newark, the main athletic options are basketball and football, which misses the majority of the females entirely. It was really incredible to see the heart they had, however, when given the space and time to do something as simple as a jog on the beach. It really reminded me how important this lifestyle is, and how much I take my childhood filled with parks, backyards, and every organized sport under the sun for granted.
    Returned to find my first FarmShare delivery waiting for me and sauteed up all sorts of greens with coconut oil this morning. I can’t tell you how much I missed a plate full of vegetables after a week of trying to subside on what little is in the Costa Rican diet aside from rice and beans 😉

  • Jonathan P

    Did the rx’d version but didn’t complete the snatches, overhead press, push press, and HSPU. No surprise there. Maybe if we do it again in the fall I can pass.

  • Adam R

    That was a fun workout. I did the “almost Rx’d” version — failed on HSPUs, squat snatches (I did them at 95 instead of 115), and double-unders (took 3 tries to get 10 in a row).
    And thanks to Bryce for setting everything up and running us through the exercises. Great idea, I look forward to it again.

  • Grace

    Had fun with the checklist today! Thanks to Bryce for setting that up and running us through it.
    I attempted the RXd for women and failed on the squat snatch (the only one I scaled down to 65#), push press at 95#, MUs, ring dips, HSPUs and also had questionable depth on the OHS. These were all expected, except for the dips as I can normally do these. My arms were jello at that point. And I surprised myself on being able to pass some of the others, so I feel good overall.
    Tabata row cashout – 809m.

  • Emily

    This was a great last day @ the box for 2 months. Thanks to Bryce for setting this up!
    Of the movements I could attempt, I failed at the squat clean(mental tick…I have the strength but I keep psyching myself out), slapping push-ups (not explosive enough), ring dips, and pistols (tho these are getting better). My kipping knees to elbows I was happy with, but couldn’t get my knees ABOVE my elbows on all the reps; but I haven’t done knees to elbows since before my injury, so I’m happy that I even have knees to elbows.
    PR’d on the front squat with 105#. woo!!
    also PR’d on my cash out: Tabata row w/Bulky Grace 810m (Tim B’s rowing workshop paid off!! PR by about 30 meters)
    I’ll be missing the box for the next few months!!!

  • Adam R

    It was fun working out with both of you, Grace and Emily. We had some good team spirit going on. Grace, you were so close on the muscle-ups, I’m sure you’ll get them next time. Emily, safe travels and look forward to see you ripping through WODs with a healthy shoulder.

  • Justin Ferris

    swod: power snatches x2
    dwod: 4 rds + 100m. Used 1.5pd kb instead of 45lb db

  • Jeff

    Despite all my complaining, the challenge was a cool way to spend the rest day. I didn’t do it, but it was fun watching the participants. Great job to them and to Bryce!

  • Lenny

    Press, push press, push jerk
    Push 125,135,140,145,155
    Push press155,160,165,170,175
    Push jerk 175,180,185,190,195