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Friday 100611
15 rounds for time of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats
Post time to comments.

QUESTION: At CrossFit One World, they sell a t-shirt that reads “train to not suck at life.” How has training at the Black Box helped you in that endeavor? Have the changes you’ve seen been physical, mental, or both?
RIP John Wooden (1910-2010) who coached for people, not points. (via)

Upside down handstand squat??! (video)
“There is not a sport you can play where you could have too much strength.”
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Can pickle juice stop muscle cramps?
Jon Gilson: “The Rock”
World’s oldest shoe found in Armenian cave
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  • MC
  • Adam R

    Interesting tidbit about British golfer Lee Westwood’s exercise regimen:
    “The key for Lee is power generation in both the upper and lower body,” continues McGregor, who also works with, among others, England’s Birmingham City Football Club and the NBA’s New York Knicks. “To that end,” says McGregor, “he is currently doing a lot of Olympic-type lifting. He is ‘power-cleaning’ maybe 80 kilos [about 176 pounds], and he is ‘power-squatting’ maybe twice that much. It’s all about replicating the explosive effort Lee wants to make in his golf swing.

  • Simon F

    Does anyone open the gym earlier than 5:30pm on Fridays? I get summer Fridays and finish work at 2 and would love to be able to get an early workout in the afternoon if the gym is open.

  • Craig F.

    Re: CF OneWorld RX Challenge
    A) does this seem like a lot of volume or not?
    B) how long total do you expect this to take to run through?

  • Other Grace

    Simon, where do you work, and are they hiring? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Just kidding. But Summer Fridays … wow!
    Run: 3 x 7 minutes, rest 3 minutes, covering max distance
    0.87 miles, 0.87 miles, 0.90 miles

  • Other Grace

    Also – are there good suggestions for alternatives if a weighted vest is not readily available? I would like to try the CFE WOD tomorrow morning, and it requires a 10-20lb vest on a hill run, which I don’t have.
    Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚ And Happy Friday!

  • Justin Ferris

    Other Grace:
    A good homemade sub for a weight vest is to fill an old bookbag with a few pounds of sand. You can find some at Home Depot or a gardening store.

  • Bryce

    1. Regarding the volume, that depends on the individual. CF One World seemed to have about a 40 percent pass rate. You can always scale it.
    2. ~75 minutes?
    Saturday’s rest WOD is going to be the Crossfit One World Rx’d Checklist Challenge (say that five times fast).
    Here’s how it will run:
    There will be four categories, Rx’d Men, Almost Rx’d Men, Rx’d Women, and Almost Rx’d Women. On a first come first serve basis, competitors will sign up on the whiteboard in one of the four categories. I will then run heats of about five or six people through each of the 30+ movements on the list. Once a heat completes a skill, we will move as a group onto the next skill. Competitors will remain with their heat throughout the checklist.
    The heats will be separated by about five to eight minutes to avoid a bottleneck at a particular movement. The list is long and comprehensive, so expect the entire checklist to take about 75 minutes.
    Anyone can come in throughout the day to try their hand at the checklist, but I was planning on being there to proctor/moderate the competition beginning at 11:15. I would have everything setup on one side of the gym by 11:00, leaving the back half free for open gym and private clients.
    Give the challenge a try! See if you can get through all the skills as Rx’d. See what your strengths are, see what your weaknesses are, maybe get a PR, or just devote some time to the high skill crossfit movements.
    If you are planning on competing at 11:15, arrive a little early to warm up. Expect the Almost Rx’d weights and reps to be reduced by about 20 to 15 percent (115# thruster in Almost Rx’d versus 135# in Rx’d, etc).
    If anyone has questions or wants to help proctor, please post on the blog. This is a monthly event at Crossfit One World and it looks like a blast, so give it a shot.

  • Simon F

    Other Grace, i work at http://www.hugeinc.com and yes we’re hiring.

  • Mike Mishik

    I got invited to a little friendly competition in Philly, CrossFit King of Prussia. The competition is going to be a team wod (2 guys/2 gals).
    Anyone interested?!?
    We could bring a couple teams if there is enough interest Also I’m sure there will be a level of scalability if you’re on the edge.
    Here’s the info,…
    Date: Sunday, June 27, 2010
    Time: 11:30am – 2:30pm
    2 wods that have yet to be announced

  • Emily

    Mikey..you know I’d be down if I was still in the country at that point.. have fun!!

  • nick

    Also, I left my Nalgene bottle (blue, 32oz, narrow mouth) in one of the cubbies during the lunchtime WOD. If anyone sees it, please put it at the front desk so I can collect it later. Thanks.

  • Jonathan P

    Hey Mike, I’d be interested in doing the competition in Philly, especially if there’s more than one team.
    Today I’m just doing a little prep for tomorrow, HSPU and pistols. I finally got full ROM HSPU. . .

  • Sheikh Shuvo

    WOD in Central Park: 19:50
    Using a thick, knotty tree branch for pullups was challenging and a lot of fun – constantly had to change up my grip and angle.

  • Simon P

    The only other time I’d done this was a half Cindy in elements. I did 7 rounds in ten minutes, doing jumping pull ups. Today I did it in 23:31 using a blue band. That comes out to 9 seconds slower per round. Considering how many more rounds this was, and that non jumping pull ups, even with a band, take longer, I’m pretty happy with this. I don’t have much experience to go on yet, but pretty sure that i’m steadily getting stronger. Can’t wait till I can do a pull up wod without any assistance.

  • michele

    big apple BBQ is this weekend in madison square park.

  • Mike Mishik

    800 m run
    21-15-9 hang power cleans & jerk (95)/pull ups
    1 mile run
    21-15-9 pull ups/hang power cleans & jerk
    800 m run

  • keller

    17:59 rx – paced myself so i could do this with as little rest time as possible. found out that i could do this a lot faster but need to work on air squat stamina – that definitely took me the most time. pullups and pushups were great

  • Leslie

    Thanks to the guys whoCaene out to dinner after the wod. It was a great send off. See you in month! Simon, I’m with you I can’t waiT to do a pullup wod without assistance! I did this one in 17:01 but I only got through ten rounds and then I could hold myself up any more. But I was really happy with that.