We Remember

Monday 100531

courtesy of CrossFit Invictus

In teams of two, perform as many rounds as possible in 24 minutes of the following:
15 Goblet Squats (32/24 kg)
30 KB Swings (32/24 kg)
100 Meter Suitcase Carry
(Partners will alternate between work and rest every round. While one partner works, the other must rest.)
Post rounds and fractions of rounds to comments.

Cover them over with beautiful flowers,
Deck them with garlands, those brothers of ours,
Lying so silent by night and by day
Sleeping the years of their manhood away.
Give them the meed they have won in the past;
Give them the honors their future forcast;
Give them the chaplets they won in the strife;
Give them the laurels they lost with their life.

Will Carleton
10 things to remember about Memorial Day


  • Emily

    Just wanted to thanks Allison for a really beautiful Memorial Day posting. My brother is in the Army and will be shipped out for his 3rd tour sometime in October. I think that this Memorial Day in particular is important for people to remember that there is still a war going on, and not to become numb to the typical news castings of suicide bombings and deaths in the Middle East. It is easy for people to say, “Oh that’s horrible!” and then distance themselves from the tragedies that happen; it is important to know that each and every one of us is affected in some way or another. For some people, such as myslef, the war hits really close to home, and for others it is a friend or an acquaintance that it hits home for. I’m not asking for condolences or extra support (my brother is home safe for now). I’m just asking as I think Jacinto has with this video, that we never forget and when the Hero WOD’s come up, that we do our job as they did theirs in honor of their memory.

  • Jonathan P

    Hi guys,
    If any of you like classical music and want to go to a free concert tonight, the Brentano Quartet is playing at 7:30 at the Advent Lutheran Church, 2504 Broadway at 93rd Street. If you don’t know them, you should know they are pretty much the best string quartet ever. And if you don’t usually go to string quartet concerts, this would be an amazing time to start. They’re playing Beethoven Op. 127 and Schumann Op. 41 no. 2. I heard them play Beethoven Op. 131 and Schubert G major about a month ago, and I honestly had a cramp afterwards from holding my breath.

  • james keller

    came in around 10:30 to do some skill and strength work – 2×3 snatches 65#, 85#, 105#; 7×1 full rom hspu (first time getting full rom); tabata pushups: score 8; 7×1 dead hang pull ups with a 50# kb and then worked on my kipping
    i hope everyone has a safe and happy memorial day!

  • Jonathan P

    Did a 10k today, about 43 minutes. A year ago, I wouldn’t have thought running that in sun and heat could have been fun. . .

  • Mike S

    Did “the 7” at Crossfit North Miami Beach
    115# Thrusters, 205# DLs, 1.5 pood swings and no one complaining when I dropped weight from overhead.
    Last 2 rounds, subbed out k2e for some reverse crunch thing and pullups with pushups because my hands had ripped
    45:59. This is the hardest wod I’ve done, and I enjoyed it when it was over.

  • michele

    I did ‘the 7’ as well, at my globogym.
    had to scale the HSPU since i can’t do them, and there were no kettlebells to be had.
    lesson learned: my deadlift technique is not yet solid. tweaked my back on the final one. nervously awaiting the morning to see if i dodged an injury bullet.
    second lesson: even in a tolerant globogym, crossfitting out in the open will get you some reaction.

  • Avery

    Yesterday I did 30 minutes of kettlebell work in lieu of “Arnie”. Mainly goblet squats, front squats, swings, good mornings focusing on ROM and technique with 16 kg. All things that don’t bother my wrist which has been sore this week.
    Today ran 80 minutes (with walk breaks and a portion of hill sprints) on grass and trails at Prospect Park. I couldn’t bear to be inside with this weather!

  • Mike Mishik

    15 mile bike ride + 3k ski erg = solid memorial rest day

  • Jai

    To anon:
    Thanks for the advice! I went with pretzels because for many months now I’ve had to turn away as others snacked on them.
    My love to all those serving our country overseas (and to one friend in particular), and my gratitude and humility to those who lost their lives.