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Wednesday 100526
Three rounds for time of:
60 seconds L-sit
45 pound barbell Good mornings, 30 reps
60 Abmat sit-ups
25 pound plate Back Extensions, 30 reps
For the L-sit, accumulate 60sec. For the Good mornings and Back extensions, minimize rest over speeding the movement. For the Abmat sit-ups (substitute a rolled-up towel if needed), feet unanchored with soles together.

QUESTION: Do you prefer moving your own body weight or moving an external load? Why?
CAPTION CONTEST! What does Lenny have to say about his pink underwear at Northeast Regionals?
What is a press?
Crossing over
Frogs: They’ve got hops
Meditate your way to more willpower
The food movement, rising / How to cut up a rabbit / Offal scary / Suicide food / McGyver’s kitchen


  • Lenny

    Real men wear pink underwear.

  • Lenny, you weren’t supposed to answer! ; )
    Let me encourage everyone to come up with their own alternate captions, even though Lenny has already answered…

  • Craig F

    “Dont let this beard fool you, I’m all woman”

  • Jeff

    Is that the new 2(x)ist ad that will be appearing soon on the pay phone stalls near the Black Box?

  • Jonathan P

    Chances are good that underwear is also made out of soy. The manliest thing about it is probably finding it in the extreme price-reduced section.
    I prefer moving my own body weight because it isn’t much and never increases.

  • Jai

    Lenny says, look what I stole from Jai!

  • 23:42 1 leg L-sit (which killed me)

  • Lenny

    I prefer external loads cause its more fun and challenging.

  • Matt D

    lenny, thats what she said.
    sorry, had to do it. been watching the office a lot lately.

  • Other Grace

    I prefer moving body weight – it makes me feel much more in tune with my body.
    Also, two things:
    1. Is anyone interested in taking the Endurance Specialty Cert in Philadelphia in August? I know it’s a bit early, but I have the impression that these things have the propensity to sell out …
    2. I will be traveling abroad for the next two weeks and was hoping for travel WOD suggestions. I’ve been looking at this site (http://bgifitness.typepad.com/bgi_fitness/travel-workouts.html) but am still hunting for suggestions.
    Happy Wednesday! 🙂

  • Chris H.

    29:22, subsituting my best attempt at ring L-sits.
    I always think it’s cool to learn how to move my own weight in a different way; i.e., HSPU, kipping pull-ups, muscle-ups, but heavy external loads are a must to strengthen my weak legs.

  • JeffZ

    I prefer external loads, the movements are usually more fun and dynamic. Body weight will wear you down, for sure, but external loads require explosive movement and lots of grunting. 🙂

  • MC

    Other Grace-

  • brad s.

    i have approximately 200 reasons why i hate bodyweight exercises (playoff basketball beers not helping that), but at least i can take solace in being a grown-ass man by 70s Big standards. Then again, it’s tough to feel like much of a man after watching this: http://www.70sbig.com/?p=1825.

  • MC

    Whoops! Looks like that link didn’t make it through the submission process:

  • Emily

    wanted to let Allison know that I’m planning on coming in and doing some interval work on the erg @ 12:30
    @ Other Grace: I’m down for the Endurance Cert in August…just depends on when it is. I’ll be in Montreal until around the 20th. What’s the date?
    Also, in regards to travel WODs, there are some great compilations on the main site message board such as: http://board.crossfit.com/showthread.php?t=38312 there’s a PDF @ the bottom of the first post that has a bunch of great WODs on there with minimal equipment. I would also recommend checking the endurance site and if you can’t do anything else, you can always do some interval training.
    And of course, if you can get your hands on a set of dumbells, you can always do this one… http://media.crossfit.com/cf-video/CrossFit_DMFLKhalipaHotelWOD.mov 😀

  • Elizabeth M

    Sara-A friend from LA(Paradiso Corssfit) will be coming to the 5:30 wod today and will pay cash for the drop-in fee. Just wanted to give you a heads up. Thanks

  • james keller

    grace i found this when i went up to rhode island this weekend. although i didnt actually make it up to providence, i did do the prison wod in its place on saturday (20 burpees, run across the room, 19 burpees, run across the room, 18 burpees, etc.)
    lenny you can never make fun of me for watching glee again

  • Lisa

    Lenny has obviously watched ‘Bull Durham’ too many times and taken Crash’s advice to wear ladies’ underwear.
    I like working with external weight because it demands more power and coordination.

  • Ricardo

    Lenny: “This keeps me from having to worry about women so I can focus on tomorrow’s WOD”

  • Ricardo

    Lenny: “This keeps me from having to worry about women so I can focus on tomorrow’s WOD”

  • Mike Mishik

    Grace…I recommend 100 burpees as a hotel wod..never lets you down, always enough room too!
    Got to love throwing weights around, that way I can beat Bryce…
    Lenny…this explains a lot

  • Mike Mishik

    Grace…I recommend 100 burpees as a hotel wod..never lets you down, always enough room too!
    Got to love throwing weights around, that way I can beat Bryce…
    Lenny…this explains a lot

  • mike n.

    23:21 – Subbed Ring L sits which quickly became L-slants

  • Adam R

    Grace — I’d also recommend buying a rope and jumping in your room or hotel gym. You could do single-unders for 15 minutes, 100 double-unders for time, even Annie (double-unders and sit-ups).

  • Emily

    endurance WOD from a few days ago on the erg:
    2X5 min intervals w/2 min rest in between. hold max distance possible.
    1165 w/avg split 2:09.4
    1123 w/avg split 2:13.8
    2 min rest, then 5X1 min intervals w/30 sec rest in between. hold max distance.
    248 w/avg split 2:05.6 (read distance exactly @ one minute, not when wheel stopped)
    252 w/avg split 2:06.2 (read distance when wheel stopped)
    255 w/avg split 2:07.3
    249 w/avg split 2:09.1
    260 w/avg split 2:06.6
    this sucked. especially the first 5 min…..

  • Kent B

    Other Grace,
    Someone posted this great Vacation WOD compilation a while back:

  • Tim B
  • mike r

    i dont like lifting my own bodyweight because it make me think im either overweight or weak… or both

  • Jai

    Don’t forget to get some free Chipotle today by showing your gym pass…

  • Dave A.

    21-15-9 1 armed KB swing 1.5 pood, 1 armed thruster 1.5 pood, 30″ box jump, 11 and change. Much harder than I thought should clarify did with right arm only due to left arm injury. Cashout lateral jumps courtest of Averex.
    In regards to the Brooklyn last day, We have been given permission from Court to open at 4 so people can start doing wods early. My idea for the final wod is simple, Grace, its short and hard as hell, and cannot be done at full intensity in Manhattan. Personally I cannot do this so I will do 1-arm grace with a 1.5 pood kb (give me opinions on wheter too much or too little weight). We will plan to start cooking around 6 so if you can get of work early come by so we can get the party started.
    In regards to the shirts here is the list of who I have collected from so far, if you paid me and are not on here please let me know right away:
    Mike N.
    Paul B.
    James Keller
    If you are coming to the BBQ bring the money. If you are not I will be in the box Tuesday evening, if you are not going to attend I would like if people can leave the money up front, with your name attached to the money, if someone who belongs to brooklyn wants to organize go right ahead, I will then leave your shirt up front. I am not giving out shirts without the money, especially since I do not know half the people who purchased, if you are out of town please email me daskenase@globalindustries to make arrangements.
    Hope to see everybody Friday night.

  • derrick

    27:09, subbed 10# back ext. cashout: tabata pushups – score was 5. tough, but felt good as a wrap up to 1st wk of the 2 wk post element workouts.
    thanks to all for the guidance in the workouts this week. biggest lesson of the week is that i should (need to) take time to properly recover (but i find i want to do every workout once it gets posted)…

  • james keller

    22:36 subbed 10# back ext on the floor – 6:30 class was very crowded so there was some extra time spent waiting for a bar

  • jenn

    24:02 Rx (ugly crooked L-sits)

  • Mike Mishik

    football wods:
    5 sets (3mins rest between sets) no dropping of the bar in the set
    3 power snatches
    3 snatch pulls
    3 power snatches
    95-115-115-125(dropped on 2nd set of snatches)x2
    12 min amrap
    5 chest to bar pull ups
    10 push ups
    15 double unders
    10 rounds

  • Justin “thor”

    Think someone ask the other day, but first WOD done in Brooklyn was Diane… And to date, the BBB is the longest running physical place for a CFNYC to date. Clocked in just at 2 years. Suck on that 5 Points!!!

  • Jeff

    I think that if you’re going to BBB, you should take advantage by doing a WOD that you can’t do at the Manhattan location. For example, try something like a “Man Overboard”-style workout.
    keg push presses
    ab wheel roll outs
    stone ball shouldering
    pacer: walking Zercher lunges with the slosh pipe to the crosswalk
    Or you can just do “Storming the Castle” again.

  • justin “thor”

    Actually Storming the Castle is a great idea…

  • Lt Gabe

    Sorry I won’t be in attendance for the BBB closing. Dave you still haven’t emailed me so I can get you that sweet moolah.
    75×75# power snatches
    rx’d 4:35
    Great form today on all reps but a full minute slower than my PR. FML.

  • Dave A.

    Gabe, I forgot yours, mine is listed above so you can send me your address and I can get my sweet moolah.

  • Rickke

    21:16 Rx’d

  • Luke S

    21:15. Not really L sits, but everything else was Rx’d.

  • brad s

    24 and change. ring tucks and ass chafe. nauseating.

  • Elizabeth M

    18:31. Knee tucks, 33# bar and supermans instead of back extensions